Connecting Your VZ-1 Doc Cam to Your Projector


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IPEVO’s VZ-1 HD Dual-Mode Doc Cam gives you two options to share your teaching material. Hook it to the computer via USB, or skip the computer and go right to your projector with a VGA connection.

This quick video provides a step-by-step guide to connecting VZ-1 to your projector. Give it a view and you’ll be presenting in no time!

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Hi! very interesting device, maybe you know about video formats and quality for the same.

Hi Riki,

Thank you for expressing your interest in our product. The free Presenter software that comes with the VZ-1 (or any of our Document Cameras) supports recording videos. In Mac, the videos are saved as .MOV files, and can be played directly using Presenter software or using QuickTime player. In Windows, the videos are saved as .WMV and they can be played using Windows Media Player.

As for the quality of the videos, various resolutions are available for choosing in the Presenter software, ranging from lowest of 640 x 480, to highest of 2592 x 1944. You can choose one that best fits your needs.

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