Make Check-Ins and ID Grabs Quick and Easy with IPEVO Doc Cams


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Let’s talk about a use for IPEVO document cameras that we haven’t really touched on: check-ins. Document cameras like the classic Point 2 View, the VZ-1, or the new Ziggi-HD Plus can be an easy, quick, and impressive way to check customers in, grab IDs for later customer interaction, or verify credentials for an event. In this regard, we’ve gotten a lot of great ideas that we’d love to pass along.

Hotel Check-Ins — Many customers in the hospitality industry have found uses for IPEVO doc cams when it comes to hotel check-ins. Whether it’s driver’s licenses, passports, or credit cards, the front desk often needs to capture a guest’s credentials when they arrive. With a doc cam, you have the ability to snap a high-res photo in a click or two. And because our doc cams don’t take up much room, you’ll be able to find a place even when space is at a premium.

Department and Retail Stores — Similar to hotels, retail stores often need to capture the same type of photo IDs or credit card information, and doc cams make it easy. Retail stores can even use these image captures to build a database of customers for future customer engagement. There’s nothing like putting a name to a face when a customer contacts you.


QR Codes for Verifying Credentials — One of the biggest and most important jobs for a large-scale event is checking people in. One of our customers, Funcode Technology, has found a truly innovative and tech-forward way of doing just that. They’ve developed a QR Code check-in system. Event attendees are given QR codes via email. When they arrive, they simply flash the QR code on their phone to the event organizer. An IPEVO doc cam captures the QR code and instantly verifies the person’s credentials. It’s a very, very cool way of doing check-ins. If you’re an event organizer or need a similar system, please check out Funcode!

Even on smaller scales, QR Codes are great for conference registrations of all types. Check out the pictures we’ve received showing IPEVO doc cams in action:


QR Codes for Education — On the topic of QR Codes, teachers have increasingly found practical ways to use QR Codes in the classroom. Ann Noonen, Director of Technology at Crawford Central School District in Pennsylvania, has put together a handy slideshare of ideas for QR Codes in education. Check that out if you’re curious. But basically, anything from maps to textbooks to art to 3D models can be accompanied by QR Codes linking to audio, web pages, video, or anything else to enhance the lesson and provide supplementary information.

Plus, as the slideshare points out, QR Codes can also link to letters for parents, test grades, or any other communication that would normally take a lot of paper. So QR Codes and doc cams can even help your classroom go green! Who knew QR Codes could be so cool — and so useful?

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