The Power of the Spoken Voice — Intellipad and Tubular Wireless Speakers


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Intellipad and IPEVO Tubular

intellipadHave you heard about the Intellipad app? It’s an education app featuring rich text-to-speech features and keyboard customizations to help students with reading and writing skills. We read a very interesting article about the origins of Intellipad, and how its designers had special-needs children particularly in mind. Cheryl Bergman, the Director at Intellipad, had this to say about the power of the iPad in education:

“It is interactive, delivers a direct cause-and-effect relationship, and provides opportunities to learn materials in a multi-sensory way.”

In this regard, one of the best features is the powerful text-to-speech functionality, something that’s perfect for students who could benefit from the “multi-sensory” approach Cheryl is talking about.

For teachers considering the Intellipad for standard classrooms or special-needs environments, IPEVO has the perfect accessory to complement your efforts: Tubular Wireless Speakers.

If you’re not familiar with Tubular, it’s a portable tube of interlocking Bluetooth wireless speakers. It’s just as portable as your iPad, and it can pair up with your device to deliver strong stereo sound — a significant upgrade from iPad’s built-in speaker. Whether it’s a one-on-one session or an entire classroom, Tubular has the power to reach your students on that extra auditory level of learning that might make all the difference. And it’d be a great way to get the most out of the Intellipad app.

Check out Tubular Wireless Speaker’s product page for more information, and thanks for reading.

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Tubular Scores with Top Ten Reviews!


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Top Ten Reviews

Here at IPEVO, we’ve always loved You can find an objective and thorough “top ten” of just about anything, from kids chemistry sets to payroll software. We’ve relied on this site to provide sound advice for some of the choices we’ve made as a business, as a matter of fact. And that’s why we’re particularly excited to see that Tubular Wireless Speakers have made the Top Ten list for wireless computer speakers!

Read the review for yourself, but here are some highlights:

IPEVO Tubular Wireless Speakers

“The IPEVO Tubular Wireless Speakers, another great two-way speaker system found in our wireless computer speakers review, will become the next gadget you can’t live without.”

“The clever interlock design of the IPEVO Tubular Wireless Speakers is one of their best features. They will work connected or separately, and since they interlock, they’re a breeze to tote in your backpack, purse and even a standard-sized car cup holder.”

“The IPEVO Tubular Wireless Speakers compact size can’t be beat. They’re 2.9 inches tall, 5.5 inches wide and 2.5 inches deep. At only 9.5 ounces, these wireless speakers are the lightest in our review.”

“The IPEVO Tubular Wireless Speakers deliver portable stereo sound that may surprise you. And they’re a breeze to use.”

“From their memorable design that enables an unlimited array of uses to their surprisingly good sound, the IPEVO Tubular Wireless Speakers are a wise choice for audiophiles with Bluetooth devices who are on the hunt for the best wireless speakers to meet their needs.”

Wow, I really don’t think we could have said it better ourselves. And it’s interesting to see Tubular is the lightest set of speakers in the top ten, which is appropriate, because Tubular was designed to give you music that goes where you do. Anyway, visit for great reviews, and visit for great products. Tubular Wireless Speakers are on sale at 25% off for only $59.13. That’s not a lot of coin for a lot of sound… in a little package.

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iPad and Tubular Wireless Speakers – A Match Made in Heaven #5


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Here’s the fifth and final installment in our blog series about how Tubular Wireless Speakers and iPad make beautiful music together. Literally.

This entry takes some inspiration from the TechEd convention. Remember TechEd? IPEVO recently had the chance to show educators the Point 2 View USB Camera, and its ability to project documents, math equations, and demonstrations for lessons.

At the convention, there was a ton of buzz about the iPad as well. Because iPad is very portable, and an excellent digital book reader, educators were excited about the notion of leaving their satchel full of heavy textbooks at home, in favor of the very slim iPad loaded with digital books.

The iPad also promises interactivity and media-rich learning, including presentations through the Keynote application. And with a VGA adapter, you can hook the iPad up to a projector and play presentations, videos, photos, and more for a classroom or meeting.

Well, that got our gears turning: you have a lightweight, multimedia device for presenting to a classroom or business meeting. But what about the sound embedded in presentations, or the soundtrack for videos, or the music intended for a photo slideshow? Tubular Wireless Speakers to the rescue!

Fill a (small) bag with iPad, Tubular, and the Point 2 View camera, and you have a full mobile teaching system. We added it up, and all three devices in total weigh less than four pounds! Now that’s portable.

With this teaching trio, you can enter any classroom with a projector and do just about anything. And because Tubular is wireless, you can separate them from iPad to best position the speakers for your students, so they can enjoy stereo sound that’s loud enough for everyone to hear. The tech geek in me is just salivating at all the possibilities.

