Making Your PadPillow Holiday Gift Even More Special


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Christmas is getting close and if you’re like me, you usually get your gifts as late as possible. Nothing gets the blood going like last-minute panic, right? But wait! You still have plenty of time to buy a thoughtful gift AND add a homemade touch. It starts with the IPEVO PadPillow.

So why do we think the PadPillow makes such a good gift? Think of the versatility! Who wouldn’t find a use for it? And it’s great for alleviating pain and soreness that comes from holding a tablet for a long period or craning your neck because of an awkward viewing angle. So, it’s basically a must-have gift for all the iPad users on your list, including kids (educational apps! long car rides!), commuters (planes! trains!), power users (space for a keyboard!), and bibliophiles — you know, the people who read in bed until they can’t keep their eyes open. It’s also a great gift for the elderly and anyone else with arthritis or special needs.

But don’t just listen to us — check out all the 5-star reviews on Amazon we’ve been lucky enough to receive from satisfied customers.


Plus — here’s the grand finale — however unique the PadPillow is as a holiday gift, there’s a way to take your gift to the next level: a homemade cover to go with the PadPillow. Add extra personality and meaning to your gift with a custom cover using a fabric of your choosing. Here’s a couple homemade covers from Etsy. Cool, huh?

But making a homemade cover will take a ton of time, right? Yes, it’ll take some time, but it’s easier than you think, and you’ll score MAJOR points as a gift giver of great taste and thoughtfulness. And we’re here to help. Download this PDF and print it out, and you’ll have a full-scale template for cutting your own fabric to fit the PadPillow. From there, you need a little sewing skill and before you know it, you’ll have a truly one-of-a-kind gift they will love. Check out “how to make your own cover”.

Remember: get them something they’ll actually use day in and day out. And make it memorable. Give the gift of the IPEVO PadPillow, and consider adding a homemade cover for that extra-special touch.


7 Real Stories: Demo the iPad with USB Document cam


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Following stories are written by teachers, educators and other professionals. They provided the first hand experience on how the document cam assisted them on education and presentations using the iPad.

1. Kathy’s Story
Kathy Schrock, educational technologist, adjunct professor at Arcadia University. She chooses P2V to project iPad for the following reasons: easy to set up, low cost and compatible with smartphones, iPads, and other electronic devices.


“Good things come in small (low-cost) packages! With so many of us trying to demo our smartphones, iPads, or other devices to an audience of educators, the IPEVO Point 2 View ($69) is something to consider for your toolbox! It easily connects to a computer to project to a large group using an LCD projector for real-time viewing of the screens of the electronic devices we are trying to show.”

Let Kathy tell you more:

2. Paul’ Story
7stories_02Paul Yip, educational technologist at The Bishop Strachan School. He selects P2V to deliver a quick iPad demo in a conference room for these conveniences: handy, portability, plug-and-play USB, no power cable required, compatible with iPods, iPad and apps

“For those of us doing demos of iPods and iPads, it seems to be one of those “perfect things” as it gives you the ability to show a complete workflow of either device, without relying on one special video cable as well as any apps’ compatibility with video out. Removing it from the stand gets me thinking about poking it into different parts of science experiments, or using it as a “field” camera with a laptop on a stage, in a gym or outdoors. These types of uses are more or less impossible with the larger ones.”

Let Paul tell you more:

3. Steven’s Story
Steven Sande, Mac/iPad/iPhone guru, puts his iPad (or iPhone) on the big screen with P2V. Because P2V is low in cost, easy to set up, and compatible with every app.

“One of the things that was a bit frustrating for me after purchasing the iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter was finding out that it doesn’t work with every iPad app… So what if you want to teach an iPad class and show your students everything that’s going on your iPad? ……
There’s a less expensive and pretty cool little camera that seems like it was designed just for doing iPad demos. The IPEVO Point 2 View (P2V) USB camera is inexpensive, has remarkably good resolution, and comes with a stand that is perfect for doing demos.”

