Tubular—IPEVO Adds a Rock Star to Its Lineup


Filed Under (All Products, All Applications, PRODUCT, Tubular) by ipevoblog on 2009-12-30

First and foremost: everybody at IPEVO hopes you had a fantastic holiday, and we wish you the best of success in 2010!

IPEVO has a great new product to set the New Year off right. Tubular Wireless Speakers are coming, and it’s going to be big! I managed to get a sneak peak of Tubular from our development team, and I’m super-excited that IPEVO is starting the New Year off with a bang.

Tubular solves a couple problems a lot of us have with music player speakers. Most of these speakers are just plain too big. These “docking stations” usually just end up as permanent decorations, taking up a lot of space on your dresser or nightstand. We wanted you to be able to easily take our speakers on the go.

The other problem with docking stations is that they take the music player out of your hands! This is especially uncool if your player is a smartphone or another device you could be multitasking with.

Well, good design identifies existing problems and then offers solutions, and that’s what we think we’ve achieved with Tubular. What is Tubular? And why the funny name? Well, “tubular” is surf lingo, dude. It refers to riding in the “barrel” of the wave. And like a “tasty wave,” IPEVO’s Tubular features a cylinder design. But Tubular is not just about shape: any surfer will tell you “tubular” also means “cool” or “awesome.” And the most tubular part about Tubular is…!

Sorry, but I can’t reveal all the details yet! That wouldn’t be very fun. I know the suspense is unbearable, but you’ll have to wait until the next preview for more about Tubular.

For now, have a safe and happy New Year, and thanks for reading!