Available now! VZ-R HDMI/USB Dual Mode 8MP Document Camera


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Introducing the latest addition to IPEVO’s family of document cameras – VZ-R HDMI/USB Dual Mode 8MP Document Camera! With VZ-R, you can stream live images directly to your TV or projector without the need for a computer via HDMI, and simply adjust the images by using the buttons conveniently placed on its body. You can also connect it to a computer via USB to take advantage of IPEVO’s free Visualizer software or other third-party software. Be surprised at what you see as VZ-R features an 8 megapixel Sony CMOS sensor and Ambarella chip that deliver incredible detail with fast focus, low noise and excellent color reproduction. A built-in LED light is also included for capturing material in dimly lit environments. And, not forgetting to mention VZ-R’s flexibility and durability – its small footprint, multi-jointed stand, swiveling head allow you to capture images from different heights, angles and orientations even in limited space, while its glass fiber reinforced stand gives you increased durability for daily use without adding extra weight. For a highlight of VZ-R’s features, do check out the following video:

Explore the Latest Additions of Advanced Tools to IPEVO Annotator


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Looking for ways to measure lines or angles projected onto the screen while teaching geometry? Wish you could highlight important sections of your projected materials or even zoom in on them while you’re presenting? Feel like using other desktop applications while keeping your annotations onscreen? Hope there’s an easy way to duplicate your onscreen annotations? All these are now achievable with the latest additions of advanced tools such as Ruler, Protractor, Scissors, Spotlight, Magnifying lens and Cursor to IPEVO Annotator! So check out the following introductory video and start exploring.

Keeping Your Book Pages Opened with IPEVO PageStay!


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Have you always found it irritating and annoying with book pages not staying opened while you’re showing and teaching its contents using a document camera? Check out PageStay — a simple and sweet solution that we came up with to stop your book pages from flipping! With it, your hands are kept free so you can focus entirely on teaching and not getting interrupted by flipping pages. Here’s a short introductory video of PageStay:

PageStay is ready for use right out of the box — just open it, place your book under a document camera, turn to the page you wish to show, insert the flipped pages into PageStay’s clip and voila! The book pages will stay firmly opened throughout your lesson for large-screen projection. Oh, not forgetting to mention, PageStay works for both sides of your book too!

Keeping your hands free for teaching while using a document camera

PageStay works for both sides of your book

In addition, we’ve included three extra rubber bands in the package for you to replace the original when its elasticity has worn out. Replacing the rubber band is simply intuitive — there’s no complicated steps involved and it will probably only take you a few seconds.

Extra rubber bands are included for replacement

The best part? PageStay is absolutely free! We’ll be handing them out at EdTech conferences and Edcamps that we’re attending. So come visit our booth and get your PageStay!

Make Your Lessons Interactive with IPEVO IW2


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While many of you may have heard of IPEVO IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System, it’s a little-known fact that IW2 can be used with a wide variety of interactive educational games and activities that help make interactivity an integral part of your lessons. In view of this, we’ve listed down some interesting interactive websites that work with our IW2 which we think would be useful for teaching and learning. Let’s take a look!


Have you always found graph plotting to be a daunting task for you to teach and for students to learn? Try www.desmos.com. It allows you to plot graph, evaluate equations, learn transformations, and much more —  all in an interactive way!

Plotting a sine curve on www.desmos.com

From simple counting to multiplication & division, and from complex algebra to geometry, make learning math fun and entertaining with these interactive games:


Enjoy exploring different science topics interactively with activities available on www.sheppardsoftware.com/science.htm. Or learn about human anatomy in 3D with interactive websites like www.zygotebody.com.

A 3D view of human body from www.zygotebody.com



Bring your students on a trip around the world with Google Earth. Or challenge your students to games of world geography, landscapes, states and capitals of different countries with www.sheppardsoftware.com/web_games.htm. A great way to bring geography alive!

Snapshot of a game from www.sheppardsoftware.com/USA_Geography/USA_G2_1024.html


Social Studies and History

Learning social studies and history will never be boring again with quizzes, puzzles, games and other interactive activities available at www.ixl.com/social-studies. You can choose from a range of topics and difficulty levels.


For subjects that are not mentioned above, check out www.teachhub.com/free-interactive-whiteboard-resources. There are a whole lot of resources listed and you’re bound to find one that’s suitable for your lesson.

So, what are you waiting for?! Grab an IPEVO IW2 and make your lessons interactive today!

Live Broadcasting with IPEVO Doc Cams and IPEVO Presenter


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Introducing the latest feature of IPEVO Presenter — Live Broadcast! It’s one feature that we are really excited about as it allows users to broadcast Presenter’s live stream in real-time and share the broadcast with anyone you want. We’ve spent quite some time exploring the different possibilities of using this newly added feature, and now, we’d like to present you with a list of some of our favorite uses!

