Educate and Annotate — Turn your iPad into an Interactive Whiteboard


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In our previous entry, we introduced the WS-01 Wireless Station for iPad. It allows your IPEVO doc cam (Ziggi or Point 2 View) to wirelessly stream to iPad. And a key part of that equation is the IPEVO Whiteboard app. You can get it for free from the Apple App Store. In this entry, we’ll share all the exciting possibilities for what this versatile app can do.

Whiteboard displays the high-resolution real-time video from your doc cam. But importantly, it also allows you to annotate that video. What do we mean by annotate? You can add emphasis, highlights, multiple colors, shapes, text boxes, and pointers — you know, all the interactive elements that enhance learning for your students or audience as you go along. And these are all accomplished with a simple touchscreen toolkit.

Let’s run down a list of the specifics:

  • Two freehand drawing tools, each with 16 different colors (8 solids, 8 translucents)
  • Arrows and straight lines with 8 colors
  • Ovals and squares with 8 colors
  • Editable text boxes which can become larger and smaller
  • An Eraser tool to clear your drawings
  • One-touch undo and redo, along with a Clear All function

Whether it’s highlighting a literature passage, stepping your students through a science diagram, or pointing out key points of interest in everything from maps to mathematics to Monet, chances are you’ll find a ton of uses for an easy-to-use interactive whiteboard.

Two more things to mention. Annotation doesn’t stop at just your doc cam image. You can create multiple “boards” and switch between them. These boards can use multiple backgrounds, including an image from your iPad’s Photo Library, the iPad camera feed itself, or simply a blank white canvas. Secondly, Whiteboard features integrated Evernote support. You can send drawn boards directly to your Evernote account to share or refer to later.

All in all, Whiteboard delivers plenty of smart utility for teachers, lecturers and presenters — all at no charge. Check out the Whiteboard page for more information on how to transform your iPad into an interactive whiteboard.

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Fantastic…how far we have come the chalk and blackboard in just a few decades! This is incredible. I love Apple for their innovation

Pouvez vous me combien de temps est nécessaire pour avoir une charge complète de la wireless station et combien de temps d’autonomie cela lui donne

Merci de votre reponse

Hello Serre,

Charging to full will take approximately 6 hours, or more if you are using the WS-01 while charging. The WS-01’s 3300mAh battery will power the device for about 4 hours before requiring a charge.

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