Six-String Superstar: The Guitar and iPad


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Musicians — and specifically guitar players this entry’s for you. iPad is changing everything from logistics to laundry lists, but what about sheet music and songwriting? We’ve put together a list of 4 essential elements that’ll strike the perfect note for the modern guitarist.

iPad — You kind of saw that one coming. Where else could you put an entire library of tabs and sheet music into one place that’s smaller than a conventional sheet music book? No more carrying around bulky physical documents to your practice session or gig, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are a plethora of music-centric apps that’ll help you push your music further. But more on that in the next bullet.

Guitar ProThis exceptional app from Arobas Music is the easiest way to edit and arrange your guitar tabs. Grab files from the web, iTunes or email — no more photocopying! — then build a library you can access anytime and anywhere. Robust multitrack functions, a countdown and metronome, looping, and even PDF exports are just a few key features. You can even set up on-the-fly tempo changes and transpositions. They really thought of it all with this program.

AirTurn Pedal — Trying to turn the page with the touchscreen is a bummer, and it will definitely throw off your rhythm. Don’t stop the music — get the AirTurn Pedal. With this simple pedal (which connects easily via Bluetooth), you can turn the page with your foot instead of stopping to use your hand. A battery life with an extra-impressive 100 hours of standby makes sure you can keep the music flowing all week long.

Perch M Stand — This heavenly setup isn’t complete without the Perch M Stand for iPad. You can’t look cool — and your music probably won’t sound too great — if you’re trying to read off the iPad while it’s cradled in your lap or face-up on a table. Perch M puts the iPad at just the right position for a seated guitarist. Its legs can fit underneath tables and furniture, so that’s a bonus. And the viewing angle can be customized with a quick tug. You can’t ask for too much more when it comes to a perfectly-positioned iPad.

Have any other essential apps or must-have accessories for guitar players? Let us know and maybe we can add to the list!

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