IPEVO Hits Europe!


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Back in the last part of 2010, we posted an open call to European distributors in an effort to give the Point 2 View USB Document Camera a much-needed visit to Europe. We can now report that the Point 2 View has a brand new launch pad for European customers with our Amazon UK storefront. IPEVO can now ship to all 27 European Union countries.

And it’s not just everyone’s favorite inexpensive and versatile document camera that has made the trip. A total of 15 IPEVO items are available to customers and distributors all across Europe, and we hope to add even more items as time goes on. This includes two Point 2 View accessories — the Height Extension Stand and Carrying Case — along with four iPad accessories: PadPillow Pillow Stand for all generations of iPad (Blue Denim and Charcoal Gray colors); and the Perch family of iPad 2 and iPad 3 stands (black and white colors), including the Desktop Stand for tabletops, the Sofa Stand for seated users, and the Podium Stand for standing users. The final item is the Wireless Presentation System for turning any classroom or conference room projector into a wireless projector to make sharing and presenting easier.

Through Amazon UK, we are able to ship to locations in the United Kingdom along with the other 26 member-states of the European Union. Here is the full list:

IPEVO has won over customers in America and Asia with unique, well-designed tech products and accessories for educators, businesspeople, and individuals. And we can’t wait for customers all across Europe to have the very same positive experience. We’ve already received many inquiries from European educators and others eager for our products, so we’re excited to get started!

Bringing the Point 2 View USB Camera to Europe – Can You Help?


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Point 2 View USB Document Cam

The response among educators and others has been overwhelming for our Point 2 View USB Document Camera. Featuring a unique and versatile stand, a great macro mode, and extremely easy operation, the Point 2 View is quickly becoming a favorite alternative to clumsy and much more expensive traditional document cameras.

That’s why, if you’re a European distributor or reseller, we need your help to give the Point 2 View its long overdue tour of Europe! We’ve received numerous inquiries from educators, IT professionals, and others across Europe who want the Point 2 View for their classroom or office. Due to this demand, we’re eager to find a trusted retail partner to serve European customers.

Is your company in a position to help us share the Point 2 View with Europe? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Check out our Point 2 View product page, and also our Education Flyer. From interactive presentations to product demos, web conferences, and much more, our customers are finding tons of uses for the Point 2 View.

Send a message to sales-america@ipevo.com for more information or to express your interest. We’re excited about this opportunity, and we hope you are too!

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