Create a high quality low cost webinar with IPEVO’s Ziggi-HD Plus


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Frustrated with the laggy stream of your webinar? Try using IPEVO’s Ziggi-HD Plus instead. With its 8 megapixel camera and fast frame rate, you can create a high quality low cost webinar when using it with Google Hangout. It’s easy and cost saving. Watch the following video for a step-by-step guide.

Check out the Text-To-Speech function for Presenter!


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For those who haven’t heard of Text-To-Speech, it’s a function that converts text images into editable text and then read the text to you. It’s a fantastic way to allow your students to listen to notes or textbooks, improve their English speaking skills, and to help visually impaired students or students with reading challenges and/or dyslexia. So watch the video below and see how quick and intuitive it can all be achieved with IPEVO Presenter.

IPEVO Products in Action for Visually-Impaired Students


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Using IPEVO Ziggi-HD Plus Document Camera and Presenter software to watch live video right on the laptop at the desk

Teachers, are you looking for smart solutions for the visually-impaired students in your class? Several IPEVO products can help students feel empowered by presenting teaching material better. And as you’ll see with the educators below, IPEVO products are already making a real difference for VI students.
For example, the VZ-1 Dual-Mode document camera can help present material on a laptop or monitor using either USB or VGA, depending on the existing tech in your classroom:

The iZiggi-HD Wireless Document Camera is our wireless doc cam and can go anywhere students go. From science class to art class and everywhere in between, iZiggi streams real-time video of teaching material to PC or Mac as well as iPad and Android tablets. Dedicated tablets are a great accessory for VI students, who can pinch-zoom the image for a closer look. And with our free Whiteboard App for tablets, a voice-over function provides an valuable audio component to accompany the images.

Also consider IPEVO’s IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System which provides a large, interactive image to engage VI students. All you need is a projector and a flat surface (usually the whiteboard will do). IW2 and your students’ curiosity will handle the rest as students directly control and explore material at the board.

And at the end of the day, in addition to providing better and larger views of material, there’s the simple issue of cost. As Tek-Ninja outlines in this helpful comparison article, so-called dedicated VI products can cost many hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Compare that to affordable IPEVO products doing many of the same things (or better), and the choice is easy for schools with tight budgets.
Want to learn more? Here’s a step-by-step “How To” guide for setting up IPEVO products for visually-impaired students. And here’s a handy video covering solutions for VI learners.
Already using IPEVO products? Tell us or tweet about it. We love seeing classrooms in action!

Finding the ideal distance to place your IW2 Sensor Cam with this little Finder


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You are probably here because you just got an IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System on your hands. And after unboxing it, you’ve spent like almost half an hour trying to get it calibrated, yet no matter how hard you tried, you can’t get it right! Been there, done that, that’s why we’re here with you.
The crucial point to a successful calibration is finding the ideal distance to place your Sensor Cam, and this isn’t easy as the distance differs for different screen sizes. Having said that, finding the ideal distance can be a whole lot easier if you follow the guide below.

What you will need:

1. The IW2 Sensor Cam distance Finder (you have to print it yourself)
2. A pair of scissors
3. Glue


IW2 Sensor Cam distance Finder

With this little tool, it will make your life easier in determining where to place your Sensor Cam. First things first, go ahead and download the Finder that we prepared for you.
The IW2 Sensor Cam distance Finder (letter-sized)
Do note that though the template is in letter-sized, you can also print it using an A4 paper. When printing, make sure it’s at 100% with no scaling. And please do NOT check the option “Fit to page” or any other setting that might change the size of the original template for printing.

Making the Finder

Making the Finder is pretty straightforward, and you may even turn it into a simple DIY session with your students. You’ll need to cut along the solid lines, fold along the dotted lines, then glue them together to form a rectangle. There are two templates available — one for glasses and the other for bare eye. Please choose the right template to use.


Remember to choose the right template

Finding the Ideal Distance

After you’re done making the Finder, follow the simple instructions printed on the right hand side of the template to find the ideal distance for placing your Sensor Cam.


Remember to place the Finder against your eye or glasses completely when using

See through the Finder and move forward or backward until the opening of the Finder fits perfectly with the screen. And STOP IT right there! You’ve found the ideal distance to place your Sensor Cam! And as soon as you place your Sensor Cam at that ideal distance, you should have no problem with the calibration process that follows.


See through the Finder and move forward or backward until the opening of the Finder fits perfectly with the screen

Ziggi-HD Plus Tips and Tricks


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Looking for more tips and tricks to better enhance your IPEVO Ziggi-HD Plus’s experience? Look no further and watch this short video tutorial we’ve prepared. It covers some of the most useful tips and tricks for using Ziggi-HD Plus!

