Behind the Scenes at IPEVO Headquarters


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Summer is here, and our thoughts drift to nature and the outdoors. That’s why we decided it’s a great time to share with you some pictures of the IPEVO offices.

Huh? The outdoors and a busy company office? They don’t quite seem to go together. But as you’ll see, IPEVO was designed with plenty of inspiration from Mother Nature.

In the words of one reviewer, “The IPEVO workplace is unique to say the least.” Several walls are made of sod-like bricks of dried grass! In addition to being a remarkable feature in its own right, this material really says “IPEVO,” and not just because of the color green. The creative people behind our products take inspiration from nature. After all, there’s no better designer! There’s a design principle that dictates that “form follows function,” that the shape of something should relate to what it does. While that principle may not apply in each and every case, it’s a great guideline. We believe that how a product looks and feels should have some organic relationship to what it’s meant to do. That’s why taking design cues from nature can often be valuable.

Another design trend that shapes our products is the idea of multifunctionality. One device, many uses. Just look at our S0-20 Wi-Fi Phone for Skype, which puts all the features of Skype into a small phone you can take anywhere to call all over the world. Or how about the Kaleido R7 Digital Frame, which can display pictures from just about any source. Our office’s multifunction equivalent is a “central park” area that serves multiple roles, from foyer to promenade to discussion lounge. There’s always a buzz of activity.

And that brings us to another aspect of IPEVO offices: sustainable design. Having an open plan and multiple-function areas is all about maximizing space and avoiding waste. This principle relates back to the dried grass walls as well as recycled camphor, the latter of which is used for the trunks of a couple funky “tree-tables” you can see in the pictures. These are among the sustainable materials used in the office that minimize any impact on the environment. The concept of sustainability is important to us, and it’s reflected in our office and in our products, which are packaged in earth-friendly ways with plain craft paper boxes instead of a lot of plastic or multi-color, high-gloss graphics.

Product design, office architecture, and company philosophy—who knew it could all fit together so nicely? But to borrow a modern phrase, that’s just how we roll. We hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of our urban wonderland, the IPEVO offices.

The Kaleido R7 Digital Frame Gets an Eyeful


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I was just handed a nice bit of news. But first, the set-up: 20/20 is a premier eyeglass retailer in Taiwan, with glasses from such brands as ic! Berlin, Vera Wang, and Wolfgang Proksch. 20/20 is perfect vision, y’all. You probably knew that. 20/20 caters to clients who want nothing but the best from their eyewear: comfort, form, and function. It’s all about “looking good” in both senses of the term – having a pair of eyeglasses that complement your face and fashion sense, and literally being able to see beyond your own nose.

20/20 searched for a digital frame to display their designer frames, and they’ve chosen IPEVO‘s very own Kaleido R7 Digital Frame to showcase their goods. Kaleido R7 frames are currently in three 20/20 shops, with plans for an expansion in the works.


From a retailer like 20/20’s perspective, why the Kaleido R7? First of all, it’s totally gorgeous, and its 7” LCD screen displays pictures beautifully. It definitely tells the customer, “Hey, we’re here to impress you, so get ready.” Secondly, the Kaleido R7 is versatile: there are so many ways to display pictures. Load your camera’s memory card directly into the frame, connect via USB, or stream pictures wirelessly from your computer, from Facebook, from online albums like Picasa or Flickr, or even from Google Image Search.

Lastly, with just a quick twist of the wrist, the Kaleido R7 can go from horizontal landscape mode to vertical portrait mode, depending on the type of images you have. And the Kaleido R7 is smart enough to automatically reorient photos for optimal display. In the case of 20/20, many of their photos are portrait-style shots of models wearing featured eyeglasses. By going vertical, the Kaleido R7 will make 20/20’s shots look nicely proportioned and super-good.

We’re excited that the Kaleido R7 will be helping to share 20/20’s impressive lineup of designer eyewear with its customers. All in all, I’d say this partnership is nothing short of visionary.

To visit the Kaleido R7 Digital Frame’s Product Page:

Giving the Gift of 3,000 Joyous Moments


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It’s that time again: the holidays! Time for the simple joys of home, the warmth of the hearth, and the comfort of family. A time to recall happy memories, and a time to make a few new ones. Holiday memories last a lifetime, and now is a great time to share all your precious moments with the friends and family who matter most. That’s why we ask you to consider inviting the Kaleido R7 Digital Frame into your home this season as a holiday gift.


