Turn IPEVO doc cams visually impaired friendly with “Video Filters” of Presenter


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We understand that most visually impaired people have found limited use for a normal doc cam as it doesn’t cater to their needs. That’s why we’ve added “Video Filters” to our Presenter software which then turns our doc cams visually impaired friendly and increase their usability. Now, take advantage of these filters and make your lessons, presentations or demonstrations friendly and engaging for all!

Save time & effort when digitalizing materials with “Split Image”


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Using IPEVO doc cams for digitalizing/archiving books or other materials? IPEVO Presenter now includes a newly added “Split Image” feature that makes the process much more time and effort saving! With this new feature, you can split 2-pages-in-1 images into two pages respectively and then save all of them into a neat, single PDF file all at once! So, watch this video and start digitalizing now.

Adding an Interactive Element to Your Lessons with IPEVO


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2017 has just begun, and if you’re a teacher who is looking to add an interactive element to your lessons, this is the right place to start! Regardless of your budget, IPEVO has the right solution for you with our range of simple, powerful yet affordable classroom tech products.

IPEVO Notebook

First up is the latest offering from IPEVO — the IPEVO Notebook. At 5.83″ by 8.27″ (A5-sized), this notebook may seem pretty ordinary at first glance, but hey, “never judge a book by its cover”! Though small in size, we’ve managed to pack some impressive features into it.
Weighing 148 gsm and standing at 100 Ib, the PEFC certified paper we’ve chosen for this notebook is bleed-through and feathering resistant. It’s also been tested to perform flawlessly with a wide variety of different pen and ink combinations making it great for writing, note-taking, journaling, drawing, sketchnoting and more! And with its premium smyth-sewn binding, you can lay it flat completely for working on both sides of the pages. Take it a step further by pairing it with one of our doc cams and you’ll be able to instantly capture, share or present the contents of your notebook. It’s definitely a great and reliable way to create a two-way interactive learning process where you could share your notes/thoughts with your students, and having them share their notes/thoughts with you (and the rest of the class).

Capture, share or present your notes/thoughts with the class using IPEVO Notebook and IPEVO doc cam

IPEVO Document Cameras

As teachers (and students) all know, document cameras have been proven in one way or another to be a valuable asset to the classroom as they improve students’ learning by making the learning process interactive and engaging. At IPEVO, we offer a range of highly useful and highly affordable document cameras to help you start the learning process off right. Here are some of the highlights:

The hotcake — Ziggi-HD Plus

With its powerful 8 megapixels camera and versatility to capture fine details of your material, high performance under low lighting conditions, high frame rate, faster focusing time, and a price under $100, it’s no wonder that our Ziggi-HD Plus is flying off the shelves like hotcakes!

Wireless freedom — iZiggi-HD

Enjoy wireless freedom like you never had before with our iZiggi-HD. It can connect wirelessly to an iPad, Android Tablet, and even Apple TV to stream your material. And with its wireless capability, you’ll be able to bring the iZiggi-HD (and teaching material) directly to your students for a new level of interactive learning and collaboration.

Dual mode, double flexibility — VZ-1 HD

Our VGA/USB dual mode VZ-1 HD provides two connection options –a VGA connection to stream directly to your projector, or a USB connection to a computer. In either case, you’ll enjoy high-quality capture for your material. This flexibility definitely helps when you don’t have a computer on hand.

Best for the wallet — Point 2 View (P2V)

P2V doc cam is our most affordable doc cam. At just $69, this tiny, ultra-portable doc cam is a huge beast — 2 megapixels camera, excellent macro mode, three points of articulation and so forth — which makes it a perfect mobile solution for teaching, presentations, distance learning, and video communication of all types, all without burning a hole in your pocket.

