How to Put a Charge Into Your Classroom with the USB SuperCharger


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More and more teachers are using iPads in the classroom, whether it’s for special projects or for everyday lessons. And when you get that many tablets together — and that many young students who may or may not have perfect charging habits — keeping all the iPads charged throughout the day becomes a huge challenge.

That’s why IPEVO introduced the USB SuperCharger. The USB SuperCharger is a convenient 4-slot charging station that will keep those iPads juiced. Using just a single wall socket, teachers can keep up to 4 iPads charging.


The thing that makes the USB SuperCharger special is that each of its 4 charging slots features a full 2.1 amps. That means the iPads are charging at full speed. You might be familiar with chargers which deliver a weak, slow charge because 2.1 amps is being spread to 2 or more iPads. That’s not the case with the USB SuperCharger. Speed is never compromised.

Given its 4 slots and full charge speeds, the USB SuperCharger is all about smart battery management. You can keep the USB SuperCharger out on a desk or tabletop as a dedicated charging station. Neither the teacher nor the students have to fish around for an extra adapter or hunt for a spare wall socket.

When’s the best time and what’s the best schedule for charging? You’ll quickly discover what works best in your classroom. Keep the iPads plugged in while students are using them, and you’ll never have to worry about dead batteries stopping a lesson. Or, plug the iPads in between activities (or at night) so they never get low. You can even keep a few extra iPads charging on reserve so you can swap out any iPads on low batteries. That way, the lesson is never interrupted.

Through the IPEVO Wishpool program, we learned how teacher Dee Hamlet from St. Joseph Catholic School in Marion, Iowa uses the USB SuperCharger in her classroom:

“Now we are able to use multiple iPads in our classroom throughout the day without worrying about the batteries dying. Charging 4 of my 7 iPads at one time each night is helping free up more iPads for center, group, and individual work. My students are able to create movies, use the web, and interact with one another more on their blog now that they have more iPads available to use each day.”

And here’s how teacher Nancy Hoatson from Sutherland Public School in Nebraska characterized her use of the USB SuperCharger:


“I am astounded by the speed and versatility of the IPEVO USB SuperCharger. I am able to charge four of my iPads at the same time in a fraction of the time it takes to charge one device. I can charge any device that has a USB charger. I have 5 iPads and 25 students and this charger has changed my classroom, making all my resources accessible all day long.”

How will you use your USB SuperCharger? Check it out and discover how it could change your classroom.


How Can YOUR Business Benefit from the Perch Security Stand?


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Have you tried an interactive kiosk for your business? It’s a unique opportunity to showcase your products and services, share multimedia content, and get your visitors engaged and excited. All you need is an iPad and a stand. And we’ve got just the stands for you: the Perch Security Stand in S-Type (great for tabletops and desktops), M-Type (ideal for seated users), or L-Type (the perfect height for standing users).

What’s the Perch Security Stand? It’s a versatile stand for the iPad 3 or iPad 2 that’s designed with security in mind. We’ve taken our popular Perch Stand and packaged it with a special lockable holder. With two locks, the security holder ensures that your customers can’t take the iPad out of the stand or otherwise drop or damage the device. If your company could benefit from an interactive kiosk, but you need a way to keep it secure, the Perch Security Stand is the smart and affordable solution.

Let’s talk a little bit more about Perch’s features. First, Perch has a modern, streamlined look that’s every bit as style-conscious as Apple’s iPad. So, using the Perch will never fail to impress. Secondly, Perch’s dual-axis hinge means you can position the iPad in either landscape or portrait orientation, depending on your needs. Plus, you can adjust the viewing angle so it’s just right for your users.

As far as security, the lockable holder doesn’t just prevent the user from taking the device out. An optional home button lock prevents users from hitting the home button and exiting your video, slideshow, or app. Thus, you control their experience.

As another benefit, IPEVO is also offering a handy app called Showcase. This application allows you to fine-tune the user’s experience even more by limiting touchscreen interactions. If you want to restrict browsing to one or two pages, Showcase can help. If you want the iPad to automatically return to your Home page for the next user, Showcase can help. Find out more about Showcase in the Apple App Store.

What we’re trying to say is: Perch Security Stand and Showcase offer you a complete solution to transform your iPad into a cutting-edge, secure interactive kiosk for your business.

