Listen up! OPEN is Here!


Filed Under (All Products, All Applications, IPEVO, Open) by ipevoblog on 2010-10-21

Just got word that the newest IPEVO product is now ready for its introduction to the world: Open Stereo Earphones with in-line Mic. There are several reasons why you just might want your own pair of these. They’re designed for all the “i”siPhone, iPad, and iPod – and they’re made with something called Open Guided Sound (OGS) technology. They fit over your ears, not in your ears like ear buds, and they guide sound into your ears from the outside.

Basically, that means you can hear what’s going on around you. This is key for us multitaskers. With these earphones, now you can REALLY do several things at once! Watch a video on your iPad at Starbucks while chatting with your friend and listening for your name to be called for your caramel frappuccino. Or take a walk with the baby stroller, and jam to your 80s cardio mix as you remain aware of traffic, your exercise buddy and, of course, the baby. With smartphones and new gadgets like the iPad, it’s no longer just about burying your ears in music at the expense of everything else, and Open Stereo Earphones reflect that.

You can check out more info, specs, and listening ideas on the IPEVO Store page. The rest of this entry is more about some stuff you might not find on the features list. This is real insider information here, so listen carefully. First of all, the package itself is kind of a work of art, and personally I think it’d be a “wow” gift idea, given the presentation. It has a cool triangle vibe, and it’s so thin, it’s unbelievable. Remember those days when you’d have to tear apart some huge plastic monstrosity to get to a little device? Well, IPEVO has never done that, and the Open package really reaffirms the company’s commitment to less waste.

On that topic, there’s no Quick Start booklet inside; to save even more paper, the quick start information is printed on the cardboard that holds the unit in place. And the holder as well as the box are made with recycled paper. That all adds up to earth-friendliness, and you shouldn’t expect less from IPEVO!

Open Stereo Earphones are available now at the IPEVO Online Store!