How to Increase Classroom Engagement with the IS-01


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Catering to different learning styles, increasing student engagement, and creating opportunities to interact are all hallmarks of modern teaching. The trend toward more technology in classrooms is simply a reflection of this shift. In the case of an interactive whiteboard, the name says it all. Multimedia material can “come alive” by being interacted with in ways it couldn’t before, and students can sometimes be the driver of the lesson instead of the teacher. Here are a few ways teachers have been using the $149 IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System to achieve the types of things we just mentioned. Sorting story elements by categorizing pictures is a terrific way to reach visual learners.

Teaching cause and effect? A similar “drag-and-drop” technique is being used in this classroom. A potentially abstract concept comes alive through virtual manipulatives.

The youngest learners love their chance at practicing shapes with the IS-01’s “magic wand.” Drawing on a large surface with broad strokes is ideal for preschoolers with limited motor skills.

Learning to tell time is well-suited to an interactive whiteboard. Drawing clock hands and writing the numerical time is combined in one exercise. Plus, multiple students get a chance to contribute.

Interactive learning apps have come a long way in a few short years. Harness the excitement students already have for video games and turn it into teachable moments.

Ultra-affordable teaching tools like the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System are proving that passive learning is a thing of the past. More and more, static teaching material is being taken to “the next level” without a lot of time or money.

How to Motivate with Technology, No Matter the Subject


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Getting students excited about what they’re learning is half the battle when it comes to being a teacher. And this is particularly true when a student (often wrongly) feels he or she doesn’t have the aptitude for the subject you’re teaching. So, how can technology help generate that crucial enthusiasm? Here’s a taste of what teachers from around the Twitterverse have been doing with one teaching tool in particular, the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System from IPEVO.  As you’ll see, a range of subjects are covered, so maybe a technique here might be useful for your own subject and teaching style.

Here’s IS-01 in art class, demonstrating perspective so that the whole class can see and understand.

IS-01 also makes an appearance in biology class, teaching the concept of Punnett Squares.

Handwriting and spelling is a good fit for IS-01. Tactile learners can practice at the board while visual learners can watch as it happens.

Here, a history teacher makes good use of Martin Luther King Day to introduce historical facts via a drag-and-drop style exercise.

And in English class, real-time annotation and different color options make it easy to identify parts of a text.

No matter what your subject, chances are you could benefit from an interactive whiteboard. And at only $149, the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System could be what you need while not breaking your budget.

Creating a Technology-Rich Classroom on a Budget, Part 3


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Our final entry in the back to school series features a device synonymous with IPEVO: the document camera. If you’re not familiar, IPEVO doc cams capture documents, artwork, 3D objects and devices with screens. Real-time video can then be shared and/or projected for the class. It’s an effective (and affordable) way to present teaching material.

Doc Cams under $100

Even when your budget is tight, you can still nab a great doc cam. The first option is Ziggi-HD at $94. Like all IPEVO doc cams, Ziggi-HD features a versatile swing-arm that allows you to place the camera at most any height and angle, quickly and easily. Ziggi-HD features a 5.0 Megapixel camera for amazing high-def images, and it can be positioned high enough to capture an entire sheet of paper. You get professional-level capture for a fraction of the price of conventional doc cams.

For just a taste of what Ziggi-HD can do, here’s educator Jessica Pilgreen from Wesclin High School in Trenton, Illinois:

I was so excited when my Ziggi arrived in the mail! I began using it right away. I even set up a document camera station in my classroom where I can project images from my iPad, share student work samples, demonstrate/guide students through activities, and take videos and photos. This week, I used the Ziggi to screencast lesson plans for my substitute teacher and my students absolutely loved being able to hear my voice as I went through the day’s assignments.”

A second option for you at this price range is the Point 2 View USB Doc Cam. At only $69, it’s an amazing value. This camera is 2.0 Megapixels which still delivers a nice, crisp image. It can even be taken off the stand and operated by hand for hard-to-reach places. The possibilities are endless, but here’s a fresh idea from Allison Teeter in Mooresville, North Carolina:

“I have loved my document camera! I have been using it to show my Teen Living students up close several sewing techniques and parts of the sewing machine!”

