Learn how to secure your IW2 Sensor Camera with this video tutorial


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Felt excited that you’d bought a new IPEVO IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System and can’t wait to use it? But hey, you can’t seem to figure out a way to secure its Sensor Cam no matter what you’d tried? Not to worry, we’ve come up with a brief video tutorial showing you three simple ways to secure the Sensor Cam. Watch it, secure it, and in no time you’ll get your IW2 up and running.

Drawing Silhouettes with the IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard


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Here’s a fun video, particularly for preschool and elementary school teachers looking for outside-the-box activities. You can use the IPEVO IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard — as well as the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard — to draw silhouettes of hands and heads. From there, your students’ imagination and creativity do the rest. All you need is your laptop and projector, the IW2 or IS-01, and free IPEVO Annotator software.

And remember: this is just the tip of the iceberg for what IPEVO interactive whiteboards can do!

6 Need-to-Know Facts about the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System


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“What’s IS-01 all about?” We get that question a lot from teachers. And while a ton of useful information can be found on the web page for IPEVO’s IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System, we know it’s a lot to digest. So, we gathered up the most frequently asked questions to share rapid-fire style in this quick blog post.

1. Is IS-01 a projector?

No. IS-01 is a two-piece interactive whiteboard system that allows you to annotate material and interact with computer applications at the board.It requires both a projector and a computer/laptop for the complete setup.


2. IS-01 doesn’t work with short-throw projectors, does it?

It does! Don’t be discouraged if you have a short-throw projector. IS-01 connects to your computer, not your projector, so you don’t really have to worry about throw distance. Just place the IS-01’s Sensor Cam at a distance between 3.7 and 13.1 feet from the screen, and you’re good.


3. I can’t control the cursor! It jumps around when I try to use IS-01.

Infrared equipment or strong light sources can disrupt the Sensor Cam’s ability to pick up the Interactive Pen’s infrared signals. In one case, we talked with a teacher who happened to decorate his whiteboard with Christmas lights. The Sensor Cam doesn’t like those so much! So please be aware of the light sources in the room.


4. Can I use two Interactive Pens at the same time?

IS-01 doesn’t support multi-touch functions, so no. Only one Interactive Pen can be captured at a time. One exception to this is if you have two computers and two IS-01’s running side by side… which would be awesome!


5. Isn’t it really inconvenient to have to calibrate the Sensor Cam over and over?

Once you initially place and calibrate the Sensor Cam, you shouldn’t have to recalibrate it again. If you do have to move it, mark the position of the calibrated Sensor Cam for next time. And that said, even if you do take the Sensor Cam from classroom to classroom, calibration only takes a minute or so.

6. Can I use IS-01 with a TV or monitor instead of a projector?

You can… but we don’t recommend it. Here’s why. The TV/monitor screen could be scratched over time from all the Pen swipes. Also, the brightness of the monitor can cause eye fatigue over long sessions. Finally, if the TV/monitor is not firmly mounted, it might move once you start tapping, throwing off the calibration. So, proceed with caution.


We hope we’ve cleared up a few sources of confusion. Head on over to the IS-01 Product Page if you’d like to learn more or if you’d like to snag an IS-01 for your very own classroom.

IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard versus Traditional Whiteboard Markers


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We wanted to see how the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System from IPEVO stacked up against traditional markers for chalkboards and whiteboards. From visibility to clean-up, what are the pros and cons of using one versus the other? Let’s take a look at a comparison test between the IS-01 and the liquid board markers found in many classrooms.


As any teacher will tell you, using different colors at the board really gives you a boost because you can emphasize and clarify material faster and easier. Naturally, there are many different-colored markers out there, but realistically, most classrooms might have two or three different colors at any one time. Through the free companion app to IS-01, IPEVO Annotator, you can draw with thirty-six different selectable colors.


Colors are vivid and bright in Annotator, so you’re not really suffering a downgrade in that department by going digital. It may take a small amount of time to get good with the IS-01’s Interactive Pen, but after that, your handwriting or drawing won’t really be hindered versus a marker. This is a tie.

Line Thickness

Like color, line thickness helps differentiate material. This is one area where IS-01 shines. Annotator features 11 selectable line thicknesses with a draggable slider. Many traditional markers have a triangular tip so you can draw with 2 different thicknesses, but that’s about it. IS-01 gets the nod here.


Today’s markers don’t have the strong odor or potential environmental impact of yesteryear’s, but they do still leave some residue. And as teachers know, marks left on the board too long leave an imprint that will need a more thorough cleaning than what the everyday eraser can do. With IS-01’s digital drawing, you don’t have any of those concerns. And don’t forget, IS-01 never has the chance to stain a shirt or pants!