Here’s just a taste of how Perch Security Stand might function for you:

  1. Churches, galleries, restaurants, boutiques, hospitals, waiting rooms, trade shows, showrooms, reception desks, lobbies, salons, coffee shops, hotels, movie theaters… Whew, let me catch my breath! Basically, Perch Security Stand can be used in a LOT of settings.
  2. Share multimedia content about your products and services: demo videos, photo albums, promos, interactive tutorials. Anything’s possible.
  3. Give clients a sense of what’s possible with your product by offering apps which allow them to “build” or select choices — from cars to clothing to computers, creating what you’re about to buy is always fun.
  4. With something like the Square Card Reader, you can even use a kiosk to process transactions.
  5. Set up the kiosk as a true information center with maps, FAQs, directories, and similar content.
  6. A kiosk doesn’t have to be all business. Offer games or show movies to entertain guests or the children of your customers.
  7. Offer orientations, support, and training for your employees.
  8. Give clients a convenient way to check their email, the day’s itinerary, or the sports scores.

Have we piqued your curiosity yet? Check out the S-Type, M-Type or L-Type to see what else is possible.

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Stylus? Pointer? You Don’t Have to Choose!


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It’s an age-old debate. Well, it’s not age-old, but it’s a debate. Stylus or pointer? A stylus gives you pinpoint control for your iPad, but a pointer gives you the length you need to share and present for students or colleagues.

Those days of fierce stylus vs. pointer battles are over with the new Telescoping Stylus. Yes, it’s a stylus and a pointer. All you have to do is provide a gentle pull, and the stylus (5.4″) telescopes out to a full pointer (15.2″). This two-in-one versatility means you now have the best of both worlds. We like to call our new product a stylus that rises to the challenge. And it can definitely rise to your challenges in the classroom or the office.

The Telescoping Stylus features a sturdy bronze construction; this isn’t one of those flimsy toothpick styluses. It weighs 21 grams and has a good, solid feel in the hand. Something else that aids precise operation is the omnidirectional rubber tip. It’s specially formulated just for touchscreens, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how much more accurate (and productive) you can be with everyday operation or for presentations. This tip isn’t just a one-operation wonder, either; from gaming to drawing to typing to navigating all your apps, there’s not much you can’t do with the Telescoping Stylus.

Head on over to our Product Page to check out pictures and get one for yourself. The Telescoping Stylus is now available at a great price, and it’s sure to make teaching and presentations easier… and maybe even a little more fun.

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360 Degrees of Freedom — Say Hello to PV-01


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We’ve all been there. iPad cases with stands that only support the iPad horizontally. Try setting up the iPad vertically, in portrait orientation, and you’re in for a whole lot of hurt. That changes with IPEVO’s newest product, PV-01 360° Rotating Folio Case. It’s designed for the new iPad 3 as well as the iPad 2, and it’s destined to play a pivotal role in your iPad use. Why? Because it pivots!

PV-01 features a unique circular pivot built right into the case. It allows the iPad 3 or iPad 2 to swivel relative to the outside folio, which has grooves so the device can be supported upright in one of three viewing angles. The pivot goes all the way around, which means you have complete freedom to view how you want to, either portrait or landscape. Different habits and different apps call for different ways of viewing and using your iPad. PV-01 gets it.

Beyond that, PV-01 is crafted from premium leather and felt. You’ll never be ashamed carrying this accessory around. The case comes in four colors: Red, Black, Gray, and Black Denim. And it keeps your device nice and protected for travel and transport. All controls and even the front and back camera lenses are accessible, so you don’t have to keep taking the iPad in and out.

On the topic of travel, another cool thing about PV-01 is that the inner case can be easily separated from (and then rejoined to) the outside folio. This is perfect for all those times you want to drop a little weight from your case and go with a sleeker profile for even more portability.

Two more handy features to tell you about. Saving battery juice is always a plus, and PV-01 has embedded sleep magnets to make the iPad go to sleep when the case is closed, no matter which way the iPad is inserted in the case. Lastly, from the “They Thought of Everything” department, there’s a strap on the inner spine to keep your stylus secure.

Sounds pretty good, huh? Head on over to the PV-01 product page to see more pictures and get more details.

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Show ‘Em What You Can Do with Perch S


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Ever heard of a “pitch meeting” in the film industry? Say a writer or director has an idea for a film, or maybe they’ve gone as far as writing a full script. They would then pitch that story idea in person to a producer or studio executive. Essentially it’s a sales pitch, a presentation of the story concept to get people excited enough to read the script and make the movie.

And that brings us to a new idea for using IPEVO’s Perch S Desktop Stand for the new iPad 3 and iPad 2 (and there’s also a model for the original iPad). Perch S is the stand that’s just the right height for desktops and countertops. Available in black or white, Perch has a modern look and feel along with smart functionality.

Pitching has gone multimedia, and it’s often better to have some visual “eye candy” along with a verbal pitch. Perch S and the new iPad 3 (and its gorgeous retina display) provide an incredible presentation tool for a pitch. Writers can present a concept poster of their idea. And directors can show off preliminary concept art, a mock trailer, or their directing reel (the best clips from some of the films they’ve directed).

