IPEVO’s First Kickstarter! The AT-ST Video Stand for iPhone


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We didn’t want to miss out on the Kickstarter fun — all the cool kids are doing it —so we’re excited to announce that our very first Kickstarter project is now live. We’re asking for pledges to complete the prototype for a product everyone here is buzzing about: the AT-ST Video Stand for iPhone. Like many IPEVO products, AT-ST started as the solution to a problem: shooting video with the iPhone. Our favorite phone is capable of great video capture, but often the quality suffers because of handheld shakiness or just plain bad angles, especially when you’re trying to capture yourself. We tried a few of the tripod stands out there, but were unimpressed. These stands are rigid and inflexible, and you’re often stuck with one height and one angle.







Many more details about the stand are on the Kickstarter page. Suffice to say, we took a cue from our document cameras, and the plan is to give AT-ST a multi-jointed swing arm that frees up the phone to be easily posed in any direction and at any height. A really easy mechanism to take the phone in and out, as well as a cord clip to keep the charge cord out of the way, are two more smart features.

swing arm


We’re designing the AT-ST to be the best iPhone stand out there — and this time out, we’re asking the Kickstarter community to share their enthusiasm and their pledges so we can continue the prototyping and concept phase and begin actually making excellent stands.


So please, help us bring the AT-ST Video Stand to life by visiting the page and offering your support. This is a great opportunity to get in on the “ground floor” and snag your very own stand for just a $29 pledge, with other great rewards available. support AT-ST

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Even though the AT-ST stand didn’t reach its Kickstarter goal, will it still go into mass production? This really is a cool stand that would be helpful for recording video for student projects, while using an iPod Touch 5th Generation as the camera.

Hello Dan,

Yes, we love the design so much that we do not want to abandon it just because it didn’t work out on Kickstarter.

Hello, I’m a middle school Technology teacher and online college instructor who uses your products extensively! I’d be willing to pay full price for your AT-ST Video stand for iPhone ASAP as I often produce video blogs for my students. Could you let me know if that would be possible?
Thanks so much!

Hello Rob,

We love the AT-ST design so much that we couldn’t give it up. We are looking to manufacture them on our own and launch it as IPEVO products in 2014, if not 2013.

Hey guys, didn’t see this promo until now but this is just what I am looking for. I do little how to videos and my phone is velcro’d to the arm of a desk lamp that broke LOL. please let me know when these will be release for purchase. Thanks!

Hello Anette,

AT-ST Video Stand will probably be available for purchase early 2014. We are getting ready to launch them real soon.

We are looking to purchase a few of your stands if we can get them in the near future. Saw them showcased at the FETC and knew that was what we wanted and needed. Please let me ASAP.

Hello Christina,

In fact, we have just launched this stand last week! You can get it from our online store at:

Or order it from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/IPEVO-AT-ST-Articulating-Video-iPhone/dp/B00DR6DQZA

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