Image and Sound – the Perfect Marriage, IPEVO-Style


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Do you know the only thing cooler than using an IPEVO product? Using two. So I happen to love our stuff. Can you blame me?

A friend here mentioned this scenario the other day. What if you want to demonstrate an iPhone? Say it’s a web chat. You could be a tech blogger, you could be sharing a neat iPhone app with a friend, the list goes on. Well, two things should go in to the demonstration: image, and sound.

As for image… hmm… the ideal image-capture device should have some sort of macro mode so it can catch all the fine details and little text of the iPhone screen. And, it should probably have a good amount of flexibility as far as how you could position it. Point 2 View USB CameraAfter all, during the demonstration, you want to hold and operate the iPhone like you would normally hold it. So… hmm, this is a tough one. You need the ability to capture real-time images up close with good resolution, and you need a device that can be positioned just where you want it.

Oh yeah! That’s a perfect description if IPEVO’s Point 2 View USB Camera! It has a great macro mode, and a unique posable stand. Image is taken care of.

Now, let’s figure out sound. Hmm, earphones aren’t exactly going to cut it, are they? You need to blast that sound out into the open, whether it’s music or game sound effects or most anything an app can generate. What are the alternatives? A docking station? You can’t use that, you need the iPhone in your hands. And it would be nice to take advantage of the iPhone’s Bluetooth capability, wouldn’t it? No wires to get in the way, total freedom to do what you need to do.

Tubular Wireless SpeakersDing ding! IPEVO’s Tubular Wireless Speakers are the ideal audio solution. Cute, Bluetooth capable, easy to pair, good stereo sound. Sounds like you’ve got a sleek multimedia presentation going on, courtesy of two of IPEVO’s newest gadgets. Now get out there and share that app with the world!