IPEVO’s VZ-R HDMI/USB 8MP doc cam — the perfect fit for small desk space!


Posted Under (Document Cameras in Business, VZ-R HDMI/USB Dual Mode 8MP Document Camera, All Products, APPLICATION, Uncategorized) by emilyhuang on 02-21-2018

Feel like adding a document camera to your classroom or office setting but ran out of desk space? Try IPEVO’s latest HDMI/USB dual mode 8 megapixel document camera — VZ-R. With a small footprint — its rounded base only measures 4.1” x 4.2”/10.5cm x 10.8cm — and vertical design, VZ-R practically fits in most any cluttered desks. Plus, its lightweight nature (2.2lbs/1kg) gives you the portability to swap it between different rooms. From teaching english to math, science to geography, demonstrating art work to soldering electronic parts, giving presentations to having business conferences, VZ-R’s space advantage allows you to do more in settings where desk space is at a premium! Check out the following video as we put VZ-R to the small desk space test.

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