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When a Westerner hears “Nikkei,” he or she might first think about the Nikkei 225 index which measures the Japanese stock market. And that’s true, but Nikkei is bigger than just the daily highs and lows of the market. Nikkei, Inc. is actually one of the biggest media corporations in Japan, and they put out a variety of respected publications for finance, business, and other industries. And one of those publications mentioned the Point 2 View USB Document Camera! Nikkei Medical is a go-to publication for healthcare professionals, and in the latest issue, the Point 2 View was mentioned as a favorite new tool of Dr. Hitoshi Kozu, M.D. Dr. Kozu runs a medical clinic bearing his name in Tokyo, and recently he started to use the Point 2 View for throat examinations.

As the article explains — and yes, it’s in Japanese, so we’re paraphrasing! — traditionally the throat exam is done with a pen light and a tongue depressor. The doctor has to examine the patient, then put down the tools and sketch a drawing of the throat (or label a diagram) from memory as part of the case history for the patient’s medical record. But Dr. Kozu found a better way — by holding the Point 2 View and then taking a snapshot of the patient’s throat, a high-res image is saved that can be printed out for the physical record or stored digitally. Dr. Kozu’s method is said to have greatly improved the accuracy and comprehensiveness of patient case histories. After all, the image is a photograph, and not just what the doctor remembered from his examination.

Why is the Point 2 View the perfect tool for such an examination? Well, it features great image quality as well as a dedicated macro mode for fine details. But Dr. Kozu discovered another important benefit. The small and unassuming size of the Point 2 View didn’t intimidate patients like bulkier digital cameras did. Dr. Kozu tried digital cameras before settling on the Point 2 View, but found that their size made patients uncomfortable. With the use of the pen-shaped and feather-light Point 2 View camera, patients didn’t feel like they were being photographed and so they relaxed, allowing for better pictures and a more comfortable doctor’s visit.

One last little innovation: Dr. Kozu fitted an LED light onto the head of the camera so the throat would be well-illuminated. The light was intended to be worn on the finger like a ring, but it turned out to be just the right diameter for the Point 2 View. Now that’s creative thinking! The article ends by stating that Dr. Kozu hopes that other doctors will adopt the Point 2 View and embrace his philosophy of capturing actual photographs for medical records instead of drawings or diagrams. It simply results in a more accurate picture of a patient’s health and condition. To Dr. Kozu we say: thank you for using the Point 2 View, and we’ll defer to your superior medical knowledge!

A while back we heard about the Point 2 View being used in dentistry, and this newest development confirms that the Point 2 View USB Document Camera can be a great tool for doctors and health professionals. We’re glad an IPEVO product is making a positive difference in healthcare.

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What is the brand name of the LED ring? I would like to purchase one for my IPEVO doc camera.

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