In fact, Perch S and iPad 3 make a great combination for any pitch meeting, interview, consultation, or meet-and-greet with artists and other creative people. Just consider this short list:

  • Art directors, production designers, cinematographers, lighting directors, and other image makers in theater or film can provide a multimedia portfolio or video reel with a memorable presentation.
  • Interior designers can show potential clients sample photographs of their work, color swatches, design schemes, links to furniture and accessories, and more.
  • Let’s not forget visual artists: graphic designers, illustrators, painters, storyboard artists, and similar creative folks. Why bring in a paper portfolio? Go for the gold with iPad 3’s high-resolution display.
  • Interactive media artists: web designers, video game designers and computer animators. Whether it’s still images or video, the iPad 3 and Perch will wow them.

We’ve just scratched the surface, but you get the idea. And one other note: it doesn’t matter whether your material is better in landscape or portrait orientation. Perch’s unique dual-axis hinge allows you to customize viewing angle as well as switch effortlessly between the two orientations.

What do you think, artists? And which artists did we miss in our list? Upgrade your presentation and really show ’em what you can do with the iPad 3 and Perch S Desktop Stand.

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IPEVO Hits Europe!


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Back in the last part of 2010, we posted an open call to European distributors in an effort to give the Point 2 View USB Document Camera a much-needed visit to Europe. We can now report that the Point 2 View has a brand new launch pad for European customers with our Amazon UK storefront. IPEVO can now ship to all 27 European Union countries.

And it’s not just everyone’s favorite inexpensive and versatile document camera that has made the trip. A total of 15 IPEVO items are available to customers and distributors all across Europe, and we hope to add even more items as time goes on. This includes two Point 2 View accessories — the Height Extension Stand and Carrying Case — along with four iPad accessories: PadPillow Pillow Stand for all generations of iPad (Blue Denim and Charcoal Gray colors); and the Perch family of iPad 2 and iPad 3 stands (black and white colors), including the Desktop Stand for tabletops, the Sofa Stand for seated users, and the Podium Stand for standing users. The final item is the Wireless Presentation System for turning any classroom or conference room projector into a wireless projector to make sharing and presenting easier.

Through Amazon UK, we are able to ship to locations in the United Kingdom along with the other 26 member-states of the European Union. Here is the full list:

IPEVO has won over customers in America and Asia with unique, well-designed tech products and accessories for educators, businesspeople, and individuals. And we can’t wait for customers all across Europe to have the very same positive experience. We’ve already received many inquiries from European educators and others eager for our products, so we’re excited to get started!

iPad 3 How-To: Typi


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This is our fifth and final entry in the iPad 3 How-To series. Last but certainly not least is a personal favorite for many here in the office: Typi Folio Case + Keyboard. Typi Folio Case is a terrific-looking case in handcrafted felt and leather for the new iPad. Typi comes in either black or tan, and it performs three jobs in one. Typi protects your case from daily wear and tear during transport and use. It also acts as a stand. Typi’s strap can be unbuttoned and rebuttoned to support iPad 3 at several viewing angles. This support is just as sturdy with iPad 3 as it is with the iPad 2. Not surprising: this is a well-made case! Typi also has a separate QWERTY keyboard which is carried within the case by magnets. It communicates via Bluetooth with your tablet so you can get writing, emailing, and many other things done quicker versus the touchpad keyboard. Both iPad 2 and iPad 3 use the same Bluetooth technology, so the keyboard works just the same no matter which tablet you have. This keyboard can be easily removed for remote operation, and it has custom hotkeys like volume control and playback options which work for both generations of iPad. The iPad 3 will easily slip in to Typi’s holder; just tuck in the tab to complete installation. All ports and controls are accessible, including sleep/wake mode, volume control, headphone jack, microphone, speakers, front camera lens, dock connector, and the rear camera lens. You won’t have to take the iPad in and out. Also noteworthy is the fact that Typi has a magnet in its cover which causes the iPad to sleep when the cover is closed and wake up when the cover is open. This works just as well with iPad 3 as with iPad 2, and many iPad 3 cases now on the market can’t make that claim. Overall, Typi is still the same “all-in-one wonder” accessory for iPad 3 as it is for iPad 2. And we think you’ll agree. Have a question? Email us at And happy tablet computing!

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iPad 3 How-To: Kami


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This is our fourth entry in the iPad 3 How-To blog series. Here, we discuss the Kami Origami Folio Case.

