Using IPEVO document cameras as art buddies!


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Besides being used by educators as teaching buddies, recently we have seen an increasing trend where IPEVO doc cams are being used by artists as their art buddies, primarily for live streaming or documenting their creation process. And we’ve received numerous positive reviews from them so far. So let’s take a look at how well IPEVO doc cams perform as art buddies.


We know that art is a visual medium, hence, the ability to clearly capture fine details is what artists look for when they are doing live workshops/demonstrations that require them to show and project the creation process onto a large screen. Or simply, to share their art pieces on social media. This is where IPEVO’s family of 8 megapixel doc cams shines. Just as Bajo, a doll-making artist from Barcelona who uses our V4K Ultra High Definition USB Document Camera to document her creation process points out, she is getting excellent image quality:

“I was very surprised by the quality of the image and the lens (many times this type of device weakens on the lens, but this is not the case) and has very good ‘macro’ image quality. This last point for me is very important because when making dolls so small sometimes I have not been able to photograph them closely.”

Bajo’s *full review is available at:

Or you can check out her Instagram post:

Hace algún tiempo recibí en mi casa esta cámara #V4K (V4K Ultra High Definition USB Document Camera) de #ipevo . . Como podéis ver no es una simple cámara ya que viene con su propio “trípode” ideal para ir documentando el trabajo que estes realizando. . . Muchas veces he dejado de hacer fotos con el teléfono por qué no sabía como hacerlas pero con esta herramienta me será mucho más fácil y no tendré que liar todo el “armatoste” con el trípode etc. Como podéis ver va conectada al ordenador a través de un cable USB lo que permite ir viendo los ángulos a través de tu pc/mac. Con su software podrás graduarla a tu gusto y aplicarle distintos efectos. Creo que le voy a sacar mucho partido para hacer fotos del proceso de creación. Y lo veo muy útil también para hacer hauls ya que así puedes ir abriendo las cosas sin tener que estar aguantando el teléfono 😊 . . Me ha sorprendido mucho la calidad de imagen y la lente (muchas veces este tipo de aparatos flojea en la lente, pero no es el caso) y tiene muy buena calidad de imagen “macro”. . . Este último punto para mí es muy importante ya que al hacer muñecos tan pequeños algunas veces no me ha sido posible fotografiarlos de cerca. 🐝 . . Me parece súper útil tanto para profesores como para crafters ya que es ideal para ir grabando/haciendo fotos desde arriba y va a ser una muy buena herramienta dentro de mi equipo fotográfico. ❤️ . . Encontraras más modelos en 👌🏻 . . #photography #handmade #crochetersofinstagram #knit #camera #teaching #documentation

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*Bajo’s review was written in Spanish. It was translated into English using Google Translate.


In addition, when you’re giving a large screen demonstration to a group of audience, you won’t want to waste time on fiddling with your doc cam and figuring out how to use it while onstage. This is where IPEVO doc cams’ plug and play, simple to use design come in really helpful. As Sanjana, an artist from New Zealand who uses our VZ-R HDMI/USB Dual Mode Document Camera to live stream her demonstrations shares:

“I was skeptical at first when @ipevo_taiwan got in touch with me and sent me this webcam, but this document web camera has proven to be a great asset to my streaming setup — easy to use and the picture quality is great!”

Do check out her Instagram post:


More importantly, you would want a doc cam that is small in size (so it won’t get in your way when you’re demonstrating) yet flexible enough for you to capture and display your art pieces from different heights, angles and orientations. IPEVO doc cams triumph in these areas with their small footprint, multi-jointed stand and swiveling camera head. Use them with the free IPEVO Visualizer software and you can access additional features such as snapshot, video/time-lapse/slow motion/stop motion recording or resolution/color/exposure adjustments. And if you’re using VZ-R, you can even adjust image settings on the fly via the control buttons placed on it. These are exactly the reasons why Cindy, an artist and illustrator from Australia finds VZ-R versatile and handy:

“A lot of my illustration colleagues use this camera for live workshops and demonstrations where they need to project what they’re drawing onto a large screen, wall etc. However it can also be used to record video and still photographs directly to your computer using USB & HDMI cables. I’ve used both Mac & Windows in this demo video, and have shown some of its features, changing resolution, zoom, WB etc. There are so many features, I haven’t had a chance to try them all yet, but the ratios, filters, refresh rates etc can all be altered. Such a versatile, adaptable camera, with so much more to explore!”

