A World of Difference for Students – The Point 2 View in Art Class


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Recently we had the pleasure of checking in with Tricia Fuglestad, a K-5 Visual Art Teacher in Arlington Heights, IL. She’s the current recipient of the NAEA 2012 Illinois Art Teacher of the Year. And she had plenty to teach us about using IPEVO’s Point 2 View USB Document Camera in her art class.

Tricia originally became interested in the Point 2 View after attending an education tech conference in her area. Many educators were praising the Point 2 View for its high quality and low price, and she decided to try it out.

Thus far, Tricia has developed 6 ways to use the Point 2 View in art class. We’ll let Tricia tell you more in her own words:

  1. Animation: “The Point 2 View was a perfect tool for explaining and demonstrating the stop motion animation process to my students. Just move an object, click the snapshot button to take a still image, and move the object again.”
  2. Augmented Reality: “We printed out an Augmented Reality marker in order to view a 3-D model of the Parthenon on the projection screen during our study of Greek art. Students could hold the marker at a comfortable level to view the model from all angles.”Augmented Reality
  3. iPads and iPods: “I connect the Point 2 View to the computer and project these devices for demos. This use is perfect for the Point 2 View.”
  4. Photo Booth: “Apple’s Photo Booth allows the Point 2 View to record video. I can aim the Point 2 View at my students who are too small to reach the desktop camera or who can’t position themselves because of a disability. We recorded students’ lips for artwork we created.” (At the top of the page is their amazing video presentation of Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax using this method!)
  5. Sharing sketches: “The Point 2 View gives my students a way to share their sketches or writings with the class quickly. It’s perfect for playing guessing games or sharing with the class to see if artwork has communicated ideas clearly.”
  6. Fine Art Techniques: “The Point 2 View is great for demonstrating small detailed techniques. Instead of calling all the students out of their seats to stand over me as I demonstrate, I use the camera to make art along with them.” (See picture below for the setup Tricia used to demonstrate in real time how to create the illusion of a curved 3D apple.)P2V Apple Setup

Tricia sums up the Point 2 View this way: “The Point 2 View has amazing clarity and great weight balance, and I like that it uses USB as opposed to other document cameras that use VGA, which requires more fiddling with the projector. $69 is a very affordable price for a teaching tool that can make a world of difference for students.”

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and your images, Tricia, we really appreciate it. Please check out Tricia’s school website for even more great artwork. And for any readers interested in learning more, head on over to our Point 2 View page for more info and ideas.

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