Intercultural Exchange – Travel With Your Students Without Leaving the Classroom


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Arlene Tucker, an art teacher based in Finland and the creator of the Dear You international art exchange program, recently shared her experiences as an IPEVO product user.

“You set up a camera, and that’s it,” said Arlene, with respect to starting a foreign exchange class under the Dear You program she created. “It could not be easier.” Arlene explained that it’s been beneficial for her students to exchange so many ideas, homework and pieces of art with students in foreign countries.


“The cultural exchange has opened the minds of my little students,” said Arlene. “Through simple questions, they begin to understand things many children their age know nothing about, like time zones, different languages, and traditions for specific holidays around the world. My students may be small, but their minds are anything but, if you know what I mean!”

As for Arlene’s pioneering program, Dear You is an art exchange project that includes schools from different countries, including Finland, the Czech Republic, Taiwan, United States, and now Vietnam. Skype connects users in different countries through a simple video call, but Arlene discovered two items that really enhance the basic Skype experience for her Dear You community: the Point 2 View USB Document Camera and the X1-N6 Internet Conference Station.

“It all started through letters and the exchange of pieces of art,” explained Arlene. “Eventually, the project developed so fast and with so many more schools involved that we needed to add online meetings.”

The Point 2 View doc cam, Arlene indicated, has been very helpful for this purpose. Cameras which attach to monitors have no mobility, a situation which just won’t cut it when it comes to sharing artwork on the table for the other party. By contrast, the Point 2 View camera mounts on the monitor but can be taken off just as easily. In seconds, Arlene and her students are able to transition from face-to-face video conferencing to sharing sketches, drawings and other art objects.

Another feature the Dear You community found useful was the one-touch snapshot feature of the camera. Whenever they need a permanent record of the artwork under the camera, they can take a snapshot. From there, Arlene or her students can immediately upload the picture to the Dear You Facebook page.

So, Dear You had the video covered, but what about the sound? Sometimes it’s hard to understand with only two people conversing, but imagine the computer’s built-in microphone trying to capture 6 or 7 rambunctious kids speaking at the same time. That’s a headache! But the X1-N6 Internet Conference Station solved that problem.

Arlene talked about the X1-N6’s ability to capture sound in 360 degrees, or to restrict the sound capture to a narrower section of the room. “I can limit the sound capture to specific spots, all while eliminating background noise. I mean, they are kids, after all. They get very excited when the camera is on, and so it’s completely normal for them to get a little rowdy when they have the spotlight. The X1-N6 filters out the chatter and makes our sessions clear and understandable.”

Today’s technology has helped Arlene teach her art class in a way she never could have dreamed of before. “The classes are more interactive,” she said. “The kids get to see, listen and talk to students their age from different places all over the world. It’s like we have the chance to take an international trip twice every month without leaving the classroom. Maybe that’s why the students are more committed to the class now. Their curiosity to see what is happening on the other side of the world has only increased their focus and their excitement.”

Arlene summarized Dear You’s experience in this way: “We are like a huge family, and the kids love to learn this way. The classes are very enriching and I am really proud of the development of my students through our positive use of technology.”


Nurturing Knowledge – Share a Garden with the Point 2 View Doc Cam


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Want to maximize your use of an IPEVO doc cam? Take a page from art class teacher Arlene Tucker and share a classroom garden with the world.

A Field Trip
Spring is a great time to start a garden if you’re an educator looking for a special activity that will get students interacting and out of their chairs. Arlene shared her class’ own garden in Helsinki, Finland with students in different countries using the Point 2 View USB Document Camera, Skype and Facebook. Along the way, Arlene’s students learned about plant species and growing techniques. Plus, they got the chance to see many different plants in other parts of the world. This was particularly true when interacting with classrooms in the United States, given the country’s diverse ecosystems.

How’d She Do It?
Arlene heads Dear You, a foreign exchange initiative which helps students share art projects online. She gathered all the members of Dear You together and explained her new idea: each participating class would plant seeds inside of a box. From there, students would be put in charge of taking care of the garden and sharing it with other classrooms.