Do feel free to check out her Instagram post and video reviews:

Part 1 of 2 videos testing out the @ipevo_taiwan VZ-R Document Camera. I’ll post the full uninterrupted video on my Facebook page as well. A lot of my illustration colleagues use this camera for live workshops and demonstrations where they need to project what they’re drawing onto a large screen, wall etc. However it can also be used to record video and still photographs directly to your computer using USB & HDMI cables. I’ve used both Mac & Windows in this demo video, and have shown some of its features, changing resolution, zoom, WB etc. There are so many features, I haven’t had a chance to try them all yet, but the ratios, filters, refresh rates etc can all be altered. Such a versatile, adaptable camera, with so much more to explore! Stay tuned for Part 2!

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Part 2 of 2 videos testing out the @ipevo_taiwan VZ-R Document Camera. I’ll post the full uninterrupted video on my Facebook page as well. A lot of my illustration colleagues use this camera for live workshops and demonstrations where they need to project what they’re drawing onto a large screen, wall etc. However it can also be used to record video and still photographs directly to your computer using USB & HDMI cables. I’ve used both Mac & Windows in this demo video, and have shown some of its features, changing resolution, zoom, WB etc. There are so many features, I haven’t had a chance to try them all yet, but the ratios, filters, refresh rates etc can all be altered. Such a versatile, adaptable camera, with so much more to explore! See my previous post for the Part 1 video!

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Have your own IPEVO doc cam art buddy story to share? Let us know!

Get a closer look by using IPEVO’s document cameras with a microscope


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By combining a microscope with IPEVO’s VZ-R or VZ-X doc cam, you can not only get a closer look of the microscopic world but also take snapshots, record videos or perform other tasks when used in conjunction with IPEVO Visualizer software. Using VZ-R as an example, check out the following video and see how you can do so:

Check out IPEVO’s booth at ISTE 2018 for our exciting new products


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ISTE 2018 is just around the corner, and our ISTE team is prepared in every way for the big event. This year, our team is thrilled to showcase not only two new document cameras, but also two previously unrevealed prototypes! Here’s a short glimpse of them:

VZ-R HDMI/USB Dual Mode 8MP Document Camera

VZ-R works with or without a computer. You can either hook it up directly to your TV or projector via HDMI, or connect it to your computer via USB. Featuring an 8 megapixel camera, built-in LED light, small footprint, swiveling head, and multi-jointed stand, VZ-R gives you the versatility to capture and display materials from different heights, angles and orientations. You can even adjust the live image instantly with the control buttons conveniently placed on VZ-R’s body.

VZ-R can be connected to your TV directly via HDMI

VZ-X Wireless, HDMI & USB 8MP Document Camera

VZ-X is the wireless version of VZ-R. It comes with three connection modes — Wi-Fi, HDMI and USB — that offer you the much needed versatility and freedom to use it in the setup that best suits your needs. Use it wirelessly in the Wi-Fi mode and enjoy engaging from anywhere in the room; skip the need for a computer and plug it directly to your TV or projector via HDMI; or, use it with your computer via USB to capitalize on its compatibility with a wide variety of software.

Use VZ-X wirelessly for the freedom to engage from anywhere in the room

Document Camera Prototypes

Join in the excitement and mystery at our booth as we reveal two new prototypes for our line of document camera. Asides from getting a sneak preview, you can even enjoy a hands-on experience. Plus, our ISTE team is there to share any available information and answer any questions.