Enjoy wireless freedom with our iZiggi-HD wireless doc cam

Exclusive deals

We understand that school budgets can get tight at times, therefore, we’re prepared to offer deals that help stretch your dollar. Look out for this exclusive deal on Amazon that features our P2V doc cam and IPEVO Notebook as a bundle. You’ll receive our extremely popular P2V doc cam and a pack of our IPEVO Notebook all at a price of $69. Plus, free standard shipping is provided! In addition, we’ve also prepared a IPEVO Notebook Giveaway. Just enter and stand a chance to win a pack of IPEVO notebook for free. So do catch the deals while they’re still available and charm your students with the beauty and interactivity of IPEVO products. What a way to begin 2017!

Enjoy this exclusive P2V doc cam and IPEVO Notebook deal on Amazon for $69

Turn your IPEVO doc cam into a TWAIN-compatible scanner with IPEVO Presenter (for Windows)


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Wonder what’s TWAIN and what does it mean to have it included in IPEVO Presenter software (for Windows)? For those who are not familiar with “TWAIN”, it’s the universal interface standard for scanners, and with it included in Presenter, you can instantly turn any IPEVO doc cams connected to your computer into a TWAIN-compatible scanner. Meaning you can plug in your doc cam, launch Presenter, open any TWAIN-based OCR software of your choice, and start scanning just as you would with a conventional scanner! Check the following video to learn more!

IPEVO Products in Action for Visually-Impaired Students


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Using IPEVO Ziggi-HD Plus Document Camera and Presenter software to watch live video right on the laptop at the desk

Teachers, are you looking for smart solutions for the visually-impaired students in your class? Several IPEVO products can help students feel empowered by presenting teaching material better. And as you’ll see with the educators below, IPEVO products are already making a real difference for VI students.
For example, the VZ-1 Dual-Mode document camera can help present material on a laptop or monitor using either USB or VGA, depending on the existing tech in your classroom:

The iZiggi-HD Wireless Document Camera is our wireless doc cam and can go anywhere students go. From science class to art class and everywhere in between, iZiggi streams real-time video of teaching material to PC or Mac as well as iPad and Android tablets. Dedicated tablets are a great accessory for VI students, who can pinch-zoom the image for a closer look. And with our free Whiteboard App for tablets, a voice-over function provides an valuable audio component to accompany the images.

Also consider IPEVO’s IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System which provides a large, interactive image to engage VI students. All you need is a projector and a flat surface (usually the whiteboard will do). IW2 and your students’ curiosity will handle the rest as students directly control and explore material at the board.

And at the end of the day, in addition to providing better and larger views of material, there’s the simple issue of cost. As Tek-Ninja outlines in this helpful comparison article, so-called dedicated VI products can cost many hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Compare that to affordable IPEVO products doing many of the same things (or better), and the choice is easy for schools with tight budgets.
Want to learn more? Here’s a step-by-step “How To” guide for setting up IPEVO products for visually-impaired students. And here’s a handy video covering solutions for VI learners.
Already using IPEVO products? Tell us or tweet about it. We love seeing classrooms in action!

So, What’s This IPEVO Notebook All About?


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We have some new swag we’ve been handing out at educational conferences — the IPEVO Notebook! But what’s this strange and mysterious Notebook all about? Read on for answers.

What’s the IPEVO Notebook?

It’s a (mostly) blank notebook you can write or draw in, and it’s designed to lay flat for easy capture with one of our document cameras.


Why’d IPEVO come up with the Notebook?

We’re replacing our printed catalog with a more practical and environmentally-friendly notebook that people will get more use out of. But don’t worry. The catalog still exists in digital form, and it’s chock full of pictures and specs for all things IPEVO.

Did you say “environmentally-friendly”?

Yep. The front and back covers are made of the same 4-ply recycled cardboard that we use in our product packaging. Even the ink printing is eco-friendly. And as for the paper pages inside? Oh, my…



You sound excited about the paper pages.

Yes indeed! The art paper inside is made by Fedrigoni, an Italian company founded in 1888 with a reputation for exceptional high-quality paper. This is serious paper! And not only is it certified environmentally-friendly; it’s suitable for use with pencils, ballpoint pens, colored pens, crayons, watercolors, and colored pencils. Just don’t use fountain pens; they tend to smudge. If you’re into adult coloring books like we are, this is the kind of paper you’ll love.