Mrs. Teeter uses the Point 2 View to capture her sewing techniques.

And here’s Jean Benassi from Roscoe, Illinois with some other cool uses:

“I love my IPEVO Point 2 View Document Camera! I have used this inside my second grade classroom displaying documents, maps, books and other paper type images. I have also used it when we started our ant farm. This enabled the whole class to watch the ants building their tunnels. No one was complaining about not being able to see! I also used my camera the day our chicks begin to hatch.”

Science projects are a great fit for the Point 2 View.

Also keep in mind that the Point 2 View has a number of accessories to add even more utility. Examples include the Magnifying Lens and the Scan Kit, an integrated scanning station.

VZ-1 – The Dual-Mode Doc Cam

Finally, the VZ-1 Dual Mode Document Camera at $139 gives you the added ability to connect to a monitor or projector to share your material. No computer is required, though you can always elect to connect to a computer via USB.

Educator Zachary C. Kindt wrote up an excellent and thorough review of the VZ-1 on Amazon, so we’ll let him do most of the talking on this one:

“The direct to LCD projector capability is absolutely necessary! If your computer goes down for the day, no worries–your document camera is not connected through your computer. If you are looking for technology that is “disaster proof” in your lesson planning, this is about as sure of a thing as there is.”

And here’s more from Zachary:

“It makes for great instruction. Anything can go under–textbooks, novels, 3-D models, artwork. When a student asks a question about solving an equation, just grab their paper and put it under the camera for the whole class to see–everyone can be engaged in the discussion instead of just the two of you. […] Teaching students how to measure an angle on a chalkboard with a big clunky protractor: difficult. Grabbing the same paper your students have, and the same protractor your students have, and showing them EXACTLY what to do in real time on the big screen: effective and efficient.”

Questions on any products we’ve discussed? Head on over to the IPEVO How-To page for tips, videos, real stories and more. And of course, friendly IPEVO folks are always ready to help. Just email

The beginning of the school year is the perfect time to try new things, and we hope we’ve inspired you to try out a little tech to make your lessons faster, easier, more interactive, and more fun. Have a great year and remember: IPEVO is here to help teachers!

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Creating a Technology-Rich Classroom on a Budget, Part 2


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In part 2 of our back to school series, we take a look at the IPEVO IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System. We think it has a lot to offer teachers for a very low price – $149! – which is potentially thousands less than conventional interactive whiteboards.

IS-01  has the ability to turn your existing whiteboard surface, blank wall or projector screen into an interactive whiteboard. It comes with two small devices: the Sensor Cam and the Interactive Pen. Project your computer screen onto your surface with the classroom projector. Point the Sensor Cam at the screen and follow a couple of simple steps in the calibration app that comes with IS-01. Now you’ll be able to control the computer mouse with waves of the “magic wand” (i.e. Interactive Pen). You can control education apps, the Internet, drawing apps and so much more.

Here’s what teacher Beckie Nieman from Summit, Mississippi is doing with her IS-01:

“We love it!!! The students or myself have used it daily since we received it. We have used it to play games, practice our handwriting, write group stories, and they love to just create free drawings. If I don’t use it they remind me to use my ‘magic pen.’ It was so easy to install and put to use.”

Mrs. Nieman’s class making good use of the IS-01.

Educator Patty Sprenkel from Amboy, Washington used her IS-01 for interactive science presentations:

“By far, the ‘coolest’ way that we have used the Interactive Whiteboard System was when several of my students gave interactive science presentations to the rest of the class. Instead of standing in front of the classroom while struggling to read through their report, my students were able to incorporate a wide variety of multimedia supports (including recording their own voices) to create some wonderful presentations.”


A student from Mrs. Sprenkel’s class shares a presentation about the gray wolf.

Teacher Lauren Veale from Negaunee, Michigan has even more ideas for how to use IS-01:

“The whiteboard makes it easy for us to list ideas, draw, and create together. It’s great to be able to start brainstorming together and instead of erasing the marker board, we can save what we put together and come back to it later. The kids love using the whiteboard to play math games on ‘the big screen’ and it really helps to keep them engaged.”