Recording Progress
Every couple of weeks, Arlene and the schools involved would call each other through Skype to share their progress. The Point 2 View was used as Skype’s camera, and students moved the camera around the garden to capture plants from any height and angle. Whether it’s flowers in full bloom or the tiniest sprouts, the Point 2 View has the resolution and image quality to capture it all.


Everyone Participates, Everyone Shares
Whenever a milestone was reached or another important event occurred, teams across the Dear You community could see it as it happened. The Point 2 View on its multi-jointed stand could be moved around and positioned to capture all the newest developments. Plus, students used the snapshot button on the camera to snap pictures just like a camera or cell phone. Snapped pictures are saved to a computer’s hard drive, and from there can be shared on Facebook, in emails, or on something like a Picasa album.

Pair the X1-N6 Internet Conference Station with the P2V USB Document Camera for remote teaching.

The Learning Continues to Grow
Arlene reports that the garden experiment was a success, and that the knowledge acquired was impressive. The students were not only introduced to plant species from different countries, but they also got to grow their own! Dear You students continue to use Skype and the Point 2 View camera to document and share their progress as the gardens continue to flourish. And remember: gardens aren’t the only things you can share. Consider bacteria cultures, the development of fruits, or even an ant farm, to name a few examples. Teachers everywhere are enriching their classrooms through technology. Do you have an idea like Arlene’s? Share it with your fellow educators!


How to Put a Charge Into Your Classroom with the USB SuperCharger


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More and more teachers are using iPads in the classroom, whether it’s for special projects or for everyday lessons. And when you get that many tablets together — and that many young students who may or may not have perfect charging habits — keeping all the iPads charged throughout the day becomes a huge challenge.

That’s why IPEVO introduced the USB SuperCharger. The USB SuperCharger is a convenient 4-slot charging station that will keep those iPads juiced. Using just a single wall socket, teachers can keep up to 4 iPads charging.


The thing that makes the USB SuperCharger special is that each of its 4 charging slots features a full 2.1 amps. That means the iPads are charging at full speed. You might be familiar with chargers which deliver a weak, slow charge because 2.1 amps is being spread to 2 or more iPads. That’s not the case with the USB SuperCharger. Speed is never compromised.

Given its 4 slots and full charge speeds, the USB SuperCharger is all about smart battery management. You can keep the USB SuperCharger out on a desk or tabletop as a dedicated charging station. Neither the teacher nor the students have to fish around for an extra adapter or hunt for a spare wall socket.

When’s the best time and what’s the best schedule for charging? You’ll quickly discover what works best in your classroom. Keep the iPads plugged in while students are using them, and you’ll never have to worry about dead batteries stopping a lesson. Or, plug the iPads in between activities (or at night) so they never get low. You can even keep a few extra iPads charging on reserve so you can swap out any iPads on low batteries. That way, the lesson is never interrupted.

Through the IPEVO Wishpool program, we learned how teacher Dee Hamlet from St. Joseph Catholic School in Marion, Iowa uses the USB SuperCharger in her classroom:

“Now we are able to use multiple iPads in our classroom throughout the day without worrying about the batteries dying. Charging 4 of my 7 iPads at one time each night is helping free up more iPads for center, group, and individual work. My students are able to create movies, use the web, and interact with one another more on their blog now that they have more iPads available to use each day.”

And here’s how teacher Nancy Hoatson from Sutherland Public School in Nebraska characterized her use of the USB SuperCharger:


“I am astounded by the speed and versatility of the IPEVO USB SuperCharger. I am able to charge four of my iPads at the same time in a fraction of the time it takes to charge one device. I can charge any device that has a USB charger. I have 5 iPads and 25 students and this charger has changed my classroom, making all my resources accessible all day long.”

How will you use your USB SuperCharger? Check it out and discover how it could change your classroom.


