IPEVO’s Back to School Special, Part 1


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Back to School

Summer’s about over, and that means school’s ready to begin. If you’re a parent or a teacher, you probably have lots of items on your back-to-school list, and we’d like to remind you that IPEVO has a choice selection of highly useful, highly affordable tech products and accessories that will help start the year off right. Here are some of the highlights:

Save hundreds of dollars — literally
Before you buy that $600 document camera or $1000 interactive whiteboard on another website, check out our home page and see if you can accomplish most or all of the same things at just a fraction of the price. We know money can be tight this time of year, and IPEVO is all about stretching your dollar and making your school budget work harder.

New items, just in time for school!
We have three new products slated for September release that we’re excited to share. The IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System turns any screen or blank wall into an interactive whiteboard.


IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System

The VZ-1 HD VGA/USB Dual-Mode Document Camera continues the IPEVO doc cam tradition of sharing documents quickly and easily, and comes with the ability to directly connect to your VGA projector.


VZ-1 VGA/USB Dual-Mode Document Camera

And the Height Extension Stand for Ziggi-HD gives the Ziggi doc cam a height boost so you can capture larger documents easier than ever before. Please, check them out! We know you’ll find multiple uses for each of them in your classroom.

Height Extension Stand for Ziggi

Height Extension Stand for Ziggi USB Document Cam

Point 2 View is the king of back to school
One particularly hot seller continues to be our iconic Point 2 View USB Document Camera. There are literally hundreds of uses for this document camera in the classroom, and that’s not an exaggeration. Several accessories have been developed around the Point 2 View for even more versatility.

Point 2 View

Point 2 View USB Document Camera

This includes the Magnifying Lens as well as the Microscope Adapter Set, both of which are quite popular with science teachers.

P2V accessories

Part 2 of our Back to School Special is coming tomorrow, so stay tuned for even more.

Get Even Closer with the Point 2 View’s New Magnifying Lens


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If you’re an educator who has used the Point 2 View USB Document Camera, you know about the camera’s crystal-clear images, thanks to a 2-Megapixel CMOS sensor. And you might have taken advantage of the camera’s macro mode for capturing fine details and text from as close as 2 inches (5 cm) away. Now with the Magnifying Lens — P2V’s newest accessory — you can bring your teaching materials even closer to your students.

The Magnifying Lens is designed to fit snugly right over the front of the Point 2 View camera body — no clips or bolts or anything like that — and taking the lens off is just as easy. All you need to do after that is flip a switch to turn on the Lens’ built-in LED light to illuminate your subject. Then, lay the P2V and Magnifying Lens directly onto your subject. The Lens provides 2x magnification to make tiny details large and clear for projection and for sharing with the whole class. If you thought the Point 2 View alone could capture some stunning images, wait until you use the Magnifying Lens.

What type of things can the Magnifying Lens be used for in the classroom? Science stuff like leaves, wood grain, fabric, metals or electronic parts. Math stuff like diagrams and measuring instruments. Fine details from reproduced or original artwork. Money. Maps. A chart or timeline from the history textbook. And that’s just scratching the surface. As with all of our products, I’m sure we’ll get new ideas from customers about other great uses for the Magnifying Lens (send us a message at cs@ipevo.com if you have an idea to share!).

Please visit the Magnifying Lens page if you’d like more information and more pictures. And consider purchasing the Magnifying Lens for your classroom or school. We’re sure it will prove its value by offering new and better perspectives for your students.

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