A student interacts with a math game in Mrs. Veale’s class.

And if that’s not enough inspiration, here are 39 Interesting Ways to Use IS-01. Whew!

Helpful IS-01 Accessories

Here are three quick accessories for the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System to tell you about:

  1. Replacement Interactive Pen – The Pen can and does get misplaced, particularly with younger learners. If you lose the Pen, don’t buy an entire new IS-01. Just get a replacement!
  2. IS-01 Extension Wand – This long tube snaps onto the end of the Interactive Pen to add nearly 16″ in reach. This is terrific for shorter, younger learners who might have trouble reaching the screen. It also allows users to stand to the side of the screen more easily so that everyone can see the screen.
  3. Projection Screen – These come in either the smaller 60″ or the larger 70″ depending on your needs. A unique coating gives these whiteboard surfaces better sharpness and contrast qualities. The result is a superior, glare-free viewing experience from any angle in the classroom. Plus, they can be easily rolled up and taken with you.

Up next is our third and final entry: document cameras!

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Creating a Technology-Rich Classroom on a Budget, Part 1


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It’s that time of year again – back to school time! And if you’re a teacher looking to create a technology-rich classroom but you don’t have a lot of wiggle room in the budget, IPEVO has some smart solutions to add innovation to your curriculum with less money.

This first entry focuses on boosting learning with iPad. iPad is a tremendous tool for education, and IPEVO has a couple ways to maximize your use of tablets in the classroom.

iZiggi-HD – the All-Purpose Teaching Tool

First up is the iZiggi-HD Wireless Document Camera. It can communicate wirelessly with iPad to stream video of documents, objects, artwork, devices with screens, and all your other teaching material. And with the free IPEVO Whiteboard app, you can even annotate material – draw lines, add text boxes, highlight passages, etc. – in real time for the whole class to see.

Check out what teacher Bethany Piety from Saint Paul, Minnesota had to say about iZiggi-HD:

“We used the camera as a way for students to show off a project that they were working on in class. I was able to move the camera from group to group, and thus minimize the amount of distraction due to transitioning an entire group of middle school children from one part of the room to the other. The kids were able to share what they were working on as a group, garner feedback, and adjust their practices as needed. I especially loved when the kids were able to provide direction to groups in ‘real time,’ and the groups were able to take the feedback and then show the rest of the class how they were applying the information right away!”

One of the student projects shared with iZiggi-HD in Mrs. Piety’s classroom.

And for a “next level” application of iZiggi-HD, consider what tech blogger Brian Friedlander on his Assistive Technology blog suggests:

“Teachers who have access to a projector and an Apple TV can walk around the classroom displaying student work and have it come up on the screen. Likewise, it is possible to push out what is on the iPad and share it with other devices that are connected to the ad-hoc network utilizing the IPEVO Whiteboard app on the iPad. This will enable students to interact and annotate the contents that is under the iZiggi-HD Wireless Document Camera, which is ideal for small group work.”

Sharing student work while saving time, instantly receiving and applying student feedback, annotating your material in real-time, and increasing overall engagement and interactivity – it’s all possible with iZiggi-HD, IPEVO Whiteboard and your iPad. And since iZiggi-HD only costs $159, it’s an affordable way to significantly enrich your teaching.

USB SuperCharger – A Better Way to Charge Multiple iPads

This next IPEVO solution applies if you have multiple iPads in class. The USB SuperCharger allows you to charge up to four iPads at the same time using only one wall socket. And the best part is that each iPad charges just as fast as it would with the standard Apple charger.
Check out what teacher Elizabeth Eubanks from Boca Raton, Florida had to say about the SuperCharger:

“This charger has been an amazing tool for my students. We are in the electronic world and short on electric plugs! This SuperCharger enables many students to charge their iPads, phones and other devices while they work. Students have also stated that it seems to give a ‘super fast’ charge as well. Now there are no more excuses that ‘my iPad is not charged’! Thank you IPEVO!!!”