Starting Over

Markers wipe away quickly and easily so you can start right in with new material. With IS-01, it’s equally as easy. One click on the trashcan icon in Annotator will erase all marks, or you can selectively erase marks with the eraser tool. You also have an Undo function to go back a step.


Markers have a limited shelf life and will run out of ink eventually. Markers with attached caps will slowly dry out over time, and markers accidentally left uncapped will dry out that much faster. Even markers with replenish kits will eventually suffer from worn-out tips. None of that really applies with IS-01. The rare battery replacement for the Interactive Pen is all you need to keep the drawing going.

Permanence and Saving Your Work

The same quality that gives markers an advantage – easy to wipe away and start over – leads to a distinct advantage for IS-01. Through Annotator, you can create and save “boards” at any stage of your drawing/presentation. These boards are saved to the hard drive and can be viewed later. You can also do full screen or selective screen captures. With markers, your only option is to take a picture of the board before you wipe the marks away. It works, but it’s not nearly as elegant as saving right to hard drive.


As we’ve mentioned, liquid markers dry up and have to be replaced. The average marker set costs $14, and if you go through 10 sets a year, that’s $140, or about the cost of the IS-01 at $149. Considering that IS-01 is a one-time purchase that doesn’t need replacing, the IS-01 will pay for itself after Year 2 and continue saving you money beyond that.


The IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System holds its own against traditional chalkboard and whiteboard markers in terms of visibility and ease of use, and it brings a few new advantages to the table that markers can’t quite match. Educators and businesspeople might just be “drawn” to the IS-01 for these reasons – pun definitely intended.


How to Increase Classroom Engagement with the IS-01


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Catering to different learning styles, increasing student engagement, and creating opportunities to interact are all hallmarks of modern teaching. The trend toward more technology in classrooms is simply a reflection of this shift. In the case of an interactive whiteboard, the name says it all. Multimedia material can “come alive” by being interacted with in ways it couldn’t before, and students can sometimes be the driver of the lesson instead of the teacher. Here are a few ways teachers have been using the $149 IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System to achieve the types of things we just mentioned. Sorting story elements by categorizing pictures is a terrific way to reach visual learners.

Teaching cause and effect? A similar “drag-and-drop” technique is being used in this classroom. A potentially abstract concept comes alive through virtual manipulatives.

The youngest learners love their chance at practicing shapes with the IS-01’s “magic wand.” Drawing on a large surface with broad strokes is ideal for preschoolers with limited motor skills.

Learning to tell time is well-suited to an interactive whiteboard. Drawing clock hands and writing the numerical time is combined in one exercise. Plus, multiple students get a chance to contribute.

Interactive learning apps have come a long way in a few short years. Harness the excitement students already have for video games and turn it into teachable moments.

Ultra-affordable teaching tools like the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System are proving that passive learning is a thing of the past. More and more, static teaching material is being taken to “the next level” without a lot of time or money.

How to Motivate with Technology, No Matter the Subject


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Getting students excited about what they’re learning is half the battle when it comes to being a teacher. And this is particularly true when a student (often wrongly) feels he or she doesn’t have the aptitude for the subject you’re teaching. So, how can technology help generate that crucial enthusiasm? Here’s a taste of what teachers from around the Twitterverse have been doing with one teaching tool in particular, the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System from IPEVO.  As you’ll see, a range of subjects are covered, so maybe a technique here might be useful for your own subject and teaching style.

Here’s IS-01 in art class, demonstrating perspective so that the whole class can see and understand.

IS-01 also makes an appearance in biology class, teaching the concept of Punnett Squares.

Handwriting and spelling is a good fit for IS-01. Tactile learners can practice at the board while visual learners can watch as it happens.

Here, a history teacher makes good use of Martin Luther King Day to introduce historical facts via a drag-and-drop style exercise.

And in English class, real-time annotation and different color options make it easy to identify parts of a text.

No matter what your subject, chances are you could benefit from an interactive whiteboard. And at only $149, the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System could be what you need while not breaking your budget.

Creating a Technology-Rich Classroom on a Budget, Part 2


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In part 2 of our back to school series, we take a look at the IPEVO IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System. We think it has a lot to offer teachers for a very low price – $149! – which is potentially thousands less than conventional interactive whiteboards.

IS-01  has the ability to turn your existing whiteboard surface, blank wall or projector screen into an interactive whiteboard. It comes with two small devices: the Sensor Cam and the Interactive Pen. Project your computer screen onto your surface with the classroom projector. Point the Sensor Cam at the screen and follow a couple of simple steps in the calibration app that comes with IS-01. Now you’ll be able to control the computer mouse with waves of the “magic wand” (i.e. Interactive Pen). You can control education apps, the Internet, drawing apps and so much more.

