Point 2 View Super Tips #1: Three Attachments Are Better Than One


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You know how great works of art accumulate more meaning the more times you experience them? Maybe you notice a particular shot or line of dialogue in a classic film you didn’t notice on your first viewing, or maybe you learn to appreciate a painting on a different level when you see it for a second time.

Well, IPEVO‘s Point 2 View USB Camera is kind of like that! Stay with me here. This camera has so many thoughtful design elements, and so many smart features, that you might miss them the first time you use the camera. With our new “Super Tips” blog series, we want to point out some subtle and not-so-subtle features you might have missed, as well as some fresh ideas for using the camera, to make sure you can take advantage of all the Point 2 View has to offer.

tip_01For example, the Point 2 View Camera stand has three attachments, and thus three different options for mounting the camera. Mounting to the center attachment is everybody’s first instinct. But sometimes it’s very handy to mount the camera to one of the side attachments.

Consider viewing a standard-sized document. Shooting it straight-on, from the center attachment, is a bit awkward. Our design team came up with a simple solution: the side attachments. Mounting to a side attachment means you can easily position the paper alongside the stand and project it with the proper orientation, all without moving the stand.

And for hands-on demonstrations—pointing out parts of a camera, showing a 3-D molecule in chemistry class, tapping through an app on your iPad—the stand having not one but two side attachments means both right-handers and left-handers can position the camera without the stand getting in the way of their actions.

So when you’re having trouble getting the right orientation, consider switching to another attachment. Three attachments are definitely better than one!

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