  1. Lower the resolution for a faster frame rate
  2. Handle Ziggi-HD Plus with care
  3. A lower resolution ensures a smaller file size
  4. You can capture more details with a higher resolution
  5. You can get more range with the Height Extension Stand
  6. Add an LED USB when using in low-light environment

New Calibration Process for IW2


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Check out the re-designed calibration process for IW2 that provides a much quicker and easier way to set it up. With the new calibration process, it only requires 3 simple steps before your IW2 is up and going. And should you need a little help with the first step of the calibration process, check out the IW2 Sensor Cam distance Finder that we prepared for you.

IPEVO in Guatemala


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IPEVO in Guatemala? If you are wondering what’s IPEVO got to do with Guatemala, read on to find out more!

IPEVO’s journey into Guatemala dates back to November 2015 when Trevor Gardner, a high school physics teacher from the Grove City Area School District in Pennsylvania approached us for a possible sponsorship of several IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard Systems. At that time, Trevor was on a sabbatical teaching experience in a rural school in Canillá, Guatemala, and was lamenting not having an interactive whiteboard there.

As Trevor told us, most of the classrooms in the Grove City Area School District that he was teaching come with conventional interactive whiteboards which he finds to be rather cumbersome and overpriced, yet serve as a tremendous resource for his lessons. But things changed when he was preparing to teach in rural Guatemala, and that was when IPEVO came into his mind.

Affordability, Portability and Simplicity

“It was the affordability, portability, and simplicity of the IPEVO IW2 that made it the most viable option for use in rural Guatemala”, said Trevor as he summed up the reasons for approaching us. Due to its easy setup and fast calibration nature, IW2 can be taken right out from the box and be ready for use within a few minutes. Just download the required software, connect its Sensor Cam to an outlet, plug in the Wireless Receiver, start calibration, and voila!


Trevor posing with one of the IW2s after he finished installing it in the third classroom

No Setup/Training (Cost) Required

Some of the advantages that IW2 has over conventional interactive whiteboards are that there is no setup cost required and you do not have to be technically trained to set it up! As what Trevor shared with us, “Even though I was serving as a guest in the Guatemalan school, I was able to contribute my personal experience with interactive whiteboards to help get the IW2 up and running in our three classrooms, and to help train the other teachers on it. The installation manual provided by IPEVO was easy to follow and addressed many of the simpler problems that came up.” That’s why IW2 can be easily swapped between rooms by anyone!


A Guatemalan teacher trying the IW2 for the first time

Excellent After-Sales Customer Support

Our after-sales customer support is also highly appreciated by Trevor.

As he stated, “… in desperation I reached out to IPEVO directly for assistance. They replied promptly and with the perfect diagnosis of the problem, which was actually bright light reflecting off the whiteboard from a nearby window. After hanging some window shades the problem was resolved! Two thumbs-up to IPEVO’s customer service.” At IPEVO, we are committed to facilitating educators and not just selling things. Hence, we are easily and conveniently available for after-sales customer support via diverse channels, including help desk, email, online live chat, and customer service numbers. This is where we differ.

To sum up IPEVO’s journey into Guatemala, Trevor said, “As a whole, I have found the technology to be a fantastic addition to the learning environment in rural Guatemala. I enthusiastically applaud IPEVO for designing a product that works amazingly well and that can be easily employed in remote, impoverished areas of the world!”

For the full review of IPEVO IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System by Trevor, click here.

Improve and enrich ASL communication with IPEVO Ziggi-HD Plus


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For American Sign Language (ASL) learners and educators out there, IPEVO presents to you ways to improve and enrich ASL communication! Be it capturing signs and gestures or showing texts, IPEVO Ziggi-HD Plus document camera delivers it all well with its 8 megapixel camera and smooth, lag-free live streaming at up to 30fps. You can even go further by using IPEVO Presenter together with Ziggi-HD Plus to easily record videos, capture snapshots or show two subjects simultaneously. So, watch the following video and get started with your ASL communication!

Enjoy freeform IW2 drawing on your projected surface


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Wonder what else can you do with IPEVO IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System besides annotating on projected learning materials? This is definitely not a question to fret over when you have such a versatile tool! With IW2’s versatility, there are millions of ways to utilize it. One example would be doing a freeform IW2 drawing on the projected surface with the free image drawing and editing software — GIMP. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s fun. So watch the short video tutorial now and start enjoying your drawing time!

Live Streaming with IPEVO Document Cameras


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Thinking of setting up a live stream to show and share your classroom’s projects? You can easily achieve this by using an IPEVO document camera and free online live streaming services. In the following video, we will demonstrate how to use IPEVO Ziggi-HD Plus with OBS to live stream and monitor IPEVO’s hatching project to compatible live stream websites such as youtube. So watch it, and create your own live stream channel!