IPEVO’s Back to School Special, Part 2


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Back to School

We’re back with the second part of our Back to School Special. Here’s more that will interest educators and parents. Got iPad? We’ve Got iPad Accessories iPad continues to make inroads into education, and we have everything you need to make the most of everyone’s favorite tablet. For two examples, check out the Perch Desktop Stand (which is a great stand to hold iPad in place for stop motion video projects) and the Typi Folio Case + Wireless Keyboard. Typing is a great skill for young learners to develop, and many educators have reported success teaching typing with this versatile three-in-one case, stand and keyboard.

Perch and Typi

Back-to-School Sale: the PV-01 Save money with our sale for the PV-01 360 Degree Rotating Folio Case for iPad. With many cases, your only option is landscape orientation. But with PV-01, just give the inside case a twist to enjoy both landscape and portrait modes. Normally $26.00, PV-01 in four classy colors is now available for just $12.99! Don’t leave your valuable iPad unprotected: take a spin with the PV-01.

PV-01 360 Degree Rotating Folio Case for iPad

PV-01 360 Degree Rotating Folio Case for iPad

Exclusive Amazon PadPillow Deal, Plus $3 Coupon Attention deal hunters: we’re pleased to announce a special offer on Amazon for our extremely popular PadPillow Pillow Stand. The stand that conforms to your body (or bed, or chair, or carpet) for comfy iPad sessions is selling for just $24.95. PLUS: Check out this $3 off Amazon coupon through Facebook.

Use both and pay just $21.95. And while you’re on Facebook, Like us, please!

Amazon Special Amazon Special

Knowledge is Power for Back to School
There are several resources available on the web with handy tips and tricks so you can make the most out of IPEVO products in your classroom. Many such tips have been culled straight from educators. Check out some of these links for ideas and inspiration:
WS-01 Wireless Station
Ziggi-HD USB Document Camera
Point 2 View USB Document Camera
IPEVO Typi Folio Case + Wireless Keyboard for iPad 4, 3 and 2 PadPillow Pillow Stand for iPad
Remember: IPEVO is ready to be your back-to-school partner. Best of luck in the coming year, and let’s change education for the better a little bit at a time.

IPEVO’s Two Newest Stars — Chopstakes and Typi


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IPEVO Chopstakes & Typi

As so often happens, each of IPEVO‘s two new products started with identifying a problem and then coming up with a solution.

With respect to Chopstakes, we’ve all had one of those moments when you tap your iPad (or iPad 2) in the slightly wrong place. Misstrokes are a part of life with our touchscreen technology. But do they have to be? There are some stylus products on the market to give you better control, but when you’re using a stylus, it’s pretty awkward (if not impossible) to perform multitouch gestures. Isn’t there a way to combine razor-sharp stylus control with multitouch capability for your iPad?

IPEVO Chopstakes

Our solution to that problem is Chopstakes. No, you can’t eat with them, but they’ll definitely offer up some deliciously precise control –along with plenty of meaty multitouch magic—for your iPad sessions.

So what exactly are Chopstakes? They are multitouch styli (the plural of stylus; you have to love that word) that come as a pair. They’re priced less than buying two separate styli from the other guys. And they’re designed to work as a team. You can hold them with one in each hand for multitouch functions—rotating, zooming, grouping items together in Keynote and other applications, and of course, gaming.

Chopstakes Usage

Chopstakes are made from a handsome forged aluminum, and they feature special rubber tips made just for the iPad’s touchscreen. They’ll give you the omnidirectional precision you need, and the effortless multitouch capability you never thought was possible with a stylus.

Let’s hop on over to Typi now. You’ll love Typi. In this case, the problem we identified was how best to accessorize your iPad 2. Sure, there are nice cases, nice stands, and decent (and usually expensive) Bluetooth keyboards. But how often do they work perfectly with each other? In our experience, never — until Typi.


Typi is three accessories in one case, stand, and full QWERTY keyboard. You’ll be amazed at what this slim package can do. The case keeps your iPad 2 scratch-free and protected (not to mention looking good), but when you need to prop up your touchscreen, the case’s strap can do the job in no time at all. Three distinct viewing angles are possible with just a couple snaps of a button.

But we didn’t stop there. Typi also comes with a Bluetooth wireless keyboard so touchscreen typing will never slow you down. The keyboard even has special hotkeys for some common iPad functions. This is one busy accessory!

Typi Hotkeys

We’ve only scratched the surface of what you can do with Chopstakes and Typi, but you get the idea: we’re helping you to get the most out of your iPad. Take a look at Chopstakes’ product page as well as Typi’s product page for more info and pictures.

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