Okay, but won’t the pages refuse to lay flat?

I’m glad you asked. The IPEVO Notebook is “Smyth sewn,” a high-quality binding with a layer of (eco-friendly) glue that allows the book to lay flat for easy capture, scanning, and sharing using an IPEVO Doc Cam like the Ziggi-HD Plus or the VZ-1 HD USB/VGA Dual-Mode Doc Cam. So between the special binding, green materials, and the ability to write or draw with many different media, this is a pretty special notebook.


Sounds good. I’m sold! Tell me more.

Well, there are 4 included bookmarks, 2 sides apiece, for a total of 8 ways to mark different pages for capture. IPEVO products are printed on the bookmarks with QR codes and website links on the back; just a friendly reminder that IPEVO teaching tools are within easy reach.


Great! How do I get one?

Come visit the IPEVO booth at any number of tech and educational conferences we attend throughout the year. Here’s the full schedule. And of course, this is our complimentary gift to you. We just hope you tell other people about your IPEVO experience.


Anything else?

We’d love to see pictures of the IPEVO Notebook in action with one of our doc cams, such as using the Notebook for drawing and sharing sketches. So if you have a story to tell and a picture to share, please send it our way!

Make Check-Ins and ID Grabs Quick and Easy with IPEVO Doc Cams


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Let’s talk about a use for IPEVO document cameras that we haven’t really touched on: check-ins. Document cameras like the classic Point 2 View, the VZ-1, or the new Ziggi-HD Plus can be an easy, quick, and impressive way to check customers in, grab IDs for later customer interaction, or verify credentials for an event. In this regard, we’ve gotten a lot of great ideas that we’d love to pass along.

Hotel Check-Ins — Many customers in the hospitality industry have found uses for IPEVO doc cams when it comes to hotel check-ins. Whether it’s driver’s licenses, passports, or credit cards, the front desk often needs to capture a guest’s credentials when they arrive. With a doc cam, you have the ability to snap a high-res photo in a click or two. And because our doc cams don’t take up much room, you’ll be able to find a place even when space is at a premium.

Department and Retail Stores — Similar to hotels, retail stores often need to capture the same type of photo IDs or credit card information, and doc cams make it easy. Retail stores can even use these image captures to build a database of customers for future customer engagement. There’s nothing like putting a name to a face when a customer contacts you.


QR Codes for Verifying Credentials — One of the biggest and most important jobs for a large-scale event is checking people in. One of our customers, Funcode Technology, has found a truly innovative and tech-forward way of doing just that. They’ve developed a QR Code check-in system. Event attendees are given QR codes via email. When they arrive, they simply flash the QR code on their phone to the event organizer. An IPEVO doc cam captures the QR code and instantly verifies the person’s credentials. It’s a very, very cool way of doing check-ins. If you’re an event organizer or need a similar system, please check out Funcode!

Even on smaller scales, QR Codes are great for conference registrations of all types. Check out the pictures we’ve received showing IPEVO doc cams in action:


QR Codes for Education — On the topic of QR Codes, teachers have increasingly found practical ways to use QR Codes in the classroom. Ann Noonen, Director of Technology at Crawford Central School District in Pennsylvania, has put together a handy slideshare of ideas for QR Codes in education. Check that out if you’re curious. But basically, anything from maps to textbooks to art to 3D models can be accompanied by QR Codes linking to audio, web pages, video, or anything else to enhance the lesson and provide supplementary information.

Plus, as the slideshare points out, QR Codes can also link to letters for parents, test grades, or any other communication that would normally take a lot of paper. So QR Codes and doc cams can even help your classroom go green! Who knew QR Codes could be so cool — and so useful?

How IPEVO Can Better Enhance Your Coloring Books Experience


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The recent meteoric rise in the sales of adult coloring books is proving that coloring is fast gaining popularity among adults, tapping into our desire to fend off the stresses of daily life. And no matter whether you are enjoying coloring as a personal relaxation session or coming together as a group to unwind, there’s always a way that an IPEVO document camera can better enhance your experience. So, to all coloring book converts out there, read on and find out more.

