Chopstakes Help Out at School


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Chopstakes in action

We love to hear when our products are making a difference in the classroom, and so we’re extremely pleased and excited to bring you the story of Sallie and Ken and their son, Richard. It’s the story of dedicated parents and their efforts to make learning easier for their son — with a little help from IPEVO.

Richard is a high schooler who likes to game (real-time strategy games and The Sims are among his favorites) and watch baseball (including his hometown Chicago Cubs and White Sox) like other students his age. Richard cannot use his hands and he has trouble getting around without help, so he spends much of the day in a wheelchair.

Sallie wanted to find a way to help Richard with his studies and with classroom interaction. Sallie first went to a company called Stealth Products for a special wheelchair mount for the iPad. This mount positions the iPad above Richard’s lap, and it can fold away when not in use. But mom and dad still needed a way for Richard to operate the tablet.

iPad mount on wheelchair

Sallie had heard about IPEVO’s Chopstakes Multitouch Styli, and Ken contacted Marcus here in our Sales Department. Ken told Marcus about the project, and Marcus sent Ken both lengths of Chopstakes.

Ken then set to work. He’s a manager at a ceramics and metalworking company, and the skilled employees there are always willing to lend a hand to help Richard. At Ken’s direction, one of the shorter Type S Chopstakes were lathed and machined down, and then a mouth stick was fitted and epoxied into the top of the Chopstake. With this new stylus, Richard could bite down on the mouth stick and operate the Chopstake with his mouth. The omnidirectional rubber tip at the end of the Chopstake gave Richard the ability to operate the iPad most any way he wanted.

iPad and modified Chopstake

“Richard has adjusted to his new iPad setup very well,” Ken told us. “In fact, the hardest part was convincing the school to let Richard have an iPad in the first place! The school’s IT department had to change Richard’s iPad to restrict certain websites like Facebook because it’s against school policy. But beyond that, the iPad has been very helpful. Richard also has an aide accompany him at school, and the aide inputs Richard’s homework for the week so Richard can take it home and work on it on his computer.”

We’re glad we could make a small difference for Richard at school. And many thanks to Sallie and Ken for sharing their story. As we’ve said before, we’re always amazed at the innovative uses our customers come up with for IPEVO products!

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