The Kaleido R7 Digital Frame by IPEVO has plenty of room to keep all your joyous moments – up to 3,000 photos in all. But that’s just the start of what the Kaleido R7 can do for you. The frame’s gorgeous 7-inch LCD screen will keep your memories alive, vibrant, and beautiful. The screen’s widescreen aspect ratio is perfect for landscapes (snowy or otherwise!), and with a simple twist the screen can be rotated vertically to display photos in portrait mode.

The frame’s smart features don’t stop there. The screen tilts for optimum viewing angle—it will look great either high on your mantle, on your counter next to Santa’s cookies, or on a low end table. The Kaleido R7 has a USB port to accept photos on flash drives, a mini-USB port to connect directly to your computer, and a universal memory card slot for digital cameras, ensuring that all your digital photos can be shared and enjoyed, not just some.

One of the best aspects of the Kaleido R7—and a feature that will excite any tech-lover on your gift list—is the ability to stream and access photos wirelessly. Through the frame’s included EyeStage software, it’s easy to create live channels to stream your online photo albums (Picasa or Flickr), a friend’s Facebook albums, and more. The Kaleido R7 brings a whole world of images to you, wirelessly. Not as amazing as Santa’s sleigh ride, but almost!

User-controlled slideshow mode, customizable playback options, a smart zoom feature, and a handy remote control are just a few more reasons to consider the Kaleido R7 Digital Frame for someone special, or as a delightful surprise for your own family gathering. And here’s one more reason: through this special offer, IPEVO is pleased to offer FREE SHIPPING on your digital frame, which is guaranteed to arrive before Christmas Eve if you order before December 16th. So embrace the spirit of the holidays, and share a wonderful world of the season’s memories with the Kaleido R7 Digital Frame!

Wedding Crasher – The Kaleido R7 Shares the Memories


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I thought the Kaleido R7 had seen it all. We’ve been to art gallery exhibitions, an upscale Taipei restaurant, and even a chili cook-off. We’ve talked to artists, an image coach, chefs, hair salon owners, fashion boutique owners . . . the list goes on, and that’s just what we could squeeze onto the blog! Well, you never know where the Kaleido R7 will pop up next – I just heard that our favorite digital frame was used at a wedding! How awesome is that?

First, congrats to the new husband and wife. Second, here’s how I heard it all went down. There was a vineyard wedding with over 100 people. Two tables were set up at the entrance. One had place cards and grape-themed decorations – a very nice touch, considering the venue. The other had a guestbook for people to sign in with, along with a multimedia scrapbook of letters and photos. Planners also placed a Kaleido R7 on the table alongside the scrapbook and guestbook, showing engagement and other photos of the happy couple in slideshow mode.

This was a super-smart use of the Kaleido R7 for a couple of reasons. Physical scrapbooks are great, but when 100 people are clamoring to take a peek at the same book, why not augment the experience with some very handsome digital images that everyone can share at once? Plus, there tends to be quite a line at the guestbook sometimes; why not entertain those patient signers waiting to wish the bride and groom well? We understand the frame was a big hit.

A USB flash drive was used to upload images to the Kaleido R7, which is great (and very easy), but this gives me a chance to remind everyone of all the different ways you can stock the frame. In addition to the USB port for flash drives, there’s a mini-USB port in order to connect directly to your computer to retrieve images that way. There’s a memory card slot in case you’d like to upload images from a digital camera card. And of course there wireless streaming via the included EyeStage software, arguably the coolest way to upload to your Kaleido R7 (and the method that can make anyone look like a tech wizard). In EyeStage, anything from Google Image search photos to Facebook and Picasa albums to RSS feeds and more can be delivered wirelessly.

Three cheers for the wedding planners for their ingenuity – what a perfect way to share the memories! – and a toast to many, many years of happiness for the bride and groom.

P.S. We learned about the wedding from Zoe Wood, a blogger for Thanks a ton, Zoe! Read Zoe’s thorough and well-written review of the Kaleido R7.

Where Are They Now? Update – Modernbook Gallery


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Kaleido R7 at Modernbook Gallery

Way, way back in early July – we were all so young and foolish then – we highlighted Modernbook Gallery in Palo Alto, California, and its use of the Kaleido R7 Digital Frame (Art Gallery Chic – The Kaleido R7).Well, we thought we would do our version of “Where Are They Now?” and see how the kind folks at Modernbook have been doing. As a matter of fact, Modernbook Gallery is in the middle of celebrating its 10th anniversary (Congrats!).

