DIY an anti-glare shield for your IPEVO V4K document camera


Posted Under (V4K Ultra High Definition USB Document Camera) by tinchen on 10-02-2018

Is reflection a problem when you’re using IPEVO V4K document camera to capture your materials? More often than not, it is either caused by the reflective nature of the captured materials, the position of lighting fixtures in the room, or, a combination of these two. We understand this can be a source of irritation and that’s why we have come up with a simple DIY solution. We have prepared a DIY anti-glare shield template, together with a step-by-step instruction sheet, for you to make an anti-glare shield for V4K. It’s easy to make, simple to assembly, and effective to use! Watch the video below to learn how to do it:

So download the files, grab the required materials, and embark on your DIY journey now!

Download the files and follow the instructions to make the anti-glare shield.

Attach the completed anti-glare shield to V4K’s camera head to reduce reflection.

Note: The above template and instruction sheet are for A3 or legal sized paper. Click here for A4 sized or letter sized template, and their instruction sheet.

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