Nancy Hoatson from Sutherland Public School in Nebraska had this to add:

“I am astounded by the speed and versatility of the IPEVO USB SuperCharger. I am able to charge four of my iPads at the same time in a fraction of the time it takes to charge one device. I can charge any device that has a USB charger. I have 5 iPads and 25 students and this charger has changed my classroom, making all my resources accessible all day long.”

The USB SuperCharger in action in Mrs. Hoatson’s classroom.

For classrooms juggling multiple iPads, a dead or dying battery can really grind lessons to a halt. The USB SuperCharger changes that – for only $59 – and all without hogging up your wall sockets.
Stay tuned: in Part 2, we look at IPEVO’s affordable alternative for an interactive whiteboard.

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IS-01 – The Sharpest Tool in my Technology Toolbox!


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★”Share and win” Event

Sue Haney, Richland Elementary School, Crest Hill, IL

The IPEVO IS-01 has transformed the learning of my first graders in so many ways!  It is amazing that this technology allows our whiteboard to function as an interactive whiteboard at such a small cost.  The students are always excited to participate in learning activities when they know they will get to use the pen to display their learning.


While we initially used it for basic on-line learning games, I found so many wonderful tools available on-line that help me to create engaging, CCSS-aligned lessons in all content areas.  My first graders use the IS-01 with on-line manipulatives to make patterns, explain their mathematical thinking, solve problems, label their work, create composite shapes, create graphs, measure using a variety of non-standard units, and so much more.


When coupled with the alphabet manipulatives available on-line, the IS-01 creates a fantastic “word work” station for small groups.  Literacy activities are taken to a new level of engagement when used with the IS-01. Students are motivated to practice telling time when we use on-line clock activities projected on the screen for teams to “beat the clock.” The on-line activities accompanying our social studies and science curriculum no longer require students to stand by the computer, as they can use the pen to control the activity.  My young students have become adept at calibrating the IS-01 to prepare for any activity because it is so easy to use.

This tool has introduced my young students to the endless possibilities for using technology to collaborate with other learners and enhance their learning.  It is by far the most used tool in my technology toolbox!

View this on my wikispaces page at:


39 Interesting Ways to Use the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System in Your Class—Part 4


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More ways to engage your child in the classroom using IS-01. Check out part 4 of the 39 ways to use IS-01.

31. Host a Poetry Session
Create and share poems, individually or as a class. Discover age-appropriate poems from students and from professional poets through a site like GigglePoetry. Also try Seussville for colorful, interactive activities based on the work of Dr. Seuss.


32. Recreate a scene with drag-and-drop
How would a famous scene from a play or book be staged? What props, costumes, scenery and actors would be involved? This is just one of countless scenes that could be recreated through creative use of drag-and-drop images.


33. Wiki it!
With IS-01, you have the full power of the Internet at your disposal, so why not use it? Navigate Wikipedia or anything else with ease. Or, pose a question and conduct a group research session to find the answer with the Internet to prepare students for doing the same at home.


34. Group objects together
Which of the animals depicted on the screen are mammals and which are reptiles? Students can approach the board and move the animal images into distinct groups using the Interactive Pen. Of course, this could work for many other subjects, too.

35. Pump up word skills with a word builder
Place a couple dozen word fragments on the board and see how many words the students can make by combining the fragments into a single word. For example, if “chem,” “i,” and “stry” appeared as three of the fragments, students could combine them with the Pen to form the word “chemistry.”


36. Supplement your normal lesson
The IS-01 doesn’t have to supplant your regular lesson; it can complement and enhance it. If you’re doing a unit on Edgar Allan Poe, why not use Google Earth to see where Poe lived? Check out images on the web of Poe himself or of artistic renderings of scenes from his famous stories. Navigate and listen to a reading of “The Raven” performed by a professional actor. Recreate a scene using the drag-and-drop method described in #33. The possibilities really are endless.


37. Demonstrate a calculator or other instrument
While students are using their own graphing calculators at their desks, use your own interactive version of the calculator on the whiteboard so students can understand the operations and follow along.


38. Enhance your foreign language lessons
Have students match up foreign language phrases to images, label diagrams, identify parts of speech, click on audio samples and video clips, or engage in any number of activities to make foreign language study more multimedia and more meaningful.