Let Steven tell you more:

4. Nathan’s Story
Nathan Curtis, founder/principal of EightShapes, told us how P2V solve many challenging aspects of sharing sketches in real time, and the benefits using P2V to demonstrate a device:


“I often throw a device (notably, my iPhone or iPad) under the IPEVO camera to demonstrate an experience with actual gestures, responsiveness and more, which feels more real that using an application like iOS Simulator on the Mac.”

Let Nathan tell you more:

5. Deborah’s Story
Deborah Highfill, art teacher at Cannon Elementary, shared how the Ziggi changed the way she teach and the learning atmosphere.

“I’ve used document cameras before but never have I seen a document camera display such clear, crisp, high quality images on the screen like this one. It can even display images from an iPad, which was something the document camera I had before could not do. “

Let Deborah tell you more:

6. Alicia’s Story
Alicia Elrod, teacher at Lakeshore Elementary School, uses P2V to project iPad for its easiness to setup, image quality, and compatibility to all apps.


“I started using my document camera as soon as it arrived! It was very easy to set up and the quality is excellent! So far, I have used it to model graphing, share photos related to our science topic, and to show science videos from an app on my iPad. “

Let Alicia tell you more:

7. Phil’s Story
Phil Goodman, Apple Certified Trainer, told us why he used IPEVO’s Point 2 View USB Document Camera to conduct iPad training for members of LAPUG: low cost, portability, and image quality.

“After using many different products to view the iPad, I settled on the Point 2 View, because it appeared to be an inexpensive yet flexible method to demonstrate the products we’re discussing…The P2V has much higher resolution and is much lighter and more flexible to set up and carry around.”

Let Phil tell you more:

Gather up (and do more) with IPEVO Wireless Station and iPad


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Brainstorming Sudoku with the whole family

Spending time with children is always the best way to encourage them to read, write, or learn. Traditionally, this would be done by sitting next to them and share the material as well as intimacy (which is good), but thanks to iPad and all the wireless technology, doing the work together can be easily joined by many more!

For example, brainstorming Sudoku with the whole family by projecting the Sudoku grid on to TV using IPEVO WS-01 and USB document cam (Ziggi or P2V). The fun always gets multiplied when the crowd joins.

With the help of Apple TV Airplay, the image feed and Whiteboard changes can be projected onto the big screen

Check out the WS-01 page for more information on how to unlock the true potential of your document cam and iPad with the Wireless Station.

Easy-to-Use Desktop Magnifier? IPEVO Has the Solution


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We recently released the WS-01 Wireless Station on the IPEVO Online Store. The short summary on this product is that it can help your document camera (like Ziggi or the Point 2 View) communicate wirelessly with your iPad. For teachers and businesspeople in need of a doc cam/iPad combo, it’s the perfect fit.

We also wanted to share a new way to use the WS-01, Ziggi/P2V and iPad setup: as a desktop magnifier. You might also known this as a distance reader or electronic magnifier. Whether as a solution for the visually impaired, as a way to present text for a group of people, or just because you want to reduce eye strain from long sessions, reading a blown-up physical document on the iPad makes sense in a lot of contexts. With iPad, IPEVO products can deliver a quality desktop magnifier for not a lot of money. There is a certain desktop magnifier out there for education and the visually impaired which a) is very bulky and cumbersome, and b) literally costs thousands of dollars. The IPEVO solution is definitely neither of those!

The missing ingredient we haven’t talked about is IPEVO Whiteboard. This free iPad app gives you a way to annotate your doc cam’s video stream in real time — draw lines, highlight, add text boxes, and more. But Whiteboard also allows you to zoom in (i.e. make the text much bigger) as well as focus on a particular part of the image. Whiteboard even allows you to save your images as “boards” which you can then add to your Photo Library or send to Evernote.