Reduce Stress on Your Eyes

We do coloring after a hectic day to help relax our mind, but how about our eyes? With hours already spent during the day staring at computer screens or mobile phones, we are adding more strain to our eyes as we squint to color those intricate drawings in the late hours. This is when an IPEVO doc cam comes in super handy. Connect an IPEVO doc cam to a computer, use it as a kind of magnifying glass to zoom in on the specific portions that you wish to work on, and that live view will be immediately streamed to your computer screen. And voila! In an instance, everything becomes bigger and clearer, meaning you don’t have to squint your eyes anymore! Finally, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Quality Control

Talking about quality control, let’s admit it. Some of us are definitely coloring books enthusiasts who can get quite serious with, and even taking pride in our coloring. As a matter of fact, we know that adult drawings can get very intricate, but it’s a No-No to draw outside the lines. It’s also a No-No to leave blank spaces in between. Besides providing an enlarged image for you to work on, an IPEVO doc cam also double up as a quality control “inspector” by allowing you to easily point and zoom on specific portions to check for precise and tight coloring. And yes, you’ve that quality totally under control.


Seniors Can Enjoy Their Turn Too

No worries even if you are a grandpa or grandma with fading eyesight. With a helping hand from the IPEVO wireless doc cam iZiggi-HD and an iPad, you too will be able to enjoy the relaxing and calming effects of coloring. Simply connect the iZiggi-HD wirelessly to your iPad, place the iZiggi-HD alongside your coloring books, and you will see the live view of the intricate drawings on the iPad. To achieve a bigger and clearer view, use the pinch zoom and drag features of the iPad for adjustments. And once you’ve a comfortable view, start enjoying! For a more ergonomically viewing position, consider placing the iPad on an IPEVO PadPillow.


Ease of Sharing

As they say, “good things are meant to be shared”, and that’s why people are getting together for group coloring events to share tips and laud the mental benefits of coloring sessions. And the best part of a coloring group is that you can share your drawings in real time and receive immediate feedback. Throw in an IPEVO doc cam and it will make that sharing instantly available to all of your coloring pals. Instead of your pals crowding around your drawings or hovering over your shoulder to catch a glimpse of them, you can now stream your drawings onto a computer screen, TV or even a projection screen with a projector. You can even save the hassle of passing your coloring books around and yet achieve the same “around the table sharing” by using the iZiggi-HD doc cam wirelessly with an iPad. Your pals can take turns to look at your drawings through the iPad. Finally when you are all ready, utilize the multi-jointed swing arm of any IPEVO doc cam to position it at the best height and distance to capture the perfect shot of your drawings. And now, your drawings are ready to go viral.



Make Your Tips and Techniques Sharing Interactive

Well, what’s a coloring group like without some tips and techniques sharing time? Who’s not in the favor of learning the perfect flick or “Tip to Tip” technique to get the desired shading effects, or mastering the fine strokes to layer and blend the colors? With IPEVO doc cams, these sharing are made visually available for all, and even interactive. If you have a computer, the Ziggi-HDs are useful for streaming live demonstrations onscreen. If you have a projector for big screen projection, go for the VZ-1 HD that comes with a VGA mode. If you have iPads lying around, use them with the iZiggi-HD and your pals are able to view the demonstrations directly on the iPads. They can even make their own notes by drawing or annotating onto the live view using the IPEVO Whiteboard App without affecting the ongoing demonstrations!


So whether it’s a personal stress relieving activity or a group coloring session, IPEVO’s family of doc cams are the perfect tools to enhance the experience.

5 Ways to Take Document Cameras Beyond Documents


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Document cameras are shaking up education and becoming a next-gen accessory of choice for educators looking to share teaching material in fresh new ways. As the name implies, document cameras are ideal for capturing and sharing real-time video of documents, textbooks, handwritten notes, and similar. But can doc cams thrive in uses beyond the written word? To sum up the experience of these five users: absolutely.