39. Assist students with limited motor skills
Students with limited motor skills, as well as younger students, may have an easier time using the Interactive Pen to start and use applications rather than a mouse. These students might also enjoy drawing or writing with broader gestures on a larger surface.

Whew! Those are a lot of options. And yet we’re sure there are still many other uses to explore. Do you have an idea for how to use the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System that we didn’t mention? Please share!

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39 Interesting Ways to Use the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System in Your Class—Part 3


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Need more inspirations to make learning fun for kids with IS-01? Here’s part 3 of the 39 ways to use IS-01.

21. Teach music
Virtual pianos, interactive sheet music, and apps like GarageBand are just some of the options out there when it comes to teaching and creating music. Whether it’s serious songwriting or playful experimentation (like the mesmerizing ToneMatrix tool), interactive music never gets old.

22. Encourage group note taking
During independent study time, encourage students to approach the board and write down anything they’ve found interesting or useful (like a math formula) for the day’s lesson. Save these “group notes” in order to refer back to them later.

23. Take advantage of virtual manipulatives
What’s a virtual manipulative? These are objects that can be manipulated digitally (in this case, with the Interactive Pen). This can include, for example, cubes which can be separated and moved to help teach fractions, measurements, geometry and more.


24. Empower students to create their own interactives
Students love those times when they’re in control of learning. With just a little bit of know-how and time, students can be taught to create their own interactives to challenge fellow students. They can even create games like mazes, trivia, vocab builders and matching games.


25. Mark up an essay
Take an essay from one of your students and correct it in real time for the benefit of the class. You’ll get the chance to teach about better essay construction as well as introduce students to proofreaders’ marks.

26. Make algebra more interactive
When you use a math app that makes numbers and mathematical symbols movable, you have a way to manipulate and solve algebra problems at the board. Students can come to appreciate order of operations, the fact that negative signs travel with numbers, and much more.

27. Keep score, mark time
Create an interactive scoreboard for in-class competitions to keep the lessons fresh and exciting. You can also use a digital stopwatch (which can be used by you or your students) for time-sensitive activities.


28. Solve virtual jigsaw puzzles
There are some fun resources (like JigsawPlanet) that take images and break them into puzzle pieces which can then be manipulated and moved. Great as a reward or recreation activity.

29. Create and share photo collages has an easy and free program to make photo collages with a few clicks. Collages are great as “ice-breakers” for students to introduce themselves (their interests, their family, their pet) at the start of the school year, for just one example.


30. Develop an interactive dashboard for the class
iGoogle may have been discontinued in 2013, but there are still good alternatives out there (like NetVibes) for creating dynamic, customizable content on a single page (dashboard) or small handful of pages. Today’s schedule, slide shows, learning app of the week, important notes, monthly calendar, quotation of the day – these could all be displayed and interacted with through your IS-01 system. It’d be an awesome way to start the day and get everyone on the same page.

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39 Interesting Ways to Use the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System in Your Class—Part 2


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Ready for more examples of the IS-01 in actions in the classroom? Here’s part 2 of the 39 ways to use IS-01.

11. Try a different approach with interactive games and apps
Interactive games can really reach reluctant learners or simply those who learn in a different way than others. TeacherLED has some high-quality (and free) interactive resources for whiteboard use, from math and English exercises to puzzles that improve thinking skills. Check them out.

12. Rub and Reveal
Cover the answer to math problems, history questions and more with a colored pen trace or shape. You can then reveal the answer by using an eraser tool, as this video demonstrates. It’s an elegant way to add a touch of excitement to the usual question and answer session.

13. Build a library of annotated images
You can use IPEVO Annotator’s capture function to take screenshots of webpages, reading material, or pretty much anything that appears on the screen. Then, you can annotate over the top of it and then save those images (with annotations) into an archive or library for later use – either for you or for your students to refer to. Just make sure you have the proper permissions for those images!


14. Take a trip with Google Earth
With its comprehensive maps and integrated photographs, Google Earth can help students explore the Earth’s surface in a way that just wouldn’t be possible with a world atlas book or a plastic globe. Virtually explore a national park, for just one example.


