The X1-N6: High-Quality Voice Chat for Remote Teaching


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As we work our way deeper into the digital revolution, distance education and remote learning have never been more popular. IPEVO has created a way to make voice chat conferencing simpler and better: the X1-N6 Internet Conference Station. And we think educators and businesspeople will really enjoy the value it delivers.

This distinctive X-shaped station looks great, but of course it’s all about the technology. It’s USB plug-and-play for Mac and PC, and it both sends and receives voice communication with crystal clarity. Whether you prefer Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk/Hangout, GoToMeeting or a plethora of other apps, the X1-N6 will deliver distinct, high-quality sound thanks to a 16-bit Digital Signal Processor.

Sound is further enhanced by advanced background noise filtering and echo cancellation, as well as full duplex technology to enable simultaneous two-way communication. We’ve all had those conference calls where you can barely make out what the person is saying on the other end. Those ear-straining conversations are a thing of the past with the X1-N6. One-touch volume and mute controls as well as a headphone jack for times you need to take the chat private are just two more smart features.

But perhaps the feature which really “closes the deal” when it comes to separating the X1-N6 from the pack is the ability to transmit and accept voice in a full 360 degrees at an impressive range of 5 meters (5.4 yards). That way, an entire classroom or conference room can both participate in the conversation and clearly hear the speaker on the other end. This is what makes the X1-N6 an indispensable complement to distance education, remote meetings, webinars, and similar 21st-century ways for people to virtually get together and interact.

For the ultimate e-learning package, pair the X1-N6 with the Point 2 View USB Document Camera. With both powerhouse products, you can interact with students or peers anywhere in the world using high-quality audio and video. Now that’s a winning combination.

As we like to say, the world just got a lot smaller with the X1-N6 Internet Conference Station. Check it out and see what you think!

X1-N6 Price Change – Now Available at $139.00!


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IPEVO is pleased to announce a price drop for our X1-N6 Internet Conferencing Station. The X1-N6 will now be available from our store for $139.00. This represents a savings of over 25% versus the previous price.


The X1-N6 Internet Conferencing Station is an ideal voice conference solution for businesses of all sizes, featuring a 16-bit digital signal processor and true 360 degree microphone reception for superior audio. Powered with a simple USB connection, the X1-N6 features effortless setup and broad compatibility with a variety of operating systems and software. Other thoughtful features like an LED status indicator ring and a built-in headphone jack for the option of a private call make the X1-N6 a smart choice to get your business talking, anywhere in the world.

This price change is the result of IPEVO’s continued attention to customer feedback, as well as feedback from the blogger community. We know that price is always an important consideration, and we believe this price change provides just one more reason to consider the X1-N6 for all of your business conferencing needs.

For even more value, the IPEVO Store is offering Free Shipping on all products through September 30th. Along with the price drop, now is a great opportunity to enjoy low-cost conferencing and great audio quality with the X1-N6 Internet Conferencing Station.

To visit the X1-N6’s product page, please visit: IPEVO X1-N6 Internet Conference Station