In our second go-around with Modernbook, we had a chance to chat with Danny Sanchez, who is the Gallery Assistant Manager. We found out several cool things we hadn’t known before, which should be a lesson to us all: it definitely pays to visit an art gallery more than once! Modernbook started as a bookstore, carrying a selection of art, design, and photography books. Only over the years did Modernbook evolve into the fine art photography gallery it is today. However, Modernbook went back to its roots in 2006 by expanding into book publishing with the MB Editions imprint, which releases truly stunning photography books. Very nice.

Kaleido R7 at Modernbook Gallery

The Fan Ho exhibition that took place in July and August has been proceeded by a 10 year anniversary retrospective, with artwork from photographers who have previously been featured at some point in Modernbook’s history. Danny updated us about the role the Kaleido R7 played in the ramp-up for this retrospective:

“The Kaleido R7 helped to build excitement for this upcoming exhibition,” Danny told us. “The frame perches on a white shelf in our storefront for passers-by to get a glimpse of what is to come and what is currently taking place. It comes especially handy during after-hours, as it glows with the imagery showcasing our artists.”

Kaleido R7 at Modernbook Gallery

The Kaleido R7 has been promoted from front desk greeter to storefront spectacular – excellent!

“We love the presentation of the frame,” Danny continued, “and feel its sleek and cool design ties in well with the Modernbook Gallery aesthetic.”

Now that’s something that didn’t change about the Kaleido R7 – great, head-turning design, be it in the storefront, on the desk, or alongside the works.

Many thanks to Danny Sanchez for the update, and continued success to Modernbook!

To visit Modernbook’s website, please visit:

To visit the Kaleido R7’s Product Page:

Taking Your Designer Shoe Store to the Next Level with the Kaleido R7


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Kaleido R7 at a fashion boutique

For those of us in the designer shoe business, keeping track of the latest trends is simply crucial. More than perhaps any other fashion accessory, footwear changes with the seasons and with prevailing fashion trends. Recently, I found a great tool for my fashion boutique, the Kaleido R7 Digital Frame. It not only adds a chic, cutting-edge presence to augment the overall boutique experience, it provides ideas for me and inspiration for my clients.

Kaleido R7 with Summer TrendThe Kaleido R7 is a digital frame with Wi-fi capability, meaning it can upload and display photos wirelessly. It’s perfect to display my personal portfolio of footwear inspiration that I keep on Picasa. However, not only can the Kaleido stream photos from online archives like Picasa and Flickr, it can access entire worlds of images via Google image search. You can search by top designers – L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani, Manolo Blahnkik, Christian Louboutin, Alberta Ferreti, Botkier, etc. – or you can search by specific features – clunky heels, Mary Jane shoes, multi-tone shoes, reptile leather shoes, or whatever you can think of. Or, use specific terms like “Australian shoe fair,” “Summer 2009 shoe trends” or even something like “celebrity caged shoes” to finely hone your images. Surprise yourself and keep an open mind; you never know what might strike you. Use brands that you carry and are passionate about, and use footwear trends that anticipate next season so you can get your clients excited and ready to buy.

The Kaleido R7 can not only improve and stimulate your own footwear knowledge base; use it as a display stand, on your counter or near your entrance, to introduce your clients to your offerings and your overall fashion sensibilities. Find model photos, complete with footwear, wardrobe and accessories, to entice clients with an overall image presentation. This is perfect for larger boutiques that offer jewelry, handbags, clothing, or other accessories; the Kaleido can visually merge your various products, leading to clients purchasing across multiple product categories.

Summer 2009 shoe trends are all about making a statement: folk-inspired fringe, lace-inspired straps, bold cage designs, and even bondage-style chains, studs, and spikes! Who knows what Fall 2009 and beyond will bring us, from the runway and from trade shows such as the Australian shoe fair, MICAM in Milan Italy, or SAPICA in Mexico? The point is, shoe design has never been more innovative and fluid, and I’ve found the Kaleido R7 to be a great way to visually explore this ever-changing world. Consider the Kaleido R7 Digital Frame for your own shoe boutique. It will add a touch of elegance, and a ton of inspiration.

For the Kaleido R7 Product Page, please visit:

Taking Your Hair Salon to the Next Level with the Kaleido R7


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Kaleido R7 at hair salon in L.A.

As the owner of a boutique hair salon in Los Angeles, I have two creative challenges: keeping myself up to date on the latest trends in hair care, hairstyles, and fashion accessories; and sharing exciting new trends with my clients for inspiration. I find that I can tackle both challenges with help from the Kaleido R7 Digital Frame.

