iPad and Tubular Wireless Speakers – A Match Made in Heaven #4


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iPad and Tubular Wireless Speakers

Are you ready for our fourth installment about iPad and Tubular Wireless Speakers working in perfect harmony? Of course you are.

This entry is all about videos. With its 9.7 inch (and quite gorgeous) LCD screen, the iPad seems to scream, “Watch me! Use me for videos!” But especially if you purchased the 16GB model, there’s not an awful lot of space to put videos on the iPad itself. And beyond that, there’s the trouble of transferring all your large video files from your home computer over to the iPad.

The solution is video streaming, and there’s a cool app called Air Video that allows you to stream videos from your computer and then play them on-the-fly on your iPad, no matter the format your videos happen to be in.

And, while sometimes it’s fine to listen to the soundtrack on earphones, at other times it’d be nice to share videos with friends, coworkers at a meeting, or anyone else. Enter Tubular Wireless Speakers! Use Air Video to stream all your computer’s videos to your iPad, and then use Tubular to play stereo sound out loud so everyone can enjoy.

Plus, kids seem to love the iPad, and they love sharing it with friends. You can use Air Video to restrict streaming to specified “family-friendly” folders, and the kids or the whole family can enjoy videos. And for places where Wi-Fi might be difficult to get, download a few favorite videos directly to the iPad. Picture this: kids in the backseat with the iPad, and Tubular in the cupholder so everyone can hear. Yep, it’s that compact; check out ideas for having Tubular Wireless Speakers in the car. Now that’s a road trip everyone can agree on.

So, if you’re an iPad user hungry for videos, consider Air Video, and definitely consider Tubular Wireless Speakers. Don’t settle for “just okay” audio: a beautiful image deserves great speakers.

For more information about Tubular Wireless Speakers, please visit: http://www.ipevo.com/Tubular-Wireless-Speakers.html.

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