Using UDL, and How the IPEVO Doc Cams Can Help


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Presenting different materials with ziggi

UDL is a term which has enjoyed a renewed focus in educational circles recently, and we wanted to tell you how the IPEVO Document Cameras — Ziggi and the Point 2 View — can help educators achieve this promising approach to learning.

What is UDL? It stands for Universal Design for Learning. It’s a concept that takes up after the universal design movement in architecture. In the same way that buildings can be designed to accommodate the most diverse range of people — like an entrance ramp that could serve bike riders, moms with strollers, and those in wheelchairs — UDL is a framework which encourages curriculum to be designed for the most diverse range of students. UDL acknowledges that no two students learn in quite the same way. As such, “more is more” when it comes to curriculum. By multiplying your methods and your media, you will reach more students and achieve better results overall.

UDL has three major elements:

Representation — Presenting material in many different ways and through multiple media

Expression — Allowing students to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways

Engagement — Making sure there are multiple ways to engage learners and instill that very important “love of learning”

And this is where IPEVO ed tech comes in. Ziggi and the Point 2 View give you the ability to present material in new ways. Just check out our Top 50 ways that educators can use document cameras and 50 MORE ways for ideas. That’s a mind-boggling range of ways to both present material and get your students excited about learning. When you multiply the opportunities for students to engage the material, you’re fostering a more universal (and thus more effective) learning environment.

Presenting different materials with ziggi

Finding the right mix of teaching methods that “click” with your students is part of the challenge, but it’s also part of the fun. Ziggi and the Point 2 View can help you improve your teaching according to all three UDL elements — Representation, Expression and Engagement. It brings material closer to students than ever before, and it opens up a new level of interactivity that can really make a difference in your class.

Remember: We DO accept school purchase orders, and we DO have volume discount rates on both Ziggi and the Point 2 View. Contact for more information. Try one of our affordable document cameras in your class: you won’t be disappointed!

25 Ways for Students to Use IPEVO Document Cameras


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IPEVO’s Ziggi and Point 2 View USB document cameras offer teachers some great opportunities for interactive, multimedia learning in the classroom that can engage and excite students. And we have tons of ideas to share with educators.

But for now, let’s flip the script, turn the tables, put the shoe on the other foot, and take a look at Ziggi and Point 2 View from a student’s perspective. How can students — whether it’s elementary school, middle school, high school, or college — use document cameras to take their own learning to the next level?

We’ve brainstormed plenty of ideas, and maybe you can add some of your own.

So without further ado, here are 25 ways students can use Ziggi and/or Point 2 View document cameras in the classroom. (And parents, this will give you lots of ideas, too.) Plenty more ideas for educators will be on the way in future entries!

