6 Reasons Why PadPillow Makes a Great Mother’s Day Gift


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Did you remember that Mother’s Day is almost here? Sure, we believe you — you didn’t forget! And even though it’s the thought that counts, Mom is going to take it personally if you don’t deliver on the big day. So why not skip the usual chocolates, flowers, or unwanted cookware? Here’s 6 reasons to surprise Mom with a PadPillow on Mother’s Day.

1. Health matters

Without adequate support, posture problems while using iPad are common in older and younger folks alike. With PadPillow, you can help Mom get comfortably and correctly situated while typing, surfing the web, or watching videos. And there’s another important reason to use a PadPillow: it provides just the right angle to support the hands and wrists for those with arthritis. In fact, many reviewers report just that on PadPillow’s Amazon webpage if you want to take a peek.


2. Comfort matters

Lightweight, soft materials make the PadPillow cushy and yet firm enough to do its thing. Plus, PadPillow’s soft foam will keep iPad’s heat away when she’s binge-watching her favorite show, reading a book she can’t put down, or enjoying a long video call.


3. Versatility matters

PadPillow was created for all generations of iPad. However, hundreds of users have come up with a long list of items you can also use it with, including Kindle, smart phones, some small laptops, other tablets and e-readers, and many more. So, if your mom has one of these products, chances are the PadPillow will be a great complement for her preferred device.

4. Design matters

Just take a look at the pictures — this could be love at first sight. The PadPillow is pretty! You just have to pick your mom’s favorite color (or the color that’ll match the living room curtains), and you’ll be all set.


5. Convenience matters

Made with easy-to-wash materials, PadPillow won’t cause any trouble if it gets dirty or needs to go into storage for a while. Plus, it’s small enough for Mom to take along whenever she travels, even on the bus or plane. PadPillow is just the right size. And remember, it’s not heavy at all.

6. Surprise matters

Mom won’t expect anything out of the ordinary for Mother’s Day, and that’s exactly what you can deliver with PadPillow. Besides, maybe she doesn’t even know that her perfect gift is just sitting out there and waiting for her? And moms, if you’re reading this and you get a PadPillow, I know what you’re thinking: that means an iPad is on its way too, right? Let’s hope so!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Who Loves PadPillow?


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We all love our iPad, and our iPad loves sitting on PadPillow, but PadPillow is also appreciated by a lot more! Here are some photos we received from PadPillow lovers.

PadPillow for kid

IPEVO’s unofficial mascot Roy and PadPillow.

PadPillow for Roy

“Shorty” on PadPillow.

PadPillow for pets

Shiba dog Sammy and PadPillow.

PadPillow for pets

PadPillow as chair cushion. Original blog entry in Japanese.


Having a sweet dream on PadPillow? Original blog entry in Japanese.


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Introducing PadPillow Lite!


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You may or may not know about (or own) IPEVO’s PadPillow, the comfy, cozy, and cushy way to support your iPad or ebook reader. PadPillow has been going strong for a couple of years and has been quite popular with our customers, but we thought it was high time to add another member to the PadPillow family. We are pleased to introduce PadPillow Lite.

PadPillow Lite borrows the original PadPillow’s comfort and versatility — as well as its removable soft cotton cover — but it packs these features into a smaller, lighter pillow stand. PadPillow Lite weighs less than 6 ounces! Some might prefer the larger size of the PadPillow, but we’re guessing others might appreciate having a smaller stand, especially to stow away in luggage for travel.

As for our favorite? We prefer both, of course. PadPillow for those long reading sessions in bed, and PadPillow Lite for relaxing on the sofa and checking email, surfing the web, or playing one of those lovely hidden object games. It’s a matter of personal preference, and we think there’s room for both in your universe.

Like the original, PadPillow Lite features two positions. It can be laid flat for a lower viewing angle, or folded together (and held fast with embedded magnets) for a steeper viewing angle. Again, it’s a matter of preference and situation. You might like different angles for watching movies versus playing games, for example.

PadPillow Lite fits all generations of iPad, but it can also accommodate many other brands and sizes of tablet computers as well as ebook readers like Kindle and Nook. And it’s available in either no-nonsense Dark Gray or a cute Pink.

Head on over to the IPEVO Store and check out more info and pictures for the PadPillow Lite. You’ll like it, we promise!

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The Accessory You Can Hug – Introducing PadPillow Pillow Stand for iPad


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Hey, iPad users. Need a little support for your iPad when you’re hanging out in bed surfing or working, or when you’re sitting on the couch, or even on the floor? We had that problem, too. You shouldn’t have to be chained to a desk to enjoy the kind of hands-free support you’d get from a metal stand or portfolio case stand, both of which need a hard and stable surface to work.

IPEVO PadPillow Pillow Stand for iPad

Enter PadPillow Pillow Stand, IPEVO‘s newest member of the family. PadPillow is designed for your own body as much as it is for the iPad. It’s a super-soft, super-comfy body pillow shaped like a triangle—well, two triangles with a soft hinge, but we’ll get to that in a second. Basically, you can use PadPillow on your lap or belly for extended, comfortable use of the iPad. It’ll feel as cozy and huggable as a bed pillow, with its soft foam and its 100% cotton denim cover. But it’ll be stable enough to keep the iPad at just the right viewing angle for all your multimedia apps—Angry Birds, anyone?—as well as the movie-watching, emailing, and all that other fun and productive stuff you do.

IPEVO PadPillow Pillow Stand for iPad and iPad 2

It’s also pretty darned versatile. Remember I said it has two sections connected with a soft hinge? You can extend these triangular sections out and rest a full Bluetooth keyboard in front of the iPad, and then rest your hands on a comfy foam wrist support. Or, you can fold the sections together to make a compact triangle that’s great for your lap or, say, the arm of a sofa. In this configuration, a raised leather label acts as a stopper to keep the iPad in place. Pretty smart. In either position, you can use PadPillow’s unique shape to change the viewing angle just by changing the position of your body. Now that’s comfort computing!

IPEVO PadPillow Pillow Stand

A couple other notes: the blue denim cover is removable and machine-washable. We bet you’ll be using PadPillow as a pillow for your head at some point, maybe after a long day of shooting aliens or what not, so we want PadPillow to always be fresh and clean for you. Also, while PadPillow was designed for the iPad, it can accommodate many other types of tablet computers, along with ebook readers like the Nook or Kindle, and even regular books and magazines. So tackle that War and Peace novel you’ve always been meaning to—you now have a fun and functional pillow to help you get through the lengthier passages.

IPEVO PadPillow Pillow Stand

Try PadPillow out in bed, on the carpet, on the lounger or the deck chair, or on your sectional. We guarantee PadPillow will take you to Cloud Nine in no time.