Care for some “hygge” this Christmas with IPEVO PadPillow?


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“Hygge”- pronounced as HYU-gah, and loosely translated as “coziness,” “togetherness” or “well-being” in English, is a cultural concept rooted deeply in the Danish life which has helped Denmark become the “happiest country on earth” despite long, dark winters. According to Denmark’s tourism bureau, “hygge” originated from a Norwegian word for “well-being”, and first appeared in Danish near the end of the 18th century. In essence, it means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. While the word “hygge” is uniquely Danish, the concept behind it isn’t. And over here at IPEVO, we do think it can be universally adapted. After all, who will refuse to be happy?

So it is in this view that we have come up with some ideas on how you can easily achieve “hygge” this Christmas with IPEVO very own PadPillow.


Enjoying “hygge” with your family

As your loved ones gather for this festive season, it’s the perfect timing to enjoy some “hygge” with them. Curl up on the sofa, sit together on the floor, or lie around cozying up and bond over laughter through playing on your iPad or Tablets. Or enjoy some quality time together reading a good book. And you can achieve all these while using IPEVO PadPillow as a pillow stand for your iPad or Tablets, or books and magazines. Its versatile design allows it not only to hold iPad/Tablets, but also books and magazines of various sizes. In addition, it can be either fold into a compact mode or fold out to an extended mode for using on couches, chairs, beds or floor. More importantly, its cotton denim cover is soft and comfy, which is safe for both young and adults to use. So, grab one now and start enjoying your “hygge”.


Spreading “hygge” to friends and relatives

For friends or relatives of yours whom are avid users of iPads or Tablets, spread the “hygge” to them by giving them the perfect Christmas gift this season. And IPEVO PadPillow is definitely the right choice! With its cushy, comfy and versatile design, it can be sure that your friends and relatives do not risk injuring their wrists or neck while using their iPads or Tablets for long periods. Be it lying on the floor, sitting on a lounge-style chair or lying in the bed, PadPillow had them covered, all at their comfort. Giving your friends and relatives (and their iPad or Tablet) a comfortable companion for Christmas — this act is definitely “hygge”!


“Hygge” for your furry buddy too

What can be more “hygge” than seeing your cute buddy curling up on the sofa or your bed for a nice rest? Well, now with IPEVO PadPillow, they do have one more option to add on to that “hygge”. As the saying goes “good things are meant to be shared” — we all love our iPad, and our iPad loves sitting on the PadPillow, and so don’t be surprised if your adorably buddy comes to appreciate the PadPillow too. Its huggable nature is one of the reasons why we (and they) like it so much. So watch as your buddy sits comfortably on the PadPillow, or lies completely flat on it for a sweet dream. It just totally melts your heart and makes their cuteness even more irresistible. Ahhh~~ That is so ~~“hygge”!



So be it enjoying “hygge” with your family, spreading it to friends and relatives, or watching your furry buddy loving it, wait no further and have a taste of “hygge” this Christmas with IPEVO PadPillow.