Here’s what teacher Beckie Nieman from Summit, Mississippi is doing with her IS-01:

“We love it!!! The students or myself have used it daily since we received it. We have used it to play games, practice our handwriting, write group stories, and they love to just create free drawings. If I don’t use it they remind me to use my ‘magic pen.’ It was so easy to install and put to use.”

Mrs. Nieman’s class making good use of the IS-01.

Educator Patty Sprenkel from Amboy, Washington used her IS-01 for interactive science presentations:

“By far, the ‘coolest’ way that we have used the Interactive Whiteboard System was when several of my students gave interactive science presentations to the rest of the class. Instead of standing in front of the classroom while struggling to read through their report, my students were able to incorporate a wide variety of multimedia supports (including recording their own voices) to create some wonderful presentations.”


A student from Mrs. Sprenkel’s class shares a presentation about the gray wolf.

Teacher Lauren Veale from Negaunee, Michigan has even more ideas for how to use IS-01:

“The whiteboard makes it easy for us to list ideas, draw, and create together. It’s great to be able to start brainstorming together and instead of erasing the marker board, we can save what we put together and come back to it later. The kids love using the whiteboard to play math games on ‘the big screen’ and it really helps to keep them engaged.”

A student interacts with a math game in Mrs. Veale’s class.

And if that’s not enough inspiration, here are 39 Interesting Ways to Use IS-01. Whew!

Helpful IS-01 Accessories

Here are three quick accessories for the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System to tell you about:

  1. Replacement Interactive Pen – The Pen can and does get misplaced, particularly with younger learners. If you lose the Pen, don’t buy an entire new IS-01. Just get a replacement!
  2. IS-01 Extension Wand – This long tube snaps onto the end of the Interactive Pen to add nearly 16″ in reach. This is terrific for shorter, younger learners who might have trouble reaching the screen. It also allows users to stand to the side of the screen more easily so that everyone can see the screen.
  3. Projection Screen – These come in either the smaller 60″ or the larger 70″ depending on your needs. A unique coating gives these whiteboard surfaces better sharpness and contrast qualities. The result is a superior, glare-free viewing experience from any angle in the classroom. Plus, they can be easily rolled up and taken with you.

Up next is our third and final entry: document cameras!

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Welcome to Mrs. Decker’s Magic Pen


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★”Share and win” Event

Suzan Decker, Conewago Elementary School, Elizabethtown, PA

Click Clack MOO! Oh no, let’s get this right… Click Clack Pen!!!! Welcome to Mrs. Decker’s Magic Pen! The IS-01 is kindergarten’s “Magic Pen”! It is a regular staple in our AM and PM kindergarten classes! Since the induction of pen in Room 101, the children, our classroom aide and I have been able to use this form of technology on a daily basis! Listed below are just a few of the many ways the IS-01 helps to educate my students on a daily basis:

*In the morning, along with the IPEVO document camera, a checklist of names appears on the whiteboard allowing each child to click on a favorite color and “Check In” for daily attendance. (I have no trouble with the children forgetting to check in because the pen is so motivating!)

*While guided reading groups are going on, the IS-01 pen allows the Work on Writing group (Daily 5) to practice writing sight words, color coding the vowels in one color and/or spelling patterns in another color.

*Beginning readers use the pen to circle and count words as they learn the difference between a letter and a word. The children use the tool to underline words in a poem that rhyme or to circle a comma or a period in a sentence.

*As their teacher, it allows me to creatively teach the Writing Trait –Conventions –using the color green for the word “I” at the beginning of a sentence to understand that every sentence begins with a capital letter, write the rest of the sentence in black and end the sentence with a blue period. Children’s stories, during peer editing, can be checked for conventions using the above model.

*In math, the children are able to complete a math page together and are able to actively participate in the lesson in a large or small group setting. Also, the pen allows for so much color coding at this level to breakdown concepts that can be very difficult for a kindergarten child in math. With the new PA standards, children are creating and using 10 frames for adding and subtracting .The pen allows them to understand the concepts by actively engaging in the lesson.

*Lastly, the IS-01 technology has allowed me to be given the highest marks available in the technology category under the New Teacher Evaluation System for Pennsylvania My principal was so impressed.  All of this time, he thought that the technology teachers were the upper grade teachers down the hall. He had no idea how tech savvy I had become using your products which include the IS-01 and the document camera. He said that I was the best kept secret when it comes to using a variety of technology in my classroom!