So, do definitely visit us at ISTE 2018, booth 2308 from 24th to 27th June at Chicago, IL to learn more about our exciting new products. For more information, please check out our ISTE website at

Learning Collaboratively with IPEVO VZ-R doc cam: A Techie day with a Seniors Book Club


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Abracadabra! A book club is where the magic of words brings people together. With more and more older adults now enjoying to eat, drink & merry at a book club, the introduction of technology opens the door to accessibility, as well as inspiration in creating an inviting atmosphere for everyone. Just as IPEVO document cameras are transforming classrooms into places full of fun and excitement, we invite PHP Friendship Club, a seniors book club in Taiwan to our Taiwan office to try out our brand new VZ-R HDMI/USB Dual Mode 8MP Document Camera.

A routine session kick-starts with the introduction of VZ-R document camera

Finding the sweet spot between simplicity and versatility is a real challenge. Complexity is a curve ball even for seniors who are so passionate about technology. VZ-R’s plug & play game plan plays out cleanly with a two-a-side: an HDMI cable that transfers live images to a TV, and a USB port that provides power to the device.

Powering on by a USB port, all VZ-R needs is an HDMI cable to stream live images directly to a TV

Using the control buttons located on VZ-R’s body, all it takes is a touch of fingertip to zoom in and out of the object. By zooming in, the very detailed images of books, notes and smart phone screens all show up crisp and clear on the TV thanks to VZ-R’s 8MP camera. It is exactly this outstanding clarity that makes VZ-R a great assistive reading tool. With VZ-R, low vision seniors would have no trouble viewing small prints of reading materials.

Place the reading material under VZ-R, press zoom and see the enlarged texts appearing clearly on the TV

According to Hong Chien, Ching Hui (Celia), the chairperson of Hong’s Foundation and the host of the book club, the concept of collaborative learning comes from the joy of sharing. Thus, instead of plunging straight into a book discussion, this time round members of the PHP Friendship Club decide to run the session by getting everyone to share a personal item. In no time, books, notes, yoga illustrations and images of flowers all “spring to life” on the TV.

Members of the PHP Friendship Club get their turns to share their personal items using VZ-R

With VZ-R, members get to share their personal anecdotes through the “visualization” of sentimental value of the objects. Apart from allowing the sharing session to quickly rotate through each member’s area of interest, VZ-R brings the bits and pieces into a larger context at the front screen: the colorful everyday life of the seniors.

Whether it is a smartphone or a tablet, VZ-R is capable of showing and enlarging the small images on the digital screen to the TV for all to see

Book clubs are great social forums that encourage seniors to stay active in everyday living. VZ-R transforms the conventional verbal based book discussion into a visual experience. Apart from being an assistive reading tool, VZ-R’s capability of enlarging all kinds of objects opens up a wider selection of learning materials. Just as Rene Descartes once hinted: “the reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest minds of past centuries.” Through the eye of VZ-R, this reading was not only made visible, but also collaborative.

Great smiles! Members of PHP Friendship Club posed for the camera with VZ-R after their session

How to Introduce Pets to Your New Pillow Stand


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PadPillow and Max

Okay, so you’ve purchased a pillow stand for your iPad. Now you can support your tablet at any height and angle and be really, really comfy on the couch or in bed. All good.

PadPillow and Max

Unfortunately, Max is giving you that “WTF?” face. You realize you have to acclimate your pets to this amazing new accessory which will now steal your time and attention.

PadPillow and Max

First, show Max how soft and non-threatening the stand is. Adorably sad faces are standard during this process.

PadPillow and Max

He may resent your new cuddle buddy. A reassuring hug will remind him that he is also still soft and cuddly.

PadPillow and Max

Anger, revolts, and downright attempts to destroy your pillow stand might follow. Patience is key during this crucial stage.