As any hairstylist knows, the difference between a fabulous haircut that meets your client’s expectations, and a “just-okay” haircut, is communication. Most men, and a surprising amount of women, come into my salon with only the vaguest idea for their desired hair style. While it’s the hairstylist’s job to ask the right questions and help the client arrive at a style that works for them, sometimes clients are just plain tight-lipped (while still expecting and deserving a superior style), and even regular clients in tune with latest trends and chatty about hairstyles can get stuck in a familiar rut. Add that to the recent economic depression, with people getting their hair cut less and opting for less premium services, and stunted communication can be a real problem for salon professionals.

For this problem, consider the Kaleido R7. It’s a very chic digital photo frame that can connect to a wireless network to access and display photos. This isn’t your grandmother’s quaint wooden frame: the Kaleido R7, with its ultramodern black design, is compatible with a modern hair salon and will definitely make a statement. Unlike a lot of other frames, it can easily be converted from landscape to portrait mode, which is ideal for hairstyle and fashion photos.

Personally, I use the Kaleido in a variety of ways. It’s great for inspiration by using Google image search, which is very easy to set up within the Kaleido software. The best search terms I’ve found are “latest hairstyles” and “celebrity hairstyles,” which give you literally hundreds of photos to keep your own style repertoire fresh and expanding.

Also, while nothing can substitute for the initial “Hello” and personal greeting of your front desk person, the Kaleido can “greet” your clients as well, adding a “wow” factor that prepares them for a superior salon experience. It also sparks fashion and hair style ideas, from winter color trends to new and sexy cuts like Old Hollywood glamor cuts, the Jazz Cut, and New Shag, before clients even sit down.

I was so impressed with the Kaleido, I decided to have a photo day in order to display my own work. I hired a model and photographer, and for the day we photographed a variety of styles, which we then uploaded to the Kaleido R7. I recently expanded into fashion accessories like handbags and bracelets, and so we also incorporated several of these items into the photos. If you don’t have the resources for a day like this, get creative! Get your own digital camera and photograph your own hairstyle creations throughout the day with actual clients.

The effect of our new strategy with the Kaleido R7 has been very noticeable. The frame gets people talking and excited about their hairstyles and what they want. The frame has also led to more upgrades. For example, a client of mine who normally comes in for a “trim” was inspired to get a double process color treatment after looking at some celebrity hairstyle pictures.

So to enhance your business and get your clients excited about their image possibilities, consider the Kaleido R7 Digital Frame. For not much money, it can add a whole new dimension to your hair salon business.

For the Kaleido R7 Product Page, please visit:

Savor the Flavor – Lawry’s The Prime Rib – Taipei


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Just the other day, I visited a little slice of prime rib lovers’ paradise, Lawry’s The Prime Rib restaurant in Taipei. The restaurant is designed at every level to satisfy your senses and have your taste buds begging for more.


Lawry’s The Prime Rib started in 1938 in Beverly Hills, California. A couple traditions started in 1938 that still exist today. Namely, signature standing beef ribs, and the fact that these ribs are carved tableside in now-famous “silver” carts. Success for Lawry’s The Prime Rib has meant expansion, first to cities like Chicago and Las Vegas, and recently to places like Hong Kong and Shanghai. Lawry’s The Prime Rib Taipei opened in 2002 and has been a fixture in the “Living Mall” shopping center ever since.

You walk into Lawry’s The Prime Rib Taipei, and you’re knocked out by the design: 20 foot high ceilings and crystal chandeliers, paintings surrounded by huge glass mirrors, Middle Age shields – it’s quite an epic setting for your meal. We were then ushered in to one of five private dining rooms; ours had an awesome view of the Taipei cityscape (the restaurant is on the 12th floor).

Ben, the prime rib chef and carver, greeted our table. He serves his meals to customers personally, everyday. I ordered the ribs, naturally. Prime rib was carved tableside in the Lawry tradition, from their trademark carts, and the meat was simply outrageously good. Yum! It’s truly a meal you won’t soon forget!

Ben was excited to share a little secret of Lawry’s The Prime Rib Taipei’s recent success: the Kaleido R7 Digital Frame. For some time now, Ben has used the Kaleido R7 as a display piece for his culinary creations, using the frame to show mouth-watering menu selections in slideshow mode. Greeting customers as they walk in, the Kaleido R7 gives customers’ taste buds a tingle before they even sit down and provides some great ideas for their meals. Ben has had a lot of success:

Kaleido R7 at Lawry's

Kaleido R7 at Lawry's2

With the Kaleido R7’s extraordinary display quality, food can be better displayed than on the printed menus. The frame is not only a beautiful decoration, it also serves as our first display for delicious dishes.