With your iPad, the new WS-01 Wireless Station, and either Ziggi or the Point 2 View, you’ll have a functional desktop magnifier at just a fraction of the cost of “the big boys” — and that’s in addition to all the other doc cam uses we’ve told you about in previous entries. Intrigued? Check out the WS-01 Wireless Station page. You don’t have to pay a small fortune for distance reading and doc magnifying. IPEVO has you covered.

Got POS? iPad, Perch S, and Mazendo Restaurant


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Today we check in with Mazendo, an unconventional Chinese restaurant in the heart of Taipei, Taiwan. Its specialty is spicy dishes like the beef noodle, and its modern aesthetic attracts plenty of urban professionals. But just as exciting as the great food and atmosphere is the innovative way the owners are using iPad to streamline the entire customer service process.

Mazendo has incorporated iPad in three distinct ways. The host uses an iPad at the front desk to manage and track table seating. The waiter uses an iPad to take customer orders and relay those orders to the cooks. And finally, the waiter uses a POS (Point of Sale) app to process the customer’s credit card to complete the order. Top to bottom, it’s amazing how many different things the iPad is accomplishing for the restaurant.

We’ve heard good things about existing POS apps like ShopKeep and Lavu, but the POS app Mazendo uses deserves special mention. It’s a brand new app developed by iChef — so new, in fact, that it’s still being tested and is not quite available on the App Store yet. This iChef app, intended specifically for restaurants, streamlines the POS process and integrates the workflow so that everyone can access the info in real time. Mazendo reports that iPad use has proven to be significantly more efficient than the traditional system. Surely this level of integration will become the norm rather than the exception soon.

Mazendo chose IPEVO’s Perch S Desktop Stand to pair with the iPad at their front counter. Not only does the sleek metallic stand mesh well with the restaurant’s hip vibe; Perch S puts the iPad at the perfect height to operate, complete with customizable viewing angle and orientation. iPad, Perch S, and POS integration. It sounds like restaurants are in for a real treat!

Supercharge Your Teaching with the Perch Security Stand


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All three sizes of the Perch Security StandDesktop (S), Side (M), and Podium (L) — are great for businesses of all types. But did you know that these stands are a perfect fit for the classroom, too? Educators will find tons of uses for each size of Perch Security Stand.

For the brief rundown, Perch Stands provide a solid support for the new iPad and iPad 2. The iPad can be mounted in either landscape or portrait orientation at customizable viewing angles thanks to a special dual-axis hinge. And the Security holder features two locks to ensure the iPad can’t be removed from the stand, which is ideal for busy classrooms and curious (and dare we say clumsy) kids. When you use Perch Security Stand, you’ll know the iPad will stay put in the stand.

Let’s talk about each stand:

Desktop (S) — This stand is just the right size for student desks and your teacher’s desk. Students can use education apps either by themselves or with a partner. And when you use Apple TV and the AirPlay app, you can also use Perch S to mount your iPad like a document camera and then project your iPad screen wirelessly onto a widescreen TV or the classroom projection screen.

All of the learning advantages we’ve shared about our Point 2 View and Ziggi Document Cameras (such as 50 Ways to Use Your Doc Cam) apply to your Perch S doc cam. You’ll open up whole new horizons and engage students on multiple levels.

Perch S is also perfect to place on the chemistry lab counter, where you could supplement live experiments with something like Chemistry By Design or make data forms easier to fill out with Forms.

Finally, we wanted to mention an app called GradeCam. This app allows you to use the iPad’s camera to scan and grade the results of multiple choice, “scantron”-type tests. Position the students’ test paper underneath iPad, and you’ll get an instant grade and answer breakdown.

Side (M) — This stand can be placed right near the desk, either for your students or yourself. If you have chairs and couches in addition to the classic desk, note that Perch M’s flat feet can be easily slid under furniture so the user can pull the iPad close. Perch M could also be positioned between two students’ desks for cooperative learning.

Just two of the near-infinite amount of education apps you might want to try are Strip Designer, in which students can create comic strips to illustrate what they’ve learned in a unique way, and ArtRage, in which students can experiment with different drawing tools.

