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The PadPillow is one of our most popular products, and we decided to offer up a Do-It-Yourself Guide for making your very own PadPillow from scratch. Now making PadPillow is just as much fun as using it! This DIY project is great for families or just anyone who loves some hands-on arts and crafts.

Here’s what you need to do, one step at a time:

  1. Buy (or reuse) a large piece of sturdy cloth for the PadPillow exterior. It should measure 0.45 yards (about 16 inches) long and 45 inches wide. A tough material like denim works best, but you can experiment with other fabrics. Gather a few necessary tools: scissors, pencil, a sewing needle and thread, a sewing machine, a razor knife, and a ruler. Lastly, you will need a small piece of leather to make a leather tab.
  2. Purchase a large chunk of carving foam, which can be found at art supply stores or other specialty stores. This will form the soft body of the PadPillow.
  3. Download IPEVO’s printable .pdf file of PadPillow cutouts, and print the document in its original size. Cut out the shapes from the printed document with scissors. Place the four cutouts onto your chosen cloth. Trace the shapes with a pencil.
  4. Cut the cloth according to the shapes with scissors. You will now have three cloth cutouts — one long rectangle and two chisel-like shapes.

  5. Using the cutout document as your guide, sew the leather tag onto the rectangular cloth cutouts using needle and thread.

  6. With a sewing machine, sew the chisel shapes onto the rectangular shape using the cutout document as a guide for where to join the pieces.
  7. When you’ve sewn all three cloth cutouts together, you’ll have the basic shape of the PadPillow with a hole in the back to stuff foam into.

  8. From your carving foam, cut your first piece of foam using a ruler and razor knife. The smaller piece should measure 12.6 x 9.1 x 1.6 inches (32 x 23 x 4cm).
  9. Shave down one side of the foam piece to form a semi-triangular shape rather than a simple rectangle.
  10. Cut your second triangular piece of foam. This piece measures 6.3 x 5.7 x 12.6 inches (16 x 14 x 32cm ), where 6.3 inches is the base of the triangle, 5.7 inches is the height, and 12.6 inches is the length.
  11. Carefully stuff the foam pieces one at a time into the opening of the sewn-together cloth cutouts.

  12. Try folding the two foam sections together. If it doesn’t fold quite right, you’ll need to remove the foam pieces and trim them for a better fit.
  13. Enjoy your very own homemade PadPillow! It’s perfect to hold iPad and ebook readers in the lap or anywhere else.

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Hi, Thank you so much for this tutorial. I’m making the pad pillow right now. I’m wondering if I’m missing a document because I cannot find instructions on how to sew the 3 fabric pieces together. In the tut it says ‘sew the chisel shapes onto the rectangular shape using the cutout document as a guide for where to join the pieces’ but I can only find the pattern pdf and no cutout document. Thanks in advance!

Hello Fenneke,

There is only one pdf file, and it has the cutting line and the dotted stitching line, along with stitch together spots marked by very tiny, black triangles. Please zoom in on the pdf file and look closely on the diagram.

Let me know if this helps.

Is there a tutorial or PDF for the padpillow lite version. I have an ipad mini and would like to make a smaller one of these padpillows.

Hello Ron,

We currently do not have the cutout drawn for PadPillow Lite. We will check with the design team and see if they have the layout file for us to convert to PDF and release to public.

Hello Ron,

We have just uploaded the PDF file for PadPillow Lite on its product page. You can download it there:

It is located at the bottom half of the page, where a download section is marked in bold font.

Hi everybody.

I have a question related to the lite pattern. Why the lateral piece is different? I appreciate any indications.

Thank you 🙂

Hello Bea,

PadPillow and PadPillow Lite, though look alike, are actually different slightly in structure. The shape is also a bit different and that’s why they have different lateral pieces.

Thank you Jeff,

I didn’t notice. I’ll try to do my own padpillow, thank you for your support.


I am not seeing the dimensions for the pieces to be cut from the cloth. I don’t know how to adjust the settings so that it will print the pattern as actual size–I can change the view, but not the printing size.

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