(Not So Weird) Science and Blended Learning

Sally Webb, a language arts instructor at Mt. Mourne Middle School in Mooresville, North Carolina, developed a fresh take on science material using the inexpensive IPEVO Point 2 View USB Document Camera. A language arts instructor incorporating science lessons? It’s not so strange in the 21st-century classroom. “I am implementing differentiated and integrated learning stations in my language arts classroom,” said Sally. “It’s a way to incorporate blended learning into my instruction and promote student growth.”

Sally purchased a custom microscope adapter for her Point 2 View camera, and the results were immediate. “ I was able to set up an integrated science and language arts station,” explained Sally. “Students can visit the center, read about cells, and then respond to creative writing prompts related to the different types of cell images projected on the computer screen. This is a direct integration with our science curriculum, and I am able to help support the science teachers as they cover this topic in their curriculum.”

As for whether the students are thrown for a loop by this blended learning approach, Sally contends her students have actually embraced it. “They love using the microscope, and the enlarged projection of the cells is fascinating for my students, resulting in their ability to generate some strong descriptive writing samples while reviewing important science concepts.”



Intercultural Exchange — Travel without the Travel

Arlene Tucker is an art teacher based in Finland. She is also the creator of the Dear You art exchange program, which organizes classroom-to-classroom artwork sharing and cultural exchanges between countries. “It all started through letters and the exchange of pieces of art,” said Arlene. “Eventually, the project developed so fast and with so many more schools involved that we needed to add online meetings.”

Like Sally, Arlene has found a way to put the Point 2 View USB Doc Cam to good use. Through Skype, Arlene was able to use the Point 2 View like a web cam to create invaluable “face time” for students in classrooms half a world away (such as Finland to Vietnam). And because the Point 2 View features a detachable camera, Arlene was able to easily re-orient the camera and “zoom in” for nice, close-up views of particular students or their works of art. Dear You can thus share not only flat drawings and paintings, but three-dimensional sculptures.

Overall, the simple but powerful notion of providing a digital window into another classroom has given Arlene a high degree of professional satisfaction. “The cultural exchange has opened the minds of my little students,” she said. “Through simple questions, they begin to understand things many children their age know nothing about, like time zones, different languages, and traditions for specific holidays around the world. My students may be small, but their minds are anything but!”



High-Tech Birdwatching and Field-Tripping

One nice thing about the new-gen lightweight doc cams is that they’re ready to hit the road. Fold them down and they can travel most everywhere teachers do. And in some cases, they can even go where teachers can’t — like, say, into the middle of a tree.

Vin Hsieh of the National Pingtung University of Education in Taipei, Taiwan developed a rather unique approach to birdwatching. He took the Point 2 View doc cam, plugged it into a Febon WiFi AP router (which takes a USB input and allows streaming over WiFi) and then attached a 6-meter aluminum pole. With this innovative contraption, Mr. Hsieh was able to take his students on a nature-themed fieldtrip, thrusting the doc cam into trees to capture a nest full of chicks among other natural wonders. The live view was then streamed for the benefit of his students.

Even for those who aren’t inclined to Mr. Hsieh’s “arts and crafts” approach, there are plenty of extra-curricular activities where a plain old doc cam will see plenty of use. From hiking trails to history museums, the ability for doc cams to both capture and stream material will be useful if not crucial.



Devices with Screens and Live User Testing

Perhaps unsurprisingly, most modern doc cams are also adept at capturing devices with screens such as smartphones and tablets. With more and more classes becoming “wired” (or wireless, as the case may be) with iPads and similar, it’s easy to think of examples where the doc cam might shine.

But let’s take a specific example. Brenden Mulligan, a co-founder and designer at Cluster, describes on the TechCrunch blog how he used the IPEVO Ziggi-HD High-Def USB Doc Cam to capture live user testing:

“We were testing a mobile app, so it was important to record the user actually using the app. Although you can do this by plugging the app in and watching a screencast on the computer, it’s much better to actually see them touching their phone. We purchased a $100 camera for this [the Ziggi-HD Doc Cam], and it’s well worth the investment.”