  1. Save math formulas — Use the one-touch snapshot feature and Review mode to capture useful formulas from your math textbook to save for later.
  2. Study with a friend — Have a remote study session with a classmate and share test materials, class notes, or textbooks. But no copying, and no cheating!
  3. Tutor time — Ziggi and Point 2 View make it possible to work with your teacher or tutor from anywhere.
  4. Show and tell — For younger students (and teachers, you can show them how), show and tell is taken up a notch when everyone can see details on the big projector screen. No more complaints that students can’t see.
  5. Better class notes — Enhance the notes you take in class by capturing small text passages, graphs, maps, data, or anything else from the textbook, and adding it to your notes.
  6. Book report —Take your book report from good to great by presenting a sample page from the book and reading it for the class so they can follow along.
  7. Play scene — Students acting out a scene from a play in class can display the scene in text form on the screen so the audience has two ways of understanding the play.
  8. Art appreciation — Collect a semester’s worth of your favorite images from an art textbook or photo book using the snapshot feature and Review mode.
  9. Diorama — Have you built a diorama? Give the class a close-up view of the diorama’s details.
  10. All-subject essay helper — Students in upper grades and college need to cite and quote sources, data, and other texts in their essays. Use the doc cam to display the info on screen for easy reference and copying.
  11. Help for the visually-impaired — Visually-impaired students can benefit from Ziggi and Point 2 View’s Macro mode for making text readable.
  12. Science fair project — Lots of science experiment ideas could benefit from some real-time video or snapshots, whether you’re presenting for the class or testing your hypothesis.
  13. Help! — Stuck on a homework problem? Take a snapshot and email your teacher for help. Or, post the image to Facebook to get your classmates’ help.
  14. Multimedia presentations — Save images from the doc cam and use them in PowerPoint, Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, and more.
  15. Art class — Proud students can show off their latest painting, sketch, mixed media piece or sculpture for the whole class.
  16. Side by side copying — Need to type up text from a worksheet or textbook? Use the doc cam to project it onto your computer to save time.
  17. Web chats — Did you know both Ziggi and Point 2 View can be angled up and used like web cams? You never know when students will benefit from some face to face time.
  18. Restricted texts — Take a snapshot of text you might not be able to take with you, like books in the library, a friend’s class notes, or books reserved for classroom use only.
  19. Give your eyes a break — Hours of studying tiny text can result in eye strain and fatigue. Give yourself a break by displaying tiny text on the computer to make them bigger.
  20. Quality, not quantity — Posters, graphs, and charts are often made so they are large enough for the class to see. By projecting these items for presentations, they don’t have to be so large, saving time and material.
  21. Add visuals to an oral presentation — Every student has to deliver an oral presentation. Give it some visual punch with accompanying images or text using the doc cam.
  22. English literature — Need to analyze a passage from a text you’re writing about? Use the doc cam to put the text side by side with your word processor doc on the screen.
  23. Nature “microscope” — Leaves, insects, dissections… you can learn more about anything complex and intricate by getting a closer view that’s still nice and sharp.
  24. Cram for the exam — Host a study session with several classmates, and display test materials, flash cards, sample questions, etc., onscreen so everyone can have a look and participate.
  25. Student becomes teacher — Use the doc cam as a presentational tool to teach other students how to solve math problems, construct something, or proofread a paper.

What ways can YOU think of for students to use Ziggi and Point 2 View? Let us know. And remember, many ideas for educators are on their way soon.


The Lamb Cam – North Country School and Camp Treetops


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We know the Point 2 View USB Document Camera is versatile, but some stories from our customers still make us say, “Wow!” This is the case with Joel, the technology director at North Country School and Camp Treetops in Lake Placid, New York.

North Country School and Camp Treetops

The school (grades 4-9 boarding and day) and overnight summer camp (ages 7-14) have shared 200 beautiful acres, complete with working farm, since 1938. Students learn a traditional curriculum with hands-on projects and live in family-style housing. Children all year long participate in daily work jobs, a plethora of wilderness activities and extensive arts offerings. In springtime, lambs are born on site-yes, this really is a working farm! Joel had the idea to share this amazing event with alumni, parents, and the world through live image streaming on UStream. He conducted a thorough search, even buying a couple of $300 doc cams, before finally choosing IPEVO’s Point 2 View Camera, which became the school’s official “Lamb Cam” (love the name).

Joel shared his experience with other doc cams and his first impressions of the Point 2 View: “We started off with doc cams five or six times the price of the Point 2 View. These doc cams could work without a computer, but they were bulky and had nowhere near the versatility of the Point 2 View. IPEVO’s camera is much smaller and lighter than a conventional doc cam, so it was perfect to mount in the barn. Plus, it works effortlessly with Macs, which we use almost exclusively. At the price, I could give one to every one of our teachers and not put a dent in the budget.”

North Country School and Camp Treetops

Joel and Mike, the farm manager, mounted the camera vertically for maximum maneuverability, drilling through the Point 2 View’s base and attaching it to a beam in the barn. Our customers’ ingenuity never ceases to amaze us. Joel described how the Point 2 View passed a tough test with flying colors:

“We asked a lot from the Point 2 View: mounted in only a semi-heated area, capturing lambs from 30 feet away, and sending its signal through three six-foot USB extension cables. It performed great, and the image quality through the live stream is quite good. Other document cams wouldn’t have the depth of field capability of the Point 2 View, and web cams wouldn’t be able to achieve the kind of image quality we needed. I’ve used the Point 2 View for documents, 3D objects, and now as a Lamb Cam, and it’s just an easy, quality device to use.”

