Make Your Lessons Interactive with IPEVO IW2


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While many of you may have heard of IPEVO IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System, it’s a little-known fact that IW2 can be used with a wide variety of interactive educational games and activities that help make interactivity an integral part of your lessons. In view of this, we’ve listed down some interesting interactive websites that work with our IW2 which we think would be useful for teaching and learning. Let’s take a look!


Have you always found graph plotting to be a daunting task for you to teach and for students to learn? Try It allows you to plot graph, evaluate equations, learn transformations, and much more —  all in an interactive way!

Plotting a sine curve on

From simple counting to multiplication & division, and from complex algebra to geometry, make learning math fun and entertaining with these interactive games:


Enjoy exploring different science topics interactively with activities available on Or learn about human anatomy in 3D with interactive websites like

A 3D view of human body from



Bring your students on a trip around the world with Google Earth. Or challenge your students to games of world geography, landscapes, states and capitals of different countries with A great way to bring geography alive!

Snapshot of a game from


Social Studies and History

Learning social studies and history will never be boring again with quizzes, puzzles, games and other interactive activities available at You can choose from a range of topics and difficulty levels.


For subjects that are not mentioned above, check out There are a whole lot of resources listed and you’re bound to find one that’s suitable for your lesson.

So, what are you waiting for?! Grab an IPEVO IW2 and make your lessons interactive today!

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