15. Explore the solar system
Here’s just one of many interactive apps that let you see the planets in orbit as well as constellations, moons and other cool interstellar stuff. Astronomy apps are made to be played with while students learn through experimentation and discovery, and that’s what IS-01 does really well.


16. Have students present their own work in a creative way
Want to add a little spice to a book report? Task students with creating a simple multimedia presentation to accompany their report. They can then use the IS-01 to step through the presentation.

17. Enjoy trivia time
There’s nothing like a little Trivial Pursuit or Jeopardy!-style trivia to add variety to the day while still keeping the learning going. Post questions and categories on the whiteboard and select (or eliminate) answers with the Interactive Pen.


18. Improve classroom behavior
By incorporating interactive elements to the classroom, behavior can actually improve at the elementary school level as students wait their turn for a chance at the board. Check out how this teacher characterized the change in her classroom after the IS-01 was put to use.

19. Create group stories
Have students take turns contributing to a running story by adding their own sentence or word to the board. It’s an effective way to build storytelling skills and get everyone involved.


20. Identify parts of speech
Put a jolt into English class by making it interactive. Many apps out there feature “parts of speech” questions in which students must pick out the correct word or punctuation mark.


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39 Interesting Ways to Use the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System in Your Class—Part 1


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What’s the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System? It’s a simple and affordable two-piece system that can turn your whiteboard (or other projector surface) into an interactive whiteboard. It does so by interfacing with your computer to control mouse movement and software apps. But explaining how IS-01 works is one thing. What can it actually do? Here are 39 real-life examples (many inspired by stories from our customers) of the IS-01 in action as it transforms learning in the classroom.

1. Control your computer remotely – use the Interactive Pen as a computer cursor

One half of IS-01, the Interactive Pen, behaves like a mouse, transforming any surface into a touchscreen. Because the Pen is compatible with so many apps, the only limit is your imagination. If you can run it on your computer, chances are you can project it and then interact with it at the board.

2. Give the students control – engage and excite your class

“Magic Wand,” “Magic Pen,” “Special Pen” – we’ve heard the IS-01’s Interactive Pen called all sorts of things. And what it does really is a sort of magic. Students can interact with material directly and see immediate results from their very own wave of the “magic wand.” The result? Excitement and engagement like never before.

3. Teach drawing, including hands-on practice and exposure to art concepts

Interactive whiteboards give students a chance to virtually arrange objects, digitally draw, and otherwise get “hands on” in order to visually understand the concepts taught in class. For example, read Sandra’s account of how she used IS-01 to teach the concept of one-point perspective.

4. Power through your PowerPoint presentation

Have a PowerPoint presentation or something similar? It’s easy to step through your presentation with IS-01. Plus, use the Interactive Pen as a pointer to focus your viewers on key points of interest.

Tricia Fuglestad Blog

5. Offer software tutorials – Excel, Word, Photoshop and so much more

Demonstrate software on the big screen so your students can see each step as you do it – and all without being tied to the computer.


6. Annotate real-time images from an IPEVO doc cam

How cool is this? With an IPEVO doc cam like the Ziggi-HD, you can capture real-time video of documents, textbooks, artwork, 3D objects, math equations, or anything else. Then, take it to the next level by using IS-01 to annotate the image. Add text boxes, lines, circles, highlights and more. IPEVO’s free Annotator software has it all covered.

7. Annotate and interact with videos, too

Did we mention you can also annotate live videos to enhance lessons? IPEVO’s IS-01 is compatible with YouTube and any media player. Add notes or call attention to certain parts of the screen.


8. Write and draw over posters and props

Affix real objects to your whiteboard surface and interact with and annotate them. For example, make a clock face and draw hour and minute hands to teach time to young students.


9. Improve their handwriting

Create a handwriting worksheet or template, or grab one from an online resource. Project the worksheet, then have students go to the board to complete the worksheet. They’ll be practicing their handwriting for the benefit of themselves and everyone else.

10. Go on a virtual field trip

This interactive tour of the White House is just one of many interactive tours you can take of famous and noteworthy places. For all those places you can’t physically visit, why not bring the images and the facts to the classroom in an interactive way instead?


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