Point 2 View Super Tips: How Do I Shoot a Standard Sheet of Paper?


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We’re sometimes asked about the best way to configure the Point 2 View USB Document Camera for one of the most common objects you might wish to capture: a standard sheet of paper. This is the A4, 8.5 x 11” (or 216 x 279 mm), “letter”-sized piece of paper. We’ll give you a couple of handy tips to make sure this task is a breeze for you.

First of all, while the Point 2 View has a remarkable amount of versatility with its multi-jointed stand, it’s not quite high enough to completely capture an entire sheet of paper, if that’s what you’re after. The Point 2 View mounted on the stand needs about a 6-inch boost to maintain the proper distance from the paper.

As it happens, our Tubular Wireless Speakers, when locked together in a tube, are the perfect height and circumference to provide a steady base for the Point 2 View to capture a sheet of paper. No, you don’t need to buy Tubular just to act as a stand! But if you happen to own Tubular—which is a terrific way to enhance audio for Bluetooth devices like the iPad, by the way—you’ve already got a compact accessory to give you the necessary boost.

Of course, there are many, many other objects around the office, classroom, or home that can give you an extra 6 inches: be creative! One of the handiest might be textbooks: four or so usually works great. Others options we’ve heard about are one of those 100-count containers of blank DVDs, and a drawer pulled from a desk.

Tubular/Textbooks bases

Actually, though, the Point 2 View basically comes with its own boost: the box itself! Set the Point 2 View package on its side, and you’ll have the 5 or 6 inches you need. That’s pretty easy, right?

P2V box

Once you have the height, you need to tackle orientation. The temptation is to put the camera body on the “default” center attachment and position the camera such that the base of the stand is sitting at the bottom of the piece of paper. Resist temptation! The Point 2 View was designed with not one, but three attachments on the tip of the stand for just this reason. Position the Point 2 View on a side attachment, not the center. This gives you the ability to place the stand at the side rather than the bottom of the piece of paper. This position will be much easier to capture the sheet from.

One last tip. Say you need to capture a detail from the paper, such as a particular passage, chart, or picture. Remember that you have two ways to get a closer look. You can physically reposition the Point 2 View—which is easy, given the stand’s several joints—or, you can use the zoom option, which is located in the upper left-hand corner of the camera interface on your computer screen. Anywhere from 1x to 3x zoom is possible.

P2V zoom option

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hi! is it possible to connect the ipevo directely to the usb port at the beamer if I don”t want to film but only to show what I`m drawing on paper? thank you

Hello Catherine,

P2V has to be plugged on to a computer in order to generate the video output since the video needs to be sourced from a software. Direct connection on projector will not project the live video.

How can I make the screen that appears on my maacbook fill the whole screen? It is centered in the middle and leaves about 2 inches blank on either side.
Thank you for any help!

Hello Angela,

May I ask what resolution are you running on your Macbook?

When using the document camera with a SmartBoard, can you write on the SmartBoard on top of your projection?

Hello Crystal,

Yes, you can. But we are not sure if the compatibility will remain if SMART updates their software.

Hello there!
I need to scan (take photo) letter size sheets with the camera, and the lyrics are very small, the resolution is sufficient to upgrade from Windows. I could send a sample?

Hello Giovanni,

P2V is capable of capturing letter sized sheets with a little help as you read in the blog entry, but if the lyrics are really small then it may not be very clear in the image. We are happy to take your sample and take snapshots for you to check how it goes. Please send your lyrics sample to cs@ipevo.com and let us know how you want it to be shot by P2V.

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