PadPillow and Max

Max will come to regard the pillow stand as his enemy, and may bark, yowl, or yap from a distance. Just let this ritual play out. Earphones help.

PadPillow and Max

Eventually, after a couple of weeks, Max learns that he’s not really competing with the stand. He’s warm fur, and the stand is soft foam with a 100% cotton cover. Different universes.

PadPillow and Max

Aggression gives way to curiosity. You’re almost to acceptance…

PadPillow and Max

Getting even closer…

PadPillow and Max

BOOM! Max is his happy-go-lucky self again.

PadPillow and Max

And now you can enjoy your pillow stand… as a family.

PadPillow and Nibbles

But wait! Nibbles the Cat! What’s he doing here? He hates strangers even more than Max!

PadPillow and Nibbles

This could get ugly. He’s like a… well, he IS a cat ready to pounce.

PadPillow and Nibbles

But you’re willing to take a claw to the chest to get these two to play nice.

PadPillow and Nibbles

Is Nibbles actually liking the ease, comfort, and utility of the pillow stand?

PadPillow and Nibbles

YES! Now you, your pillow stand, and your pets can exist in multimedia bliss.

PadPillow and Nibbles

What’s that, Nibbles? You want to get one for yourself? The PadPillow is available from in 6 cool colors. Unfortunately, catnip is not included. Don’t give me that face.

PadPillow Buy Now

IPEVO’s Back to School Special, Part 2


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Back to School

We’re back with the second part of our Back to School Special. Here’s more that will interest educators and parents. Got iPad? We’ve Got iPad Accessories iPad continues to make inroads into education, and we have everything you need to make the most of everyone’s favorite tablet. For two examples, check out the Perch Desktop Stand (which is a great stand to hold iPad in place for stop motion video projects) and the Typi Folio Case + Wireless Keyboard. Typing is a great skill for young learners to develop, and many educators have reported success teaching typing with this versatile three-in-one case, stand and keyboard.

Perch and Typi

Back-to-School Sale: the PV-01 Save money with our sale for the PV-01 360 Degree Rotating Folio Case for iPad. With many cases, your only option is landscape orientation. But with PV-01, just give the inside case a twist to enjoy both landscape and portrait modes. Normally $26.00, PV-01 in four classy colors is now available for just $12.99! Don’t leave your valuable iPad unprotected: take a spin with the PV-01.

PV-01 360 Degree Rotating Folio Case for iPad

PV-01 360 Degree Rotating Folio Case for iPad

Exclusive Amazon PadPillow Deal, Plus $3 Coupon Attention deal hunters: we’re pleased to announce a special offer on Amazon for our extremely popular PadPillow Pillow Stand. The stand that conforms to your body (or bed, or chair, or carpet) for comfy iPad sessions is selling for just $24.95. PLUS: Check out this $3 off Amazon coupon through Facebook.

Use both and pay just $21.95. And while you’re on Facebook, Like us, please!

Amazon Special Amazon Special

Knowledge is Power for Back to School
There are several resources available on the web with handy tips and tricks so you can make the most out of IPEVO products in your classroom. Many such tips have been culled straight from educators. Check out some of these links for ideas and inspiration:
WS-01 Wireless Station
Ziggi-HD USB Document Camera
Point 2 View USB Document Camera
IPEVO Typi Folio Case + Wireless Keyboard for iPad 4, 3 and 2 PadPillow Pillow Stand for iPad
Remember: IPEVO is ready to be your back-to-school partner. Best of luck in the coming year, and let’s change education for the better a little bit at a time.

IPEVO’s Back to School Special, Part 1


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Back to School

Summer’s about over, and that means school’s ready to begin. If you’re a parent or a teacher, you probably have lots of items on your back-to-school list, and we’d like to remind you that IPEVO has a choice selection of highly useful, highly affordable tech products and accessories that will help start the year off right. Here are some of the highlights:

Save hundreds of dollars — literally
Before you buy that $600 document camera or $1000 interactive whiteboard on another website, check out our home page and see if you can accomplish most or all of the same things at just a fraction of the price. We know money can be tight this time of year, and IPEVO is all about stretching your dollar and making your school budget work harder.