Joel added one more thing to emphasize that the Point 2 View can perform a variety of functions: “The farm manager lives in a building not far from the barn, and he has used the Point 2 View as a surveillance camera to help keep an eye on the farm animals.”

Whew, that’s one busy camera! Many thanks to Joel and North Country School and Camp Treetops for sharing their story. Visit their web site, and also consider checking out the Lamb Cam.

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It All Adds Up: The Point 2 View Document Camera and Math Class


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Here’s a math problem: The Point 2 View camera, plus 4th grade math, multiplied by 21. Does that all equal success in the classroom? According to one teacher, yes indeed! We had a chance to check in with Terry Rex, a 4th grade teacher from Wings Park Elementary School in Oelwein, Iowa. He teaches 21 students in a self-contained classroom.

Point 2 View USB Document Cam

Earlier in the year, Terry was introduced to the Point 2 View at a math workshop, and he saw the potential for the camera to help students with math problems. Terry told us about the school’s decision:

“The extremely affordable price allowed us to purchase enough cameras to outfit all of our classrooms that wanted one. I think affordability is one of the camera’s biggest selling points.” The school ended up purchasing 21 cameras.

Terry explained how he uses the camera in class:

“I have used the camera multiple times to have students share their math work during our problem-solving activities. I have also used it to make YouTube videos of our class pets to put on our class website; I really like the ability to take snapshots. And early on, we purchased 15-foot USB extension cables, so the portability of the camera has been wonderful.”

To maximize visibility of the text and equations projected on screen in the dim classroom, Terry had a ready solution:

“We had some initial issues with lighting, but we solved them by setting a lamp next to our camera, so that when we turn off the lights, we can still clearly see the items under the camera.”

Terry also emphasized how easy the Point 2 View is to use, particularly for those who might otherwise find such technology to be bothersome or intimidating:

“Many of our tech-challenged teachers have expressed how easy it has been to use their camera. I know some of these teachers use the Point 2 View every single day. It’s perfect for large group sharing opportunities.”

A sincere thank you to Terry and everyone at Wings Park Elementary. It’s great to know the Point 2 View is making fractions, decimals, long division, units of measure, and all that other good stuff a little easier to learn!

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Mobile Learning Gets an Assist from the Point 2 View Camera


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Today we check in with Dr. Alisa Cooper, a Professor of English at Glendale Community College in Glendale, Arizona. She has a particular interest in the power of mobile learning. As she summarizes it,

“Mobile gadgets are everywhere, and just about every student has a mobile phone in his/her pocket. Why not take advantage of these learning tools?”

Normally, Dr. Cooper has access to conventional (and expensive!) document cameras in her classrooms. But recently, she had the opportunity to present a mobile learning workshop at the Sloan Consortium (Sloan-C) conference in San Jose, in order to teach other educators about creating and utilizing mobile content. For this event, she needed a portable document camera solution to present a range of mobile devices, from the iPhone and Droid to e-readers and the iPad. After reading about the Point 2 View USB Document Camera, she ordered one, and we’re happy to learn that Dr. Cooper is pleased with her purchase:

“My initial impressions were that the camera was just what I needed. It was small, yet sturdy, and the picture quality was great. I really didn’t think the quality would be so good. It was super easy to set up.”

Dr. Cooper also spoke about how she might use the Point 2 View going forward:

“I will use it when I travel and for web demos. I’m going to also try to use it for online conferences with students. I teach writing, so it might be good to mark up a paper in a live online conference session in DimDim [a web conferencing software]. The student could listen and watch me mark up the paper.”

Finally, we asked Dr. Cooper how the Point 2 View compares to the conventional document cameras in her classrooms. These bulky cameras can cost anywhere from $500 to several thousand dollars, versus just $69 for the Point 2 View. Here’s what she had to say:

“It wasn’t until we were in San Jose that I got to see a real comparison image, and I still think the image quality is just as good. What is so amazing is I didn’t feel the need to have a light. The document cameras in the classroom have these lights. Sometimes I have to use them even in the bright classroom. The Point 2 View didn’t even need a light.”