Our little series has come to an end, but we definitely have not exhausted all the things you can do with Tubular Wireless Speakers and iPad. If we sparked any ideas for your own use of Tubular, or you have any ideas to share, we’d love to hear from you. Thanks, and remember: live out loud!

For more information about Tubular Wireless Speakers, please visit:

For more information about Point 2 View USB Camera, please visit:

iPad and Tubular Wireless Speakers – A Match Made in Heaven #4


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iPad and Tubular Wireless Speakers

Are you ready for our fourth installment about iPad and Tubular Wireless Speakers working in perfect harmony? Of course you are.

This entry is all about videos. With its 9.7 inch (and quite gorgeous) LCD screen, the iPad seems to scream, “Watch me! Use me for videos!” But especially if you purchased the 16GB model, there’s not an awful lot of space to put videos on the iPad itself. And beyond that, there’s the trouble of transferring all your large video files from your home computer over to the iPad.

The solution is video streaming, and there’s a cool app called Air Video that allows you to stream videos from your computer and then play them on-the-fly on your iPad, no matter the format your videos happen to be in.

And, while sometimes it’s fine to listen to the soundtrack on earphones, at other times it’d be nice to share videos with friends, coworkers at a meeting, or anyone else. Enter Tubular Wireless Speakers! Use Air Video to stream all your computer’s videos to your iPad, and then use Tubular to play stereo sound out loud so everyone can enjoy.

Plus, kids seem to love the iPad, and they love sharing it with friends. You can use Air Video to restrict streaming to specified “family-friendly” folders, and the kids or the whole family can enjoy videos. And for places where Wi-Fi might be difficult to get, download a few favorite videos directly to the iPad. Picture this: kids in the backseat with the iPad, and Tubular in the cupholder so everyone can hear. Yep, it’s that compact; check out ideas for having Tubular Wireless Speakers in the car. Now that’s a road trip everyone can agree on.

So, if you’re an iPad user hungry for videos, consider Air Video, and definitely consider Tubular Wireless Speakers. Don’t settle for “just okay” audio: a beautiful image deserves great speakers.

For more information about Tubular Wireless Speakers, please visit:

iPad and Tubular Wireless Speakers – A Match Made in Heaven #3


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This is the third installment of our blog series about all the possibilities of pairing Apple’s iPad with IPEVO’s Tubular Wireless Speakers.

Spring is in the air, and summer is nearly upon us. It’s time to get outside and enjoy Mother Nature, even for us bookworms. Because if you like to spend your free time with your nose buried in a book, you might as well do it in a hammock sipping a lemonade, or on the porch soaking up the sun, right?

Well, a lot of people are excited about iPad and its potential to be a great digital book reader. Carry a small library in a half-inch thick, pound-and-a-half little miracle, which can display all your books for easy reading. It’s the kind of portability that’s perfect for a trip to the beach or the park.

So, you’re outdoors, enjoying a quick summer read on your iPad. There’s a gentle breeze, the sun is shining, and it’s just the right temperature. And perhaps, on a very special long weekend, you have taken a trip up the coast, or visited wine country, or driven to a national park for a camping trip, or any of the wonderful activities possible this time of year. What’s the one thing missing from your perfect day? A little musical accompaniment, of course. Whether it’s light classical music, a little smooth jazz, or the latest pop tunes, it’s sometimes fun to give your outdoor excursion a soundtrack.

And that’s where Tubular Wireless Speakers come in. These ultra-compact speakers are the perfect portable companion for your iPad. You’ll be traveling extremely light, but you’ll still be able to enjoy great stereo sound to bring another kind of library—your iTunes library—to life. Tubular will communicate wirelessly with your iPad via Bluetooth, and before you know it, you’re enjoying songs from a favorite playlist right along with your e-book. Plus, because they’re wireless, you can set the speakers up well away from your iPad, to avoid distraction and provide just that right amount of ambient music.

So get out there and enjoy the Great Outdoors, book lovers. And don’t forget the music, with the ipad and tubular!

To visit the Tubular Wireless Speakers’ Product Page:

iPad and Tubular Wireless Speakers – A Match Made in Heaven #2


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Welcome to the second installment of our blog series on the beautiful possibilities of pairing Apple’s iPad with IPEVO’s Tubular Wireless Speakers.

This entry focuses on a subject that will definitely interest you: food! Cooks come in two types: naturals, who create great dishes with a little instruction and a lot of instinct; and the rest of us, who need plenty of guidance and hand-holding. But no matter which culinary category you’re in, it’s always fun to try new recipes and learn a few techniques from professionals and amateurs alike. And sometimes pulling it all off is a little tough.