New items, just in time for school!
We have three new products slated for September release that we’re excited to share. The IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System turns any screen or blank wall into an interactive whiteboard.


IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System

The VZ-1 HD VGA/USB Dual-Mode Document Camera continues the IPEVO doc cam tradition of sharing documents quickly and easily, and comes with the ability to directly connect to your VGA projector.


VZ-1 VGA/USB Dual-Mode Document Camera

And the Height Extension Stand for Ziggi-HD gives the Ziggi doc cam a height boost so you can capture larger documents easier than ever before. Please, check them out! We know you’ll find multiple uses for each of them in your classroom.

Height Extension Stand for Ziggi

Height Extension Stand for Ziggi USB Document Cam

Point 2 View is the king of back to school
One particularly hot seller continues to be our iconic Point 2 View USB Document Camera. There are literally hundreds of uses for this document camera in the classroom, and that’s not an exaggeration. Several accessories have been developed around the Point 2 View for even more versatility.

Point 2 View

Point 2 View USB Document Camera

This includes the Magnifying Lens as well as the Microscope Adapter Set, both of which are quite popular with science teachers.

P2V accessories

Part 2 of our Back to School Special is coming tomorrow, so stay tuned for even more.

Top 11 Style Tips for Your Summer Reading


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Would you believe a pillow stand will make you look (and feel) like the coolest, most put-together summer reader ever? It will. Trust us.

1. Horizontal is In
You may have heard that vertical is in. That’s so 2008. Get horizontal and support your book in any position — to the envy of all your frenemies.


2. Moisturize
Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to– Oh, wait, I have an extra hand free because of my cool pillow stand.


3. Choose the Right Colors
You can’t just tell people how good you are at expressing your individuality. You have to show people.

PadPillow 03

4. Find a Form That Suits You
The “sideways sit” should only be attempted with a versatile pillow stand and 1 to 2 years of dedicated study at a European fashion house.


5. Mix It Up
Will you choose book, tablet, Kindle or magazine? The answer is: Yes. You simply can’t be caught dead with just one type of reading material.


6. Make Your Accessories Work
Before the pillow stand, the world of tablet computing and the world of drinking could never collide. Forget all you know, or think you know.


7. Take Full Advantage of Textures
And by “textures,” I mean the amazing feeling of sand between your toes as you laze away the day.

PadPillow 07

8. Layers, Layers, Layers
I mean, seriously. A stand that conforms to your lap? The only thing better is pairing that with the classic boyfriend headrest.

PadPillow 08

9. Define Your Look, Not the Other Way Around
Because television is such a critical darling nowadays, you’ll always look intelligent and “with it” when you make the switch between your book and catching up on Breaking Bad.

PadPillow 09

10. Be Serious About Your Fun
You deserve it all — the great outdoors, comfy lounging, and multimedia entertainment at a proper viewing angle. This much fun requires your serious face.


11. Know Where to Shop
You can get the PadPillow Stand in 6 different colors from Think of it as foam couture.


PadPillow Buy Now

Make Your Own PadPillow


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The PadPillow is one of our most popular products, and we decided to offer up a Do-It-Yourself Guide for making your very own PadPillow from scratch. Now making PadPillow is just as much fun as using it! This DIY project is great for families or just anyone who loves some hands-on arts and crafts.