Bridging the learning distance

At the top of our list is using Presenter’s Live Broadcast with any IPEVO doc cam to bridge the distance of learning by bringing lessons to students who can’t be physically present! Be it demonstrating science experiments, modeling students’ work, walking students through music scores, teaching craftwork or others, you can bring your lessons live to any student without compromising on the details. Simply position your IPEVO doc cam, start your lesson, and broadcast it instantly!

Bring lessons to students who can’t be physically present

Live streaming projects

We’d also recommend using Presenter’s Live Broadcast to do live streaming projects as it is much more convenient and less complicated to set up than most conventional ways. You can set up a broadcast session and share the live stream in real-time within a few minutes by selecting a few settings within Presenter. So, set up an egg incubator, position your IPEVO doc cam, incubate the eggs and watch them hatch. Or, build an ant farm and observe their amazing tunnel building skills. You can even monitor the growth of baby owls in an owl house! Now start capturing and sharing natural wonders with IPEVO doc cams and Presenter’s Live Broadcast!

Monitoring the hatching process

Exploring the microscopic world

While you can use Presenter’s Live Broadcast with any IPEVO doc cam, there’s a very unique use that is only achievable if you’re having an IPEVO P2V doc cam — broadcasting and sharing the microscopic images of organisms! By attaching your P2V to a microscope’s eyepiece using the Microscope Adapter Set, you can pull stunning images right from the microscope, project and then share them to anyone through Presenter’s Live Broadcast. From plant cells to animal cells, and from fungi to bacteria, have fun exploring the microscopic world!

Explore the microscopic world

The list we’d mention above is by no means exhaustive, and if you’ve other wonderful or ingenious ways of using Presenter’s Live Broadcast, we welcome you to share it with us!

Easy Scanning with Ziggi-HD Plus


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All of us here at IPEVO are excited to announce Auto-Crop, a new feature available now for IPEVO Presenter. Together with our Ziggi-HD Plus document camera, Auto-Crop makes scanning documents, receipts, business cards or anything else you’d like, easier and more convenient!
How does Auto-Crop work? Simply place the object you would like to scan on a contrasting surface and Presenter will automatically determine the scanning area. With the click of a button, the image’s perspective will be corrected, its dimensions cropped, and then saved for viewing. You can save the file as a JPEG image or a PDF!
The Ziggi-HD Plus is perfect for scanning images. Equipped with an 8 Megapixel camera, the Ziggi-HD Plus can produce images with astonishing high-definition clarity, which is ideal for archiving various types of documents.
Check out this video demonstration of Auto-Crop:

Scanning has never been easier with Presenter and Ziggi-HD Plus. Try it out today!

A Smart and Intuitive Way to Scanning — IPEVO Presenter’s Auto-Crop


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Having piles of handouts, documents, photos, business cards or books that you need to digitize yet finding it highly inconvenient and time-consuming to do all the scanning? Not to worry, IPEVO is here to help. Presenting IPEVO Presenter’s Auto-Crop function — a smart and intuitive way to scan it all! With Auto-Crop, all it takes is just a click to auto-detect your document, straighten and auto-crop it, and then saving it as a jpg image. You can even export it as a PDF file for further archiving! See how easily it can be done.

So wait no longer and come try out IPEVO Presenter’s Auto-Crop. We bet you’ll love it. Happy scanning!

Explore photogrammetry and create 3D images with Ziggi-HD Plus


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Wanting to create your own 3D images? Here’s great news for all! With high quality image inputs from IPEVO Ziggi-HD Plus and a little help from 3D reconstruction software such as VirtualSFM and CMVS, you can easily and conveniently create unique 3D images to your liking!
Check out how much fun we had while creating ours!

You can do it too~ Wait no longer and grab an IPEVO Ziggi-HD Plus to get yourself started!

Travel the World with Google Earth and IW2!


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In celebration of Earth Day, Google has just unveiled a complete overhaul of Google Earth! All of us here at IPEVO absolutely love exploring the world with just the click of a mouse. Google Earth is also fully compatible with our IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System and is a great way to give your audience a virtual tour of our beautiful planet!
Check out this video of us having some fun with the IW2 and Google Earth.

What are you waiting for?! Try it out today!
Note: Please note that Google Chrome is required to run Google Earth.

Fun with IW2 and Google AutoDraw!


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Everyone here at IPEVO is excited about AutoDraw, a web-based drawing tool just released by Google. We are also very excited to announce that our IW2 Wireless Interactive System is fully compatible with AutoDraw. You can use the IW2’s Interactive Pen to draw and edit in AutoDraw with ease!

Have you ever had a hard time making doodles and drawings freehand? This is something a lot of us “artistically challenged” here at IPEVO are all too familiar with. AutoDraw’s suggestion tool quickly and accurately tries to guess what you are drawing and then offers a wide selection of pre-drawn images to choose from! You can learn more about Google AutoDraw here.

Check out this video of us using the IW2 with AutoDraw!

The great thing is that AutoDraw runs directly in your browser and does not require any additional installation. Just calibrate your IW2 and start creating your masterpiece. What are you waiting for?! Go to www.autodraw.com and try it out now!