Build an iPad Charging Station for Under $100


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Many teachers are using multiple iPads in the classroom, but with school budgets tight, they might not have the luxury of a full charging cart to keep multiple iPads fully juiced throughout the day. Here’s a fast, easy, and most of all inexpensive way to build a DIY charging station.

Tips on the Right Charger

When it comes to electrical products, safety always comes first. So, when choosing the charger, don’t forget to check the UL certification on the label, which tells you that the device has been tested and won’t short out or do anything electrically funky.

Some charging devices can charge multiple iPads, but they might have only 1 or 2 charge ports rated at a full 2.1 amps, which is what iPads need to charge at the fastest speed (as with the standard Apple adapter). So, finding a charger with all ports rated at 2.1 amps is essential for maximum efficiency.

Step 1: What You Need

300x200The USB SuperCharger from IPEVO. It’s only $59, and it can charge four iPads simultaneously. And because each charge port is rated at a full 2.1 amps, the charge time is just as quick as with the standard Apple adapter. It’s also UL-certified.

Table or Shelf Space. Carve out a small but dedicated space in your classroom to keep the iPads when you’re not using them. This’ll cut down on misplaced iPads or accidental damage, and it’ll make sure unused iPads are getting charged throughout the day.

(Optional) 2 Magazine Holders. Like this cheap 2-pack from Staples. It’s not essential, but it works out a little better than just stacking the iPads on top of each other on the table. For one thing, each iPad is easier to grab and put back.

(Optional) An Additional USB SuperCharger. This’ll push you a little past $100, but with 2 SuperChargers you could charge 8 iPads at the same time! For larger classrooms, this could easily be worth the extra cost.

Step 2: Setup

The USB SuperCharger only needs a single electrical outlet to install. It also has a good amount of weight, so wherever you place it, it’s not likely to slide around or tilt up in the air. See these couple of real-life examples for typical setups. If you do choose to use magazine holders or something similar, you’ll be that much more organized.

That’s all there is to it. For around $100 or less you’ve got a setup that’s doing the job of a charging cart that costs 5, 10, or 15 times as much! Have fun.

How to Put a Charge Into Your Classroom with the USB SuperCharger


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More and more teachers are using iPads in the classroom, whether it’s for special projects or for everyday lessons. And when you get that many tablets together — and that many young students who may or may not have perfect charging habits — keeping all the iPads charged throughout the day becomes a huge challenge.

That’s why IPEVO introduced the USB SuperCharger. The USB SuperCharger is a convenient 4-slot charging station that will keep those iPads juiced. Using just a single wall socket, teachers can keep up to 4 iPads charging.


The thing that makes the USB SuperCharger special is that each of its 4 charging slots features a full 2.1 amps. That means the iPads are charging at full speed. You might be familiar with chargers which deliver a weak, slow charge because 2.1 amps is being spread to 2 or more iPads. That’s not the case with the USB SuperCharger. Speed is never compromised.

Given its 4 slots and full charge speeds, the USB SuperCharger is all about smart battery management. You can keep the USB SuperCharger out on a desk or tabletop as a dedicated charging station. Neither the teacher nor the students have to fish around for an extra adapter or hunt for a spare wall socket.

When’s the best time and what’s the best schedule for charging? You’ll quickly discover what works best in your classroom. Keep the iPads plugged in while students are using them, and you’ll never have to worry about dead batteries stopping a lesson. Or, plug the iPads in between activities (or at night) so they never get low. You can even keep a few extra iPads charging on reserve so you can swap out any iPads on low batteries. That way, the lesson is never interrupted.

Through the IPEVO Wishpool program, we learned how teacher Dee Hamlet from St. Joseph Catholic School in Marion, Iowa uses the USB SuperCharger in her classroom:

“Now we are able to use multiple iPads in our classroom throughout the day without worrying about the batteries dying. Charging 4 of my 7 iPads at one time each night is helping free up more iPads for center, group, and individual work. My students are able to create movies, use the web, and interact with one another more on their blog now that they have more iPads available to use each day.”

And here’s how teacher Nancy Hoatson from Sutherland Public School in Nebraska characterized her use of the USB SuperCharger:


“I am astounded by the speed and versatility of the IPEVO USB SuperCharger. I am able to charge four of my iPads at the same time in a fraction of the time it takes to charge one device. I can charge any device that has a USB charger. I have 5 iPads and 25 students and this charger has changed my classroom, making all my resources accessible all day long.”

How will you use your USB SuperCharger? Check it out and discover how it could change your classroom.