Super Self Service – TTI Technologies and the FR-33


Filed Under (APPLICATION, All Products, FR-33.1, FR-33.2) by ipevoblog on 2009-08-23

In our last chat about travel, we talked about the utter coolness of the S0-20 Wireless Skype Phone, and how we used it with a wireless router to make international calls on the go. We just caught up with a company, TTI Technologies, which is doing equally cool things with our FR-33 phones, the FR-33.1 and FR-33.2 USB Handsets.

TTI provides technology like concierge kiosks, ID scanners, ATMs, signature capture devices, and other cutting-edge stuff to hotels, airports, and retailers, and more. They also provide Self Service Business Centers. These things are like a business-minded traveler’s dream – an oasis of productivity in a desert of inefficiency, if you will. Internet and Microsoft Office, fax, printer, copier – the list goes on, and it’s all self-service, which means the hotel staff can be off doing something more useful. And now the FR-33 Handsets are part of the package.

“The FR-33s are used to enable voice communication with different messenger programs such as Skype, Google, and MSN,” explains Bridget Oliva-Werba, VP of Sales and Marketing for TTI. “This is especially important for our customers with international travelers wishing to call home at a fraction of the cost.”

We knew this whole “call all over the world for next to nothing” thing would catch on! And have you used these handsets? They have a bunch of Skype features right there on the handset, including a full keypad, contact list, and volume control. Useful. And our friends at TTI agree. As Bridget tells us:

“The FR-33’s elegant design fits nicely into our Business Center solution. The controls are intuitive and the audio quality is superb.”

Free (or next to free) VOIP service, easy-to-use FR-33 handsets, and all-inclusive Self Service Business Centers. I’m not a gambler, but it sounds like TTI has a winner on their hands. Good stuff!