Podium (L) — Last but not least is our tallest stand designed for standing users. These are great for establishing a dedicated “learning center” or “recreation area” that students can visit and use during free time or as a special treat. How about an iTunes U learning library? Or SAT Vocab to build vocab in a fun way? Or how about supplementing a life sciences course with 3D Anatomy, or a course on geography with MapProjector?

Educators, do you have any amazing education apps that you’d like to share? Please feel free to leave a comment. And check out the Perch S, Perch M, or Perch L Security Stand product pages for more info on these handy classroom helpers.


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The Chrono Leather Strap for iPod Nano 6G


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IPEVO Chrono Leather Strap for iPod Nano 6G

IPEVO has introduced an accessory sure to make you the center of attention: the Chrono Leather Strap for iPod Nano 6G.

With Chrono, you can turn your new sixth-generation Nano—the remarkably small music machine with the cool touchscreen that came out just a couple of months ago—into a wristwatch that combines contemporary technology with classic cool. The Nano comes with an analog watch display, and Chrono gives you the power to multitask. Chrono is a wristwatch which doubles as a portable music device. And from the first glance, the Chrono makes for an extremely handsome presentation.

Chrono is easy to fall in love with. This is a quality accessory, not the chintzy rubber or vinyl straps you’d find elsewhere. IPEVO never cuts corners, and you can tell with this product. Our designers started with top-notch material: hand-sewn Italian calf leather. The strap is cut to firmly and securely accommodate the back clip of the new Nano. Simply clip your Nano to Chrono, and you’re done. There are no tiny screws or multi-piece housings to fool with, and it’s just as easy to unclip the Nano if you need to use it solo.


Old-school military chronographs were the inspiration for Chrono. Even though the Nano is small, as a watch face it’s fairly large, and we gave it a wide, bold strap to match, along with a surgical stainless steel buckle. This is a conversation piece, a go-anywhere, do-anything accessory where old meets new. Chrono is available in brown or black, and it’s got a classic feel and look that’s never out of place and never out of style.

Please visit the Chrono minisite for more information and images of Chrono Leather Strap. After all, the only gift better than a new iPod Nano… is an iPod Nano that can transform into a premium wristwatch in a snap.

Teaching the iPad, With a Little Help from the Point 2 View


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In this entry, we check in with Phil Goodman, who owns Goodman Consulting. Phil is an Apple Certified Trainer, and in addition to corporate consulting, he enjoys teaching various topics focused on Apple products and portable tech. Based in Los Angeles, he has taught at several Apple Stores and the annual Macworld Expo, among other venues. Phil also runs the Los Angeles Portable User Group (LAPUG), a group of about 300 members dedicated to portable technologies.

As you can imagine, the latest hot topic for LAPUG has been Apple’s iPad. We were happy to learn that Phil has exclusively used IPEVO’s Point 2 View USB Document Camera to conduct iPad training for members of LAPUG and others in the Los Angeles community.

Phil was good(man) enough to share why he decided to use the Point 2 View:

“After using many different products to view the iPad, I settled on the Point 2 View, because it appeared to be an inexpensive yet flexible method to demonstrate the products we’re discussing. In the past, I’ve used camcorders on tripods as well as overhead camera/document readers. Those products were bulky, and were always limited to television resolution. Although they did provide 30 frames per second quality, the resolution left much to be desired. The P2V has much higher resolution [up to 1600 x 1200, if you’re curious!], and is much lighter and more flexible to set up and carry around.”

To expand a little on what Phil expressed so eloquently, the Point 2 View is a nice choice for showing iPhone, iPad, and similar electronics because of its macro mode and excellent rendering of details up close (as close as 2 inches). Autofocus means your focus will stay nice and sharp, and the Point 2 View’s jointed stand lets you position the camera exactly where you need it to be. Cool? Cool.

So whether you’re teaching a group of portable tech enthusiasts, like Phil, or just sharing an app with a friend over video chat, the Point 2 View is a smart choice. Consider that your free consultation!