Kami works with both iPad 2 and iPad 3. It’s an ultra-thin microfiber case in an attractive beige (if we do say so ourselves) which protects your device from the usual dents, dings, and wear and tear. But Kami also doubles as a stand thanks to some folding wizardry reminiscent of the Japanese art of origami. Its cover can be easily folded to support the iPad 3 at either a 20° or a 70° viewing angle for all your applications. That’s a lot to ask for in such a thin case — only 4mm thick! — but Kami delivers. The stand offers steady support for the iPad 3 just as with the iPad 2.


For Kami and iPad 3, our motto is: slow and steady wins the race. Tuck in one corner of the iPad 3 into the holder, then ease the other side in. Keep tucking in alternate sides bit by bit until the entire iPad 3 is within the holder. Then, just tuck the tab in under the device. Kami will actually “loosen up” after a few removals and insertions, so the first installation will be the tightest and the one you need to be most careful with.

Fully inserted, Kami has cutouts that will keep all of your ports and controls accessible, including sleep/wake mode, volume control, headphone jack, microphone, speakers, front camera lens, dock connector, and even the rear camera lens.

We also wanted to be sure to tell you that Kami has a sleep/wake magnet in its cover. If you close the cover, Kami will automatically put the iPad 3 to sleep. And when you open the cover, your iPad 3 will wake up. Because Apple changed the way magnets cause sleep/wake mode from iPad 2 to iPad 3, many cases can’t make this claim for iPad 3, but Kami can.

That’s about it; we hope you enjoy your new iPad and Kami! And for any questions, just ask a member of our Customer Support team at

iPad 3 How-To: Perch Holder for iPad 2 and 3


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Perch Holder for iPad 2 and 3

This is our third entry in the iPad How-To series where we help you maximize your use of the iPad 3 and IPEVO accessories.

We recently introduced the standalone Perch iPad 2 Holder, and now (drum roll please), its new name is the Perch Holder for iPad 2 and 3. The Holder is offered for anyone who purchased a Perch stand (all three lengths) for the original iPad who then upgraded to an iPad 2 and now the new iPad, iPad 3. By just buying the holder instead of an entirely new stand, you save money and your technology grows with you. That’s a pretty powerful one-two punch.

The Perch Holder works with both iPad 2 and iPad 3. So if you have a Perch stand for the original iPad and you bought an iPad 3, just purchase the standalone Holder and you’ll be good to go.

All you do to install the Perch Holder is press the holder button in the back of Perch (where the holder meets the aluminum leg), slide the old holder out, and pop the new one in until the button clicks into place. You can also switch back and forth between the holders if you’re using different iPads.

As we told you in the last entry, the best way to install iPad 3 into the holder is bottom first. Slip the two bottom corners in, making sure they tuck underneath the ribbing, and then angle the iPad up and press the top two corners firmly in until the top ribbing secures the device. The Perch Holder still has the same versatile dual-axis hinge in back, so you can adjust viewing angle as well as orientation very easily.

Taking the iPad 3 out is even easier: press down the side tab, grasp the iPad from the back, and pull forward, same as the original iPad.

One last note: as you’d expect, all of the ports and controls of iPad 3 are accessible when it’s installed in Perch Holder, including sleep/wake mode, volume control, headphone jack, microphone, speakers, front camera lens, dock connector, and even the rear camera lens.

Perch Holder

So if you have a Perch for the original iPad and need an upgrade because you just bought an iPad 3, save some coin and get the Perch Holder for iPad 2 and 3.

Thanks for reading. For troubleshooting or questions, our Customer Support team is always standing by at

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iPad 3 How-To: Perch


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Hello and welcome to entry number two in our iPad 3 How-To series, covering all of IPEVO’s iPad 3 accessories.

The Perch family of stands works with all generations of iPad. There’s a model just for iPad, and there’s another model for both the iPad 2 and iPad 3 — make sure you choose the right model for your device when you add Perch to your shopping cart.

As you may know, Perch provides an attractive and sturdy stand for all of your iPad habits. There are three lengths to choose from: S Type, for tabletops, the larger M Type for seated users, and the largest L Type for standing users. No matter which type you choose, you’ll enjoy easy installation of your device and generous customization of orientation and viewing angles thanks to a special dual-axis hinge.

Perch family

With the iPad 3, the best approach to insertion is to install the bottom of the iPad 3 first. Slip in the two bottom corners of iPad 3, making sure they are tucked underneath the ribbing. Only after that should you angle in the iPad 3 and push the top two corners into the holder. Firmly press in the corners of iPad 3 until the ribbing is on top of the device and holding it in. The iPad 3 should be tightly in place, and not loose or wobbling.

All ports and controls of the iPad 3 are accessible thanks to cutouts in the holder, including sleep/wake mode, volume control, headphone jack, microphone, speakers, front camera lens, dock connector, and even the rear camera lens.

For troubleshooting with any of the Perch stands, just send us a note at and we’ll be glad to help.

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