Got POS? iPad, Perch S, and Mazendo Restaurant


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Today we check in with Mazendo, an unconventional Chinese restaurant in the heart of Taipei, Taiwan. Its specialty is spicy dishes like the beef noodle, and its modern aesthetic attracts plenty of urban professionals. But just as exciting as the great food and atmosphere is the innovative way the owners are using iPad to streamline the entire customer service process.

Mazendo has incorporated iPad in three distinct ways. The host uses an iPad at the front desk to manage and track table seating. The waiter uses an iPad to take customer orders and relay those orders to the cooks. And finally, the waiter uses a POS (Point of Sale) app to process the customer’s credit card to complete the order. Top to bottom, it’s amazing how many different things the iPad is accomplishing for the restaurant.

We’ve heard good things about existing POS apps like ShopKeep and Lavu, but the POS app Mazendo uses deserves special mention. It’s a brand new app developed by iChef — so new, in fact, that it’s still being tested and is not quite available on the App Store yet. This iChef app, intended specifically for restaurants, streamlines the POS process and integrates the workflow so that everyone can access the info in real time. Mazendo reports that iPad use has proven to be significantly more efficient than the traditional system. Surely this level of integration will become the norm rather than the exception soon.

Mazendo chose IPEVO’s Perch S Desktop Stand to pair with the iPad at their front counter. Not only does the sleek metallic stand mesh well with the restaurant’s hip vibe; Perch S puts the iPad at the perfect height to operate, complete with customizable viewing angle and orientation. iPad, Perch S, and POS integration. It sounds like restaurants are in for a real treat!

How Can YOUR Business Benefit from the Perch Security Stand?


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Have you tried an interactive kiosk for your business? It’s a unique opportunity to showcase your products and services, share multimedia content, and get your visitors engaged and excited. All you need is an iPad and a stand. And we’ve got just the stands for you: the Perch Security Stand in S-Type (great for tabletops and desktops), M-Type (ideal for seated users), or L-Type (the perfect height for standing users).

What’s the Perch Security Stand? It’s a versatile stand for the iPad 3 or iPad 2 that’s designed with security in mind. We’ve taken our popular Perch Stand and packaged it with a special lockable holder. With two locks, the security holder ensures that your customers can’t take the iPad out of the stand or otherwise drop or damage the device. If your company could benefit from an interactive kiosk, but you need a way to keep it secure, the Perch Security Stand is the smart and affordable solution.

Let’s talk a little bit more about Perch’s features. First, Perch has a modern, streamlined look that’s every bit as style-conscious as Apple’s iPad. So, using the Perch will never fail to impress. Secondly, Perch’s dual-axis hinge means you can position the iPad in either landscape or portrait orientation, depending on your needs. Plus, you can adjust the viewing angle so it’s just right for your users.

As far as security, the lockable holder doesn’t just prevent the user from taking the device out. An optional home button lock prevents users from hitting the home button and exiting your video, slideshow, or app. Thus, you control their experience.

As another benefit, IPEVO is also offering a handy app called Showcase. This application allows you to fine-tune the user’s experience even more by limiting touchscreen interactions. If you want to restrict browsing to one or two pages, Showcase can help. If you want the iPad to automatically return to your Home page for the next user, Showcase can help. Find out more about Showcase in the Apple App Store.

What we’re trying to say is: Perch Security Stand and Showcase offer you a complete solution to transform your iPad into a cutting-edge, secure interactive kiosk for your business.

Here’s just a taste of how Perch Security Stand might function for you:

  1. Churches, galleries, restaurants, boutiques, hospitals, waiting rooms, trade shows, showrooms, reception desks, lobbies, salons, coffee shops, hotels, movie theaters… Whew, let me catch my breath! Basically, Perch Security Stand can be used in a LOT of settings.
  2. Share multimedia content about your products and services: demo videos, photo albums, promos, interactive tutorials. Anything’s possible.
  3. Give clients a sense of what’s possible with your product by offering apps which allow them to “build” or select choices — from cars to clothing to computers, creating what you’re about to buy is always fun.
  4. With something like the Square Card Reader, you can even use a kiosk to process transactions.
  5. Set up the kiosk as a true information center with maps, FAQs, directories, and similar content.
  6. A kiosk doesn’t have to be all business. Offer games or show movies to entertain guests or the children of your customers.
  7. Offer orientations, support, and training for your employees.
  8. Give clients a convenient way to check their email, the day’s itinerary, or the sports scores.

Have we piqued your curiosity yet? Check out the S-Type, M-Type or L-Type to see what else is possible.

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