Here’s what you need to do, one step at a time:

  1. Buy (or reuse) a large piece of sturdy cloth for the PadPillow exterior. It should measure 0.45 yards (about 16 inches) long and 45 inches wide. A tough material like denim works best, but you can experiment with other fabrics. Gather a few necessary tools: scissors, pencil, a sewing needle and thread, a sewing machine, a razor knife, and a ruler. Lastly, you will need a small piece of leather to make a leather tab.
  2. Purchase a large chunk of carving foam, which can be found at art supply stores or other specialty stores. This will form the soft body of the PadPillow.
  3. Download IPEVO’s printable .pdf file of PadPillow cutouts, and print the document in its original size. Cut out the shapes from the printed document with scissors. Place the four cutouts onto your chosen cloth. Trace the shapes with a pencil.
  4. Cut the cloth according to the shapes with scissors. You will now have three cloth cutouts — one long rectangle and two chisel-like shapes.

  5. Using the cutout document as your guide, sew the leather tag onto the rectangular cloth cutouts using needle and thread.

  6. With a sewing machine, sew the chisel shapes onto the rectangular shape using the cutout document as a guide for where to join the pieces.
  7. When you’ve sewn all three cloth cutouts together, you’ll have the basic shape of the PadPillow with a hole in the back to stuff foam into.

  8. From your carving foam, cut your first piece of foam using a ruler and razor knife. The smaller piece should measure 12.6 x 9.1 x 1.6 inches (32 x 23 x 4cm).
  9. Shave down one side of the foam piece to form a semi-triangular shape rather than a simple rectangle.
  10. Cut your second triangular piece of foam. This piece measures 6.3 x 5.7 x 12.6 inches (16 x 14 x 32cm ), where 6.3 inches is the base of the triangle, 5.7 inches is the height, and 12.6 inches is the length.
  11. Carefully stuff the foam pieces one at a time into the opening of the sewn-together cloth cutouts.

  12. Try folding the two foam sections together. If it doesn’t fold quite right, you’ll need to remove the foam pieces and trim them for a better fit.
  13. Enjoy your very own homemade PadPillow! It’s perfect to hold iPad and ebook readers in the lap or anywhere else.

Buy Now

Perch Shows Off at Tian Cai Refreshment Saloon


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IPEVO’s family of Perch stands have found themselves in a remarkable number of venues. But in the case of Tian Cai Refreshment Saloon — and yes, that’s the best name for a restaurant ever — Perch S found a home very close by our branch office in Taipei, in a place we visit all the time. And that makes this story a little more special.

Tian Cai is well-known for excellent Japanese cuisine such as sushi, sashimi and oden, which is a dish of boiled eggs, radish, konnyaku and fish cakes in a light broth. With its combination of good quality and affordability, the Refreshment Saloon has been a lunch-hour favorite of IPEVO employees for many years, and a favorite of the Taipei business community for more than 40 years. For the vast majority of those 40 years, Tian Cai’s menu was text-only. The restaurant’s reputation and great food had visitors coming back for more, but the owner knew he could take his restaurant into the 21st century for an even better presentation of his offerings.

After a cook took some impromptu iPhone images of some dishes, the owner knew that strong visuals of his cuisine was the way to go. But what was the best way to display signature dishes for newcomers in a fresh, exciting way? The owner tried a couple digital frames and some iPad cases and stands as part of a lobby display, but he wasn’t satisfied. These accessories weren’t complementing the overall vibe of the restaurant. They looked clunky and inorganic, like they didn’t belong.

A couple folks at IPEVO saw the owner’s need and introduced him to Perch S Desktop Stand. With its sleek lines and aluminum leg, THIS is a stand which can match the high style of an upscale restaurant. We like to think it’s every bit as elegant as the iPad itself. The Perch S was set on the host’s counter, and its dual-axis hinge allowed it to be oriented and angled just rightto catch customers’ eyes. Images of signature dishes were uploaded into a slideshow on the iPad. And the rest, as they say, is history. Tian Cai broke free from the text-only tedium and now features an ultramodern, eye-catching display which communicates the deliciousness of the dishes as well as the sophistication of the restaurant itself. What more could you ask for? We bet Perch S Desktop Stand could deliver a similar “wow” for your business!