The Kaleido R7 was definitely at home in such a high-class restaurant. It provides that extra-special something, that “wow” factor. Plus, it entices customers to try different things, either with this visit or the next. In the end I went with the signature prime ribs, but I can say I was definitely tempted by the Atlantic Lobster Tails, and I wish I had had room for the Tiramisu. Or that delicious-looking crepe suzette. Mmm… the Kaleido R7 really does work!


For the Kaleido R7 Product Page, please visit:

Kaleido R7: A personal travel consultant?


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We designed the Kaleido R7 to be a device that would inspire our customers to not only conveniently view their Web-based photos, but to also draw inspiration from the millions of images online as well. We still find ourselves pleasantly surprised however with the unique and personalized ways that our customers use the Kaleido R7 in their everyday lives. In this case, the story of Marcel Dufresne, a director of the Canadian Mac Users Group, MaUsE, and his editorial in the DoubleClick Newsletter, caught our attention. Like most people do during the winter, Marcel began planning his summertime trip to Iceland. To prepare for this two-week vacation, Marcel turned to the keyword image search function of his Kaleido R7:

“My wife and I had never been to Iceland or anywhere like it so we weren’t sure what to expect, Marcel said. “By connecting the Kaleido R7 to the Internet, I was able to view other people’s tagged Iceland photos on Flickr and Picasa. Then, I downloaded 500 or so to the frame directly and was able to view them during my lunch breaks in anticipation of our trip.”

Turning the Kaleido R7 into his own personal tour guide, Marcel found the answers on what weather to expect, places to visit and things to do to have the trip of a lifetime. He was so prepared from the research he did using the frame that he’s already using the device to plan for next year’s trip to Machu Pichu.

After returning from Iceland, Marcel and his wife loaded the Kaleido R7 up with the photos from their trip to give his parents a slideshow of their trip.

“My parents don’t have a computer or the Internet at their house, so this was a perfect way for us to share the photos from our trip with them, without having to wait several months till the album was finally put together. The slideshow function was great too because we were able to add text captions to describe some of images or add the names of landmarks we saw,” Marcel said.

Do you have an interesting story about how you’ve used the Kaleido R7? We want to hear about it. If it’s really creative, your idea just might end up on the IPEVO blog. To tell us your story, email

To read Marcel’s MaUsE DoubleClick Newsletter Kaleido R7 review, please visit:

For the Kaleido R7 Product Page, please visit:

Facebooking the Easy Way


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You know those friends on Facebook who post, like, hundreds of photos? Hey, here’s me, and here’s me… in a slightly different position. You know the people I’m talking about. Sure, sharing pics on Facebook is a great way to keep in touch, but digging through different albums, photo by photo, click by click, 5 second load time by 5 second load time, can really get super boring, fast.

Enter the Facebook album conqueror, the Kaleido R7. I store my photos on Picasa, so I already used the Kaleido for streaming those, but pretty recently Facebook was added as another channel option. Basically, Kaleido can easily turn any of your friends’ albums into a slideshow. This frame eats big albums for breakfast. How cool is that? The click-by-click drudgery is over.

Here’s how I did it in the EyeStage software that goes with the frame. Just add a channel and select Facebook. You’re going to have to churn through several clicks back and forth from your web browser, entering your Facebook password and stuff, but this is one time only, and believe me, it’s worth it.

Eventually you’ll get to a screen where – and this was the part where my jaw dropped open – all of your Facebook friends are on a big list. You simply select the friend you want to follow, and just like that your friend has their very own channel on your frame. Do this for as many friends you want – right now I’m following two of my buddies who are always clubbing and posting something crazy from the night before, a friend from college who is backpacking through Europe and capturing some amazing images, and an artist friend of mine who posts her latest paintings and ceramics. The Kaleido will automatically cycle through all the pictures in all the albums of your chosen friend.

If you want to fine-tune it even more, after you select your friend, you can click “Advanced Settings” and select individual albums (versus the default of all albums). This is perfect for those “Vegas Baby!” albums, or if you just want to see wedding pictures, or whatever the case may be. So easy, yet so cutting-edge. That’s what sharing photos should be all about.