For testing, tutorials, or anything that could benefit from actually seeing the hands of the user, doc cams are a smart choice to capture devices with screens. And even if it’s just for pure presentation purposes, a doc cam is still poised to help out. If your classroom only has one or two iPads, it’s much nicer to project that iPad for the whole class rather than have everyone crowd around the actual device.



Mathematics — the Formula for Success

Math teacher Lindsay Coren at the St. Luke’s Science & Sports College in Exeter, UK, has enjoyed using his doc cam in an regular exercise he calls “Past Paper Live.” “The students attempt a question in a set time,” explained Lindsay, “followed by watching — through the use of the camera linked to the laptop/projector — the ‘perfect’ way of answering the question (modeled by myself + showing the exam mark scheme).”

The hands-on, real-time nature of doc cam capture cannot be overstated. Real-time video brings the sort of interactivity and dynamism that static presentations can’t muster. The step-by-step process of working out algebra equations or word problems really foregrounds this advantage, and Lindsay can certainly attest to the success of his live demonstrations. “It has proved much easier and quicker than trying to do certain topics on the whiteboard (e.g. constructions, using a protractor, etc.) and students love having their work shown on screen (when they bring their work to my desk).”

Document cameras may have first been designed to capture documents, but it’s clear they’re equally adept at capturing everything from human faces to birds in a tree to cells in a Petri dish. Perhaps they should call them the Everything Cameras. But on second thought, doc cam has a slighter nicer ring to it.

Coloring Books for Adults? Yes! 5 Ways IPEVO Can Help


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A recent phenomenon is proving that coloring books aren’t just for preschoolers. As major outlets like the New York Times and Huffington Post have reported, coloring books are coming back in a big way, and adults have embraced the notion of coloring intricate black-and-white drawings.

Why? Coloring is relaxing and a stress-reliever, allowing us to slow down in our hectic modern world. It’s also a great creative outlet no matter who you are. Finally, it’s a social activity. People are uploading their completed images to social media, and adults have even gotten together for “coloring circles” to spend an afternoon or night with friends.

So if you’re a coloring book convert, let’s talk about the perfect tool for all your activities — an IPEVO document camera like the Ziggi-HD, VZ-1, or the wireless iZiggi-HD. Here are 5 ways you can use a versatile IPEVO doc cam to make your creative time even better:

1. Sharing your work on social media — If you’ve spent hours on your work, you don’t want to upload a shabby, poorly-framed picture. An IPEVO doc cam’s multi-jointed swing-arm and other features make it easy to get the exact framing you need for the perfect shot. Plus, with stuff like manual focus and adjustable exposure, you have even more tools to get it “just right.”

2. Keep it precise — Adult drawings can get very intricate, and it’s easy to draw outside the lines. As we remember from preschool, that’s a No-No! But you can use an IPEVO doc cam as a kind of magnifying glass, zooming in on specific portions to make sure your coloring is tight and precise.


3. No blank spaces — For all the completionists out there, we know that blank spaces are also a No-No. So use that same handy zoom feature to ensure you didn’t miss anything.

4. Serious quality control — Enthusiasts get serious about their coloring books. Some have suggested checking your work with multiple snapshots or even with light boxes. But why go to the trouble of checking snapshots when you have real-time video for immediate feedback? An IPEVO doc cam can instantly show you what’s up — no eye-straining light boxes required. Then, when you’re finally ready, the doc cam is ready to capture that glorious high-rez picture.


5. Coloring circles — It’d be fun to get together and color, right? So why not share your work the best way with an IPEVO doc cam? Instead of your half-dozen friends crowding around your drawing, you can stream your image onto a computer screen, a TV screen, or even onto a projection screen with a projector. Now that’s some seriously awesome coloring circle tech that’ll be sure to impress.


So whether you’re a hardcore coloring book hobbyist or just thinking of getting started, remember that IPEVO could lend a big hand for not a whole lot of money.