The iPad, along with Tubular Wireless Speakers, would be a great addition to the kitchen. Think about it: load up a cooking show from iTunes, or explore YouTube to find a cooking tutorial for a dish you’d like to try. Set up the iPad on the counter, then use Tubular to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth with the iPad. Now you’ve got a complete video as well as audio solution for discovering that amazing new recipe. iPad will give you a compact view screen—ideal for counters often cramped with appliances or cooking items—and equally compact Tubular will provide stereo sound for all the steps and ingredients. Tubular is loud and clear enough to be heard from across the kitchen, a feature that iPad’s built-in speakers just won’t be able to match.

Also consider that Tubular can be easily moved around (remember, no wires) for your convenience, while keeping the iPad in place. Move Tubular from the sink, where you’ve been chopping vegetables, to the countertop across the room to mix ingredients. You’ll never miss a moment of the soundtrack. And if you’re a restaurant chef operating in a larger kitchen, Tubular’s portability makes even more sense.

We hope we’ve provided a little “food for thought.” Be sure to check back soon for more ideas for using Tubular and iPad.

To visit the Tubular Wireless Speakers’ Product Page:

iPad and Tubular Wireless Speakers – A Match Made in Heaven #1


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Unless you’ve been living in a cave (and honestly, we have nothing against cave dwellers), you’ve probably heard about Apple‘s unveiling of their newest product, the iPad. It promises to bring the tablet computer from oddity to must-have equipment. It has an impressive 9.7 inch HD screen, and it’s slim enough to bring along without being a burden. The design, along with Apple’s huge app support, look to be a winning combination.

We’re as excited about the iPad as everybody else. And someone here had the thought: Aren’t Tubular Wireless Speakers a perfect accessory for this cool new tablet? And the more we think about it, the more Tubular and iPad seem like an ideal marriage. So, in our never-ending quest to augment your tech intelligence, we’re going to hit you with a few blog entries about Tubular and iPad working together in perfect harmony.

This blog focuses on a very appealing possibility for the iPad and Tubular: video watching. Given a good-sized, beautiful screen, as well as rich iTunes support for buying video content, the iPad is basically a portable mini-TV. So, the iPad has video covered, but what about audio? It has a built-in speaker. That makes for “okay” mono audio, but hey, built-in speakers have a reputation for mediocrity for a reason. The other option is the earphone jack. However, if you want to share your movie with a friend—and that’s sometimes the best part, isn’t it?—or you don’t otherwise want to be “leashed” to the iPad, earphones don’t make sense. Plus, the iPad’s earphone jack is on the top, meaning that ugly cord might create some visual mischief by hanging down over the screen.

Enter Tubular Wireless Speakers. No wires, no headache. Tubular will effortlessly communicate with the iPad via Bluetooth for great sound. Enjoy your movie with a friend or two at a pleasant viewing distance, sitting on your comfy couch, bean bag chair, grassy knoll—I don’t know, get creative. You’ll enjoy stereo sound out loud, instead of less-than-excellent mono audio. And doesn’t your favorite TV show or the latest and greatest blockbuster (Avatar, anyone?) simply beg for a first-class audio experience?

Check back, dear reader, the iPad-Tubular party is just getting started.

To visit the Tubular Wireless Speakers’ Product Page:

Tubular Wireless Speakers Make All the Right Moves


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I just caught up with our friend Jenni Hong. She’s busy busy busy, but graciously took the time out of her schedule to chat about her use of our favorite wireless speakers, Tubular.

Jenni is the artistic director and choreographer of Jenni Hong Dance, based in New York City. I don’t know much about dance – frankly I’m a hazard out there on the dance floor, and I step on a lot of toes – so it was great to learn about a gifted performer pursuing her craft. In mid-February, Jenni and her dance company enjoyed a week-long residency at historic Kirkland Farm, located in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. This place has a rich history as an artist’s haven dating back to the 1930s; definitely check out the link, it’s pretty interesting, and awfully scenic!

Images from Jenni Hong Dance

Images from Jenni Hong Dance

Anywho, the company rehearsed and developed new routines in the various cool places on the farm, getting creative by taking advantage of the “found” spaces.

Like I said, I don’t know much about dance, but I do know it’s best to do it to music. And how are performance artists like Jenni Hong and her company going to blast out the tunes in a convenient and ultra-portable way, so as not to hinder the creative process? Enter Tubular Wireless Speakers.