To visit the Point 2 View USB Camera’s product page:

Click here to download the tabloid printable template for Point 2 View USB Document Camera and your smart phone.

* Prices are subject to change, please visit for the latest price infomation.
* Find more tips and stories about P2V at

iPad and Tubular Wireless Speakers – A Match Made in Heaven #3


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This is the third installment of our blog series about all the possibilities of pairing Apple’s iPad with IPEVO’s Tubular Wireless Speakers.

Spring is in the air, and summer is nearly upon us. It’s time to get outside and enjoy Mother Nature, even for us bookworms. Because if you like to spend your free time with your nose buried in a book, you might as well do it in a hammock sipping a lemonade, or on the porch soaking up the sun, right?

Well, a lot of people are excited about iPad and its potential to be a great digital book reader. Carry a small library in a half-inch thick, pound-and-a-half little miracle, which can display all your books for easy reading. It’s the kind of portability that’s perfect for a trip to the beach or the park.

So, you’re outdoors, enjoying a quick summer read on your iPad. There’s a gentle breeze, the sun is shining, and it’s just the right temperature. And perhaps, on a very special long weekend, you have taken a trip up the coast, or visited wine country, or driven to a national park for a camping trip, or any of the wonderful activities possible this time of year. What’s the one thing missing from your perfect day? A little musical accompaniment, of course. Whether it’s light classical music, a little smooth jazz, or the latest pop tunes, it’s sometimes fun to give your outdoor excursion a soundtrack.

And that’s where Tubular Wireless Speakers come in. These ultra-compact speakers are the perfect portable companion for your iPad. You’ll be traveling extremely light, but you’ll still be able to enjoy great stereo sound to bring another kind of library—your iTunes library—to life. Tubular will communicate wirelessly with your iPad via Bluetooth, and before you know it, you’re enjoying songs from a favorite playlist right along with your e-book. Plus, because they’re wireless, you can set the speakers up well away from your iPad, to avoid distraction and provide just that right amount of ambient music.

So get out there and enjoy the Great Outdoors, book lovers. And don’t forget the music, with the ipad and tubular!

To visit the Tubular Wireless Speakers’ Product Page:

iPad and Tubular Wireless Speakers – A Match Made in Heaven #2


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Welcome to the second installment of our blog series on the beautiful possibilities of pairing Apple’s iPad with IPEVO’s Tubular Wireless Speakers.

This entry focuses on a subject that will definitely interest you: food! Cooks come in two types: naturals, who create great dishes with a little instruction and a lot of instinct; and the rest of us, who need plenty of guidance and hand-holding. But no matter which culinary category you’re in, it’s always fun to try new recipes and learn a few techniques from professionals and amateurs alike. And sometimes pulling it all off is a little tough.

The iPad, along with Tubular Wireless Speakers, would be a great addition to the kitchen. Think about it: load up a cooking show from iTunes, or explore YouTube to find a cooking tutorial for a dish you’d like to try. Set up the iPad on the counter, then use Tubular to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth with the iPad. Now you’ve got a complete video as well as audio solution for discovering that amazing new recipe. iPad will give you a compact view screen—ideal for counters often cramped with appliances or cooking items—and equally compact Tubular will provide stereo sound for all the steps and ingredients. Tubular is loud and clear enough to be heard from across the kitchen, a feature that iPad’s built-in speakers just won’t be able to match.

Also consider that Tubular can be easily moved around (remember, no wires) for your convenience, while keeping the iPad in place. Move Tubular from the sink, where you’ve been chopping vegetables, to the countertop across the room to mix ingredients. You’ll never miss a moment of the soundtrack. And if you’re a restaurant chef operating in a larger kitchen, Tubular’s portability makes even more sense.

We hope we’ve provided a little “food for thought.” Be sure to check back soon for more ideas for using Tubular and iPad.

To visit the Tubular Wireless Speakers’ Product Page: