Making Science Wishes Come True, the IPEVO Way


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Teachers! Do you know about IPEVO Wishpool? If you don’t, you will in a second, and you can thank me later! Wishpool is a pioneering program designed to get valuable teaching tools into the hands of more teachers. It’s pretty darn simple, and free to sign up for. All you need to do is make a wish — tell us how you could use one of IPEVO’s signature products in your classroom. You might just get your wish granted in the form of a complimentary IPEVO product.

Science class is a particularly ripe place for innovation and technology. And science teachers across the country and around the world have found plenty of uses for our document cameras. To get the inspiration flowing, let’s take a look at a few real-life science educators making use of IPEVO doc cams.

“It has made many practicals accessible to students, and stops the crush to get to the front bench to see the practical or instructions by the WHOLE class as those at the back can simply watch the screen. This saves my voice and limits the risk to students at the front.” (Wish story 319)


Educator Jennifer Leigh in Arlington Heights, Illinois, uses her Ziggi-HD document camera to examine owl pellets. And the students really get excited about using the camera, too:

“I have really enjoyed having Ziggi in my classroom these past couple of years. I not only use Ziggi to display documents, but my students use it to look closely at owl pellets during science. They love the up close feature and like taking pictures of what they are seeing to put on their blog pages later.” (Wish story 624)


Wendy Comstock from Stone Creek School in Roscoe, Illinois, shared her incredible story of watching a baby chick hatch with the help of Ziggi-HD:


“Most recently we incubated chicken eggs in the classroom and we were so fortunate to be able to witness a baby chick hatch out of its egg WHILE we watched using the IPEVO Ziggi USB Document camera! It was unforgettable! It would have been absolutely impossible to have 25 students gather around an incubator and have the same view.” (Wish story 202)

Those are some cool stories. But we haven’t talked about one of our most popular doc cam accessories for science teachers: the Microscope Adapter. Designed for the Point 2 View doc cam, the Microscope Adapter lets you attach the Point 2 View camera head right onto the eyepiece of a microscope. You can then project the eyepiece view onto the big screen for everyone to see. It’s a great alternative to everyone taking turns at the microscope when there isn’t the time or the resources.

Amanda Haskins at Oak Hill Elementary in Lowell, Indiana uses her Microscope Adapter and Point 2 View to provide a much better picture of compost and decomposition:

“We were learning about compost, the decomposers, and how composting is great for our Earth. This equipment helped my students better understand the whole concept. It helped the students to see how the decomposers move and function together too. This device enabled me to provide pictures and the actual microscopic live views of the compost.” (Wish story 293)


Dan Gibson at Tri-Creek School got really creative and shared his favorite use of the Point 2 View:

“My favorite use of the P2V camera so far was when students used the IPEVO’s microscope image for the background of a plant video they created. The image provided here shows students in the middle of this report, which was filmed in front of a green screen and the P2V image was superimposed after filming.” (Wish story 398)

And last but certainly not least, Nat Boyson at Budehaven Community School in the United Kingdom sent his students on a “CSI” journey into forensic science:

“Students in my groups were looking at fibre samples taken from a crime scene and attempting to match them with a fibre found on the victim of the crime. I was able to very simply show all of the students on the projector what it was they should be looking at and also what they should be looking for.” (Wish story 272)


There are many more stories to share, but you get the picture. Educators around the world are making wishes and receiving free teaching tools for their classroom. Interested in making your own wish? Head over to Wishpool and sign up for free!

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