“The portability of Tubular was fantastic when we were doing site-specific work,” Jenni told us, “whether it was dancing around in a random staircase, a horse barn, a large bath tub, or other places, because we could just carry it wherever we go, indoors or outdoors.”

Jenni continued: “The ability to control songs played on Tubular with my iPhone was also very helpful when we were working in various corners of the big house we were in. We could just leave Tubular in one place and deal with volume and switching tracks from wherever we were.”

Jenni pretty much summed it all up. Tubular is compact and wireless, and that makes it very portable. Plus, it’s Bluetooth-capable, and that means you can use your Bluetooth music player as your remote control. When you want to enjoy music with friends (or in Jenni’s case, enjoy music AND do work), and you don’t want a lot of hassle, Tubular Wireless Speakers are your answer. Thanks a lot, Jenni, and best of luck to Jenni Hong Dance!

To visit Jenni Hong Dance’s website, please visit:

To visit the Tubular Wireless Speakers’ Product Page:

Tubular Wireless Speakers in a Car?


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It’s been a couple of weeks since our Tubular Wireless Speakers launch. One question in particular has come up from people we’ve introduced our speakers to, a question which left us initially scratching our heads: can Tubular be used in the car?

A car? Sounds like a good idea, except for the fact that cars sorta have speakers of their own. But, as we discovered, there are in fact a few reasons this makes sense.

Then it dawned on us… just consider. You’ve got your smartphone—maybe your trusty iPhone—and you’ve got all your music stored on it. You want to jam to your own songs on the road. One, your stereo might not be outfitted with an auxiliary iPod connector. That’s one reason for taking Tubular along.

Two, it’s kind of a hassle to plug in an iPhone even if you do have that connector. Plus, I don’t know about you, but usually I forget to take the darn iPhone with me once I leave the car when it’s plugged in like that. If you’ve got Tubular Wireless Speakers—with all the wonders of Bluetooth—you can leave your iPhone in your pocket and still jam to your music library by playing through Tubular.

Three, say you’re a classic car enthusiast, and you don’t want to mess with the original period radio. In that case, listening to tunes on Tubular is also the way to go. Keep your four-wheeled beauty in the past, but enjoy your favorite tunes in the present.

There’s one more reason why Tubular Wireless Speakers make sense in the car. Frequent business travelers who go from rental car to rental car don’t have to search for channels or figure out an unfamiliar (and usually minimal) car radio. Just carry our favorite musical tube around, and you’ve got an easy way to transport and enjoy your music out loud.

Meanwhile, the speaker can sit in the most perfect of places: the cup holder. This was clearly meant to be. It’s fate. It’s destiny.

On the topic of cup holders, one smart person even came up with yet another fun place for Tubular Wireless Speakers: the cup holder of a stroller when you’re on your daily walk or running errands with Baby. How genius is that? Very.

Where will you use Tubular Wireless Speakers? We don’t know, but it’ll be fun to find out.

For more information about Tubular Wireless Speakers, please visit:

Image and Sound – the Perfect Marriage, IPEVO-Style


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Do you know the only thing cooler than using an IPEVO product? Using two. So I happen to love our stuff. Can you blame me?

A friend here mentioned this scenario the other day. What if you want to demonstrate an iPhone? Say it’s a web chat. You could be a tech blogger, you could be sharing a neat iPhone app with a friend, the list goes on. Well, two things should go in to the demonstration: image, and sound.

As for image… hmm… the ideal image-capture device should have some sort of macro mode so it can catch all the fine details and little text of the iPhone screen. And, it should probably have a good amount of flexibility as far as how you could position it. Point 2 View USB CameraAfter all, during the demonstration, you want to hold and operate the iPhone like you would normally hold it. So… hmm, this is a tough one. You need the ability to capture real-time images up close with good resolution, and you need a device that can be positioned just where you want it.

Oh yeah! That’s a perfect description if IPEVO’s Point 2 View USB Camera! It has a great macro mode, and a unique posable stand. Image is taken care of.

Now, let’s figure out sound. Hmm, earphones aren’t exactly going to cut it, are they? You need to blast that sound out into the open, whether it’s music or game sound effects or most anything an app can generate. What are the alternatives? A docking station? You can’t use that, you need the iPhone in your hands. And it would be nice to take advantage of the iPhone’s Bluetooth capability, wouldn’t it? No wires to get in the way, total freedom to do what you need to do.

Tubular Wireless SpeakersDing ding! IPEVO’s Tubular Wireless Speakers are the ideal audio solution. Cute, Bluetooth capable, easy to pair, good stereo sound. Sounds like you’ve got a sleek multimedia presentation going on, courtesy of two of IPEVO’s newest gadgets. Now get out there and share that app with the world!