Simply put, the IS-01 has helped me create strategies that teach across the entire spectrum of learning in my classroom. It has changed the way I teach and has had such an effect on the “light bulbs” turning on in their little minds with a variety of concepts so much earlier in the year. Many students are able to “get it”, to understand a concept so much faster because of the “Magic Pen!” The “Magic Pen” does a lot of work helping to educate so many students in both half day kindergarten sessions.

But, I know that none of this would have been possible without your generous gifts and contributions you so willing donate to classroom teachers.  So, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for the opportunity to become a better teacher using your products and for giving them so freely to all of the teachers who are smart enough to use your WISHPOOL  to use technology in the classroom.


IS-01 – The Sharpest Tool in my Technology Toolbox!


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Sue Haney, Richland Elementary School, Crest Hill, IL

The IPEVO IS-01 has transformed the learning of my first graders in so many ways!  It is amazing that this technology allows our whiteboard to function as an interactive whiteboard at such a small cost.  The students are always excited to participate in learning activities when they know they will get to use the pen to display their learning.


While we initially used it for basic on-line learning games, I found so many wonderful tools available on-line that help me to create engaging, CCSS-aligned lessons in all content areas.  My first graders use the IS-01 with on-line manipulatives to make patterns, explain their mathematical thinking, solve problems, label their work, create composite shapes, create graphs, measure using a variety of non-standard units, and so much more.


When coupled with the alphabet manipulatives available on-line, the IS-01 creates a fantastic “word work” station for small groups.  Literacy activities are taken to a new level of engagement when used with the IS-01. Students are motivated to practice telling time when we use on-line clock activities projected on the screen for teams to “beat the clock.” The on-line activities accompanying our social studies and science curriculum no longer require students to stand by the computer, as they can use the pen to control the activity.  My young students have become adept at calibrating the IS-01 to prepare for any activity because it is so easy to use.

This tool has introduced my young students to the endless possibilities for using technology to collaborate with other learners and enhance their learning.  It is by far the most used tool in my technology toolbox!

View this on my wikispaces page at:


39 Interesting Ways to Use the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System in Your Class—Part 4


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More ways to engage your child in the classroom using IS-01. Check out part 4 of the 39 ways to use IS-01.

31. Host a Poetry Session
Create and share poems, individually or as a class. Discover age-appropriate poems from students and from professional poets through a site like GigglePoetry. Also try Seussville for colorful, interactive activities based on the work of Dr. Seuss.


32. Recreate a scene with drag-and-drop
How would a famous scene from a play or book be staged? What props, costumes, scenery and actors would be involved? This is just one of countless scenes that could be recreated through creative use of drag-and-drop images.


33. Wiki it!
With IS-01, you have the full power of the Internet at your disposal, so why not use it? Navigate Wikipedia or anything else with ease. Or, pose a question and conduct a group research session to find the answer with the Internet to prepare students for doing the same at home.


34. Group objects together
Which of the animals depicted on the screen are mammals and which are reptiles? Students can approach the board and move the animal images into distinct groups using the Interactive Pen. Of course, this could work for many other subjects, too.

35. Pump up word skills with a word builder
Place a couple dozen word fragments on the board and see how many words the students can make by combining the fragments into a single word. For example, if “chem,” “i,” and “stry” appeared as three of the fragments, students could combine them with the Pen to form the word “chemistry.”


36. Supplement your normal lesson
The IS-01 doesn’t have to supplant your regular lesson; it can complement and enhance it. If you’re doing a unit on Edgar Allan Poe, why not use Google Earth to see where Poe lived? Check out images on the web of Poe himself or of artistic renderings of scenes from his famous stories. Navigate and listen to a reading of “The Raven” performed by a professional actor. Recreate a scene using the drag-and-drop method described in #33. The possibilities really are endless.


37. Demonstrate a calculator or other instrument
While students are using their own graphing calculators at their desks, use your own interactive version of the calculator on the whiteboard so students can understand the operations and follow along.


38. Enhance your foreign language lessons
Have students match up foreign language phrases to images, label diagrams, identify parts of speech, click on audio samples and video clips, or engage in any number of activities to make foreign language study more multimedia and more meaningful.


39. Assist students with limited motor skills
Students with limited motor skills, as well as younger students, may have an easier time using the Interactive Pen to start and use applications rather than a mouse. These students might also enjoy drawing or writing with broader gestures on a larger surface.

Whew! Those are a lot of options. And yet we’re sure there are still many other uses to explore. Do you have an idea for how to use the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System that we didn’t mention? Please share!

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