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IPEVO in Guatemala? If you are wondering what’s IPEVO got to do with Guatemala, read on to find out more!

IPEVO’s journey into Guatemala dates back to November 2015 when Trevor Gardner, a high school physics teacher from the Grove City Area School District in Pennsylvania approached us for a possible sponsorship of several IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard Systems. At that time, Trevor was on a sabbatical teaching experience in a rural school in Canillá, Guatemala, and was lamenting not having an interactive whiteboard there.

As Trevor told us, most of the classrooms in the Grove City Area School District that he was teaching come with conventional interactive whiteboards which he finds to be rather cumbersome and overpriced, yet serve as a tremendous resource for his lessons. But things changed when he was preparing to teach in rural Guatemala, and that was when IPEVO came into his mind.

Affordability, Portability and Simplicity

“It was the affordability, portability, and simplicity of the IPEVO IW2 that made it the most viable option for use in rural Guatemala”, said Trevor as he summed up the reasons for approaching us. Due to its easy setup and fast calibration nature, IW2 can be taken right out from the box and be ready for use within a few minutes. Just download the required software, connect its Sensor Cam to an outlet, plug in the Wireless Receiver, start calibration, and voila!


Trevor posing with one of the IW2s after he finished installing it in the third classroom

No Setup/Training (Cost) Required

Some of the advantages that IW2 has over conventional interactive whiteboards are that there is no setup cost required and you do not have to be technically trained to set it up! As what Trevor shared with us, “Even though I was serving as a guest in the Guatemalan school, I was able to contribute my personal experience with interactive whiteboards to help get the IW2 up and running in our three classrooms, and to help train the other teachers on it. The installation manual provided by IPEVO was easy to follow and addressed many of the simpler problems that came up.” That’s why IW2 can be easily swapped between rooms by anyone!


A Guatemalan teacher trying the IW2 for the first time

Excellent After-Sales Customer Support

Our after-sales customer support is also highly appreciated by Trevor.

As he stated, “… in desperation I reached out to IPEVO directly for assistance. They replied promptly and with the perfect diagnosis of the problem, which was actually bright light reflecting off the whiteboard from a nearby window. After hanging some window shades the problem was resolved! Two thumbs-up to IPEVO’s customer service.” At IPEVO, we are committed to facilitating educators and not just selling things. Hence, we are easily and conveniently available for after-sales customer support via diverse channels, including help desk, email, online live chat, and customer service numbers. This is where we differ.

To sum up IPEVO’s journey into Guatemala, Trevor said, “As a whole, I have found the technology to be a fantastic addition to the learning environment in rural Guatemala. I enthusiastically applaud IPEVO for designing a product that works amazingly well and that can be easily employed in remote, impoverished areas of the world!”

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