Share the Music (In More Ways Than One) with Tubular


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We’ve told you about IPEVO‘s newest product, Tubular Wireless Speakers, and today a friend on the tech team just told me about another cool feature, so I just had to pass it along.

It involves Tubular’s surprisingly good “memory.” Tubular can in fact remember multiple music players it has been paired with, meaning that you can share Tubular with your friends (or among several of your own Bluetooth devices) and you don’t have to always enter pairing mode. To share Tubular among multiple devices after an initial pairing, just turn on Tubular and then choose “Pair” on your Bluetooth music player of choice.

Once you think about it, this is a really nice touch. There are some super-smart people working on the design team, for sure! Naturally, everybody has different playlists and songs on their players, and Tubular makes it easy to switch between players so you can rock out to everybody’s tunes.

So don’t hog the speakers, dude! That’s why we say you can share the music in more ways than one. Play your music out loud, and then share Tubular with a friend, so that everyone’s tunes can be enjoyed. That’s a lot of music goodness packed into a little tube.

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I just posted a video of this on my blog today and i already have 100 views on this one post.

Hello Michael,

Thank you very much for your unboxing (and upcoming reviews). We really appreciate that. IPEVO will keep on designing more and more user friendly products with more features to IPEVO users in the future. We thank you again for your support, and please also update us when the review is posted 🙂

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