The X1-N6: High-Quality Voice Chat for Remote Teaching


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As we work our way deeper into the digital revolution, distance education and remote learning have never been more popular. IPEVO has created a way to make voice chat conferencing simpler and better: the X1-N6 Internet Conference Station. And we think educators and businesspeople will really enjoy the value it delivers.

This distinctive X-shaped station looks great, but of course it’s all about the technology. It’s USB plug-and-play for Mac and PC, and it both sends and receives voice communication with crystal clarity. Whether you prefer Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk/Hangout, GoToMeeting or a plethora of other apps, the X1-N6 will deliver distinct, high-quality sound thanks to a 16-bit Digital Signal Processor.

Sound is further enhanced by advanced background noise filtering and echo cancellation, as well as full duplex technology to enable simultaneous two-way communication. We’ve all had those conference calls where you can barely make out what the person is saying on the other end. Those ear-straining conversations are a thing of the past with the X1-N6. One-touch volume and mute controls as well as a headphone jack for times you need to take the chat private are just two more smart features.

But perhaps the feature which really “closes the deal” when it comes to separating the X1-N6 from the pack is the ability to transmit and accept voice in a full 360 degrees at an impressive range of 5 meters (5.4 yards). That way, an entire classroom or conference room can both participate in the conversation and clearly hear the speaker on the other end. This is what makes the X1-N6 an indispensable complement to distance education, remote meetings, webinars, and similar 21st-century ways for people to virtually get together and interact.

For the ultimate e-learning package, pair the X1-N6 with the Point 2 View USB Document Camera. With both powerhouse products, you can interact with students or peers anywhere in the world using high-quality audio and video. Now that’s a winning combination.

As we like to say, the world just got a lot smaller with the X1-N6 Internet Conference Station. Check it out and see what you think!

Share the Music (In More Ways Than One) with Tubular


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We’ve told you about IPEVO‘s newest product, Tubular Wireless Speakers, and today a friend on the tech team just told me about another cool feature, so I just had to pass it along.

It involves Tubular’s surprisingly good “memory.” Tubular can in fact remember multiple music players it has been paired with, meaning that you can share Tubular with your friends (or among several of your own Bluetooth devices) and you don’t have to always enter pairing mode. To share Tubular among multiple devices after an initial pairing, just turn on Tubular and then choose “Pair” on your Bluetooth music player of choice.

Once you think about it, this is a really nice touch. There are some super-smart people working on the design team, for sure! Naturally, everybody has different playlists and songs on their players, and Tubular makes it easy to switch between players so you can rock out to everybody’s tunes.

So don’t hog the speakers, dude! That’s why we say you can share the music in more ways than one. Play your music out loud, and then share Tubular with a friend, so that everyone’s tunes can be enjoyed. That’s a lot of music goodness packed into a little tube.

For more information about Tubular Wireless Speakers, please visit:

X1-N6 Price Change – Now Available at $139.00!


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IPEVO is pleased to announce a price drop for our X1-N6 Internet Conferencing Station. The X1-N6 will now be available from our store for $139.00. This represents a savings of over 25% versus the previous price.


The X1-N6 Internet Conferencing Station is an ideal voice conference solution for businesses of all sizes, featuring a 16-bit digital signal processor and true 360 degree microphone reception for superior audio. Powered with a simple USB connection, the X1-N6 features effortless setup and broad compatibility with a variety of operating systems and software. Other thoughtful features like an LED status indicator ring and a built-in headphone jack for the option of a private call make the X1-N6 a smart choice to get your business talking, anywhere in the world.

This price change is the result of IPEVO’s continued attention to customer feedback, as well as feedback from the blogger community. We know that price is always an important consideration, and we believe this price change provides just one more reason to consider the X1-N6 for all of your business conferencing needs.

For even more value, the IPEVO Store is offering Free Shipping on all products through September 30th. Along with the price drop, now is a great opportunity to enjoy low-cost conferencing and great audio quality with the X1-N6 Internet Conferencing Station.

To visit the X1-N6’s product page, please visit: IPEVO X1-N6 Internet Conference Station