How IPEVO Can Better Enhance Your Coloring Books Experience


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The recent meteoric rise in the sales of adult coloring books is proving that coloring is fast gaining popularity among adults, tapping into our desire to fend off the stresses of daily life. And no matter whether you are enjoying coloring as a personal relaxation session or coming together as a group to unwind, there’s always a way that an IPEVO document camera can better enhance your experience. So, to all coloring book converts out there, read on and find out more.

Reduce Stress on Your Eyes

We do coloring after a hectic day to help relax our mind, but how about our eyes? With hours already spent during the day staring at computer screens or mobile phones, we are adding more strain to our eyes as we squint to color those intricate drawings in the late hours. This is when an IPEVO doc cam comes in super handy. Connect an IPEVO doc cam to a computer, use it as a kind of magnifying glass to zoom in on the specific portions that you wish to work on, and that live view will be immediately streamed to your computer screen. And voila! In an instance, everything becomes bigger and clearer, meaning you don’t have to squint your eyes anymore! Finally, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Quality Control

Talking about quality control, let’s admit it. Some of us are definitely coloring books enthusiasts who can get quite serious with, and even taking pride in our coloring. As a matter of fact, we know that adult drawings can get very intricate, but it’s a No-No to draw outside the lines. It’s also a No-No to leave blank spaces in between. Besides providing an enlarged image for you to work on, an IPEVO doc cam also double up as a quality control “inspector” by allowing you to easily point and zoom on specific portions to check for precise and tight coloring. And yes, you’ve that quality totally under control.


Seniors Can Enjoy Their Turn Too

No worries even if you are a grandpa or grandma with fading eyesight. With a helping hand from the IPEVO wireless doc cam iZiggi-HD and an iPad, you too will be able to enjoy the relaxing and calming effects of coloring. Simply connect the iZiggi-HD wirelessly to your iPad, place the iZiggi-HD alongside your coloring books, and you will see the live view of the intricate drawings on the iPad. To achieve a bigger and clearer view, use the pinch zoom and drag features of the iPad for adjustments. And once you’ve a comfortable view, start enjoying! For a more ergonomically viewing position, consider placing the iPad on an IPEVO PadPillow.


Ease of Sharing

As they say, “good things are meant to be shared”, and that’s why people are getting together for group coloring events to share tips and laud the mental benefits of coloring sessions. And the best part of a coloring group is that you can share your drawings in real time and receive immediate feedback. Throw in an IPEVO doc cam and it will make that sharing instantly available to all of your coloring pals. Instead of your pals crowding around your drawings or hovering over your shoulder to catch a glimpse of them, you can now stream your drawings onto a computer screen, TV or even a projection screen with a projector. You can even save the hassle of passing your coloring books around and yet achieve the same “around the table sharing” by using the iZiggi-HD doc cam wirelessly with an iPad. Your pals can take turns to look at your drawings through the iPad. Finally when you are all ready, utilize the multi-jointed swing arm of any IPEVO doc cam to position it at the best height and distance to capture the perfect shot of your drawings. And now, your drawings are ready to go viral.



Make Your Tips and Techniques Sharing Interactive

Well, what’s a coloring group like without some tips and techniques sharing time? Who’s not in the favor of learning the perfect flick or “Tip to Tip” technique to get the desired shading effects, or mastering the fine strokes to layer and blend the colors? With IPEVO doc cams, these sharing are made visually available for all, and even interactive. If you have a computer, the Ziggi-HDs are useful for streaming live demonstrations onscreen. If you have a projector for big screen projection, go for the VZ-1 HD that comes with a VGA mode. If you have iPads lying around, use them with the iZiggi-HD and your pals are able to view the demonstrations directly on the iPads. They can even make their own notes by drawing or annotating onto the live view using the IPEVO Whiteboard App without affecting the ongoing demonstrations!


So whether it’s a personal stress relieving activity or a group coloring session, IPEVO’s family of doc cams are the perfect tools to enhance the experience.

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