Sincere thanks to Dr. Alisa Cooper for sharing her thoughts. Take a look at the demo video she made with the Point 2 View. You can also check out Dr. Cooper’s mobile learning blog.

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Teaching the iPad, With a Little Help from the Point 2 View


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In this entry, we check in with Phil Goodman, who owns Goodman Consulting. Phil is an Apple Certified Trainer, and in addition to corporate consulting, he enjoys teaching various topics focused on Apple products and portable tech. Based in Los Angeles, he has taught at several Apple Stores and the annual Macworld Expo, among other venues. Phil also runs the Los Angeles Portable User Group (LAPUG), a group of about 300 members dedicated to portable technologies.

As you can imagine, the latest hot topic for LAPUG has been Apple’s iPad. We were happy to learn that Phil has exclusively used IPEVO’s Point 2 View USB Document Camera to conduct iPad training for members of LAPUG and others in the Los Angeles community.

Phil was good(man) enough to share why he decided to use the Point 2 View:

“After using many different products to view the iPad, I settled on the Point 2 View, because it appeared to be an inexpensive yet flexible method to demonstrate the products we’re discussing. In the past, I’ve used camcorders on tripods as well as overhead camera/document readers. Those products were bulky, and were always limited to television resolution. Although they did provide 30 frames per second quality, the resolution left much to be desired. The P2V has much higher resolution [up to 1600 x 1200, if you’re curious!], and is much lighter and more flexible to set up and carry around.”

To expand a little on what Phil expressed so eloquently, the Point 2 View is a nice choice for showing iPhone, iPad, and similar electronics because of its macro mode and excellent rendering of details up close (as close as 2 inches). Autofocus means your focus will stay nice and sharp, and the Point 2 View’s jointed stand lets you position the camera exactly where you need it to be. Cool? Cool.

So whether you’re teaching a group of portable tech enthusiasts, like Phil, or just sharing an app with a friend over video chat, the Point 2 View is a smart choice. Consider that your free consultation!

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Click here to download the tabloid printable template for Point 2 View USB Document Camera and your smart phone.

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School Days – The Point 2 View and Education


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The Point 2 View USB Camera is released, and we’re receiving some great feedback from users, reviewers, and tech-minded folks from all corners of the globe. As a matter of fact, a couple of the most gratifying notes have come from educators and academia.

Educators have a lot of knowledge to share, and usually they’re sharing it with a large group of students, hence the invention of everyone’s favorite reusable writing surface, the chalkboard. More modern advances include the overhead projector as well as the digital projector. Projectors are great for multimedia presentations and large-screen demonstrations, but these pieces of equipment certainly don’t make the educational experience a cheap one. Those things are expensive!

vIn a time when everyone’s talking about the rising cost of education, enter the friendly and affordable web camera, the Point 2 View. Several educators with entrepreneurial spirits have written us about using the Point 2 View as an alternative to those super-expensive projectors. And the best part is, it’s pretty easy!The custom Point 2 View software included with the camera has a full screen mode, filling the entire computer screen, which is perfect for the large screen. Positioning the camera at just the right position and distance is a snap with the Point 2 View’s jointed stand. From there, it’s up to the 2 Megapixel camera and its super-sharp macro mode to provide the resolution and clarity necessary for small text, handwriting, or images.

From the responses we’ve received, the Point 2 View has been up to the task—and all for literally thousands of dollars less than expensive alternatives. Math educators can use the camera to demonstrate the solving of equations in real time. Engineers could display a demonstration on the big screen or show formulas or figures from a textbook. And almost everyone might find it handy to highlight a particular book passage or image detail for the benefit of the class.

I could go on, but you’ve probably had enough of an “education” for today. Suffice to say, if you’re an educator with a need for inexpensive projection, maybe you’ll consider checking out the little camera with a big vision, the Point 2 View!

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