How iZiggi-HD is Changing Arts in the Classroom


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Art is a visual medium. And when you’re teaching art for an entire classroom of students, sharing different types of artwork can be a problem. That’s why more and more art teachers are turning to the IPEVO iZiggi-HD Wireless Document Camera to present their work in glorious HD. iZiggi-HD is small and it’s wireless, meaning you can place it most anywhere, and it’s definitely not a budget breaker. Let’s take a look at some real-life examples of the doc cam in action.

Here’s Mrs. Smith’s art class in Black River Middle School. While Mrs. Smith is at her desk drawing with models, she’s using iZiggi-HD to capture every stroke. The real-time video is wirelessly streamed to her students’ iPad. And voila! Now each child can get a close-up view of the fine details. The need to hover over the teacher’s shoulder is over. Check out the full video:


And how about Mrs. Allain’s class in Schenectady, NY? Here’s what she had to say about her use of iZiggi-HD:

“We can share the same visual experience from any seat in the classroom and it has made the learning accessible to all of the students. The kids have responded so well to the use of the camera for reading stories and viewing illustrations, examining art work, and observing demonstrations while drawing, painting, and sculpting.”



Meanwhile, Mrs. Rondeau in Altoona, IA has found that iZiggi-HD can help make art lessons more accessible to students with vision limitations:

“I have several students with vision limitations that make it difficult for them to look back & forth between their work and the big screen. While still projecting the image for the whole class, I can connect iPads to the iZiggi’s WiFi and those students can see the same thing much closer to their eyes.”


Mrs. Piety in Saint Paul, MN emphasizes the way iZiggi-HD has enhanced group collaboration and activities:

“I was able to move the camera from group to group, and thus minimize the amount of distraction due to transitioning an entire group of middle school children from one part of the room to the other. The kids were able to share what they were working on as a group, garner feedback, and adjust their practices as needed. I especially loved when the kids were able to provide direction to groups in “real time.”



BONUS: Music Class! Who said all art was visual? In the case of this Fargo, ND band teacher, students’ music has been made visual by projecting musical scores. He had this to say:

“It has changed my teaching! Students now see visually what I am trying to tell them. They see it in context and it is amazing to see everyone in the band improve their own playing based on the feedback given to others.”


Have your own story to share? How do you think the iZiggi-HD Wireless Document Camera would change your art or music class? Let us know!

Welcome to Mrs. Decker’s Magic Pen


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★”Share and win” Event

Suzan Decker, Conewago Elementary School, Elizabethtown, PA

Click Clack MOO! Oh no, let’s get this right… Click Clack Pen!!!! Welcome to Mrs. Decker’s Magic Pen! The IS-01 is kindergarten’s “Magic Pen”! It is a regular staple in our AM and PM kindergarten classes! Since the induction of pen in Room 101, the children, our classroom aide and I have been able to use this form of technology on a daily basis! Listed below are just a few of the many ways the IS-01 helps to educate my students on a daily basis:

*In the morning, along with the IPEVO document camera, a checklist of names appears on the whiteboard allowing each child to click on a favorite color and “Check In” for daily attendance. (I have no trouble with the children forgetting to check in because the pen is so motivating!)

*While guided reading groups are going on, the IS-01 pen allows the Work on Writing group (Daily 5) to practice writing sight words, color coding the vowels in one color and/or spelling patterns in another color.

*Beginning readers use the pen to circle and count words as they learn the difference between a letter and a word. The children use the tool to underline words in a poem that rhyme or to circle a comma or a period in a sentence.

*As their teacher, it allows me to creatively teach the Writing Trait –Conventions –using the color green for the word “I” at the beginning of a sentence to understand that every sentence begins with a capital letter, write the rest of the sentence in black and end the sentence with a blue period. Children’s stories, during peer editing, can be checked for conventions using the above model.

*In math, the children are able to complete a math page together and are able to actively participate in the lesson in a large or small group setting. Also, the pen allows for so much color coding at this level to breakdown concepts that can be very difficult for a kindergarten child in math. With the new PA standards, children are creating and using 10 frames for adding and subtracting .The pen allows them to understand the concepts by actively engaging in the lesson.

*Lastly, the IS-01 technology has allowed me to be given the highest marks available in the technology category under the New Teacher Evaluation System for Pennsylvania My principal was so impressed.  All of this time, he thought that the technology teachers were the upper grade teachers down the hall. He had no idea how tech savvy I had become using your products which include the IS-01 and the document camera. He said that I was the best kept secret when it comes to using a variety of technology in my classroom!

Simply put, the IS-01 has helped me create strategies that teach across the entire spectrum of learning in my classroom. It has changed the way I teach and has had such an effect on the “light bulbs” turning on in their little minds with a variety of concepts so much earlier in the year. Many students are able to “get it”, to understand a concept so much faster because of the “Magic Pen!” The “Magic Pen” does a lot of work helping to educate so many students in both half day kindergarten sessions.

But, I know that none of this would have been possible without your generous gifts and contributions you so willing donate to classroom teachers.  So, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for the opportunity to become a better teacher using your products and for giving them so freely to all of the teachers who are smart enough to use your WISHPOOL  to use technology in the classroom.


IS-01 – The Sharpest Tool in my Technology Toolbox!


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Sue Haney, Richland Elementary School, Crest Hill, IL

The IPEVO IS-01 has transformed the learning of my first graders in so many ways!  It is amazing that this technology allows our whiteboard to function as an interactive whiteboard at such a small cost.  The students are always excited to participate in learning activities when they know they will get to use the pen to display their learning.


While we initially used it for basic on-line learning games, I found so many wonderful tools available on-line that help me to create engaging, CCSS-aligned lessons in all content areas.  My first graders use the IS-01 with on-line manipulatives to make patterns, explain their mathematical thinking, solve problems, label their work, create composite shapes, create graphs, measure using a variety of non-standard units, and so much more.


When coupled with the alphabet manipulatives available on-line, the IS-01 creates a fantastic “word work” station for small groups.  Literacy activities are taken to a new level of engagement when used with the IS-01. Students are motivated to practice telling time when we use on-line clock activities projected on the screen for teams to “beat the clock.” The on-line activities accompanying our social studies and science curriculum no longer require students to stand by the computer, as they can use the pen to control the activity.  My young students have become adept at calibrating the IS-01 to prepare for any activity because it is so easy to use.

This tool has introduced my young students to the endless possibilities for using technology to collaborate with other learners and enhance their learning.  It is by far the most used tool in my technology toolbox!

View this on my wikispaces page at:


Have an IS-01? Share and Win Starting July 21st!


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If you’ve used the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System in your classroom, we want to share your story to inspire other educators. And as thanks, you’ll get the chance to win free IPEVO gear! It’s all happening in our Share and Win event starting July 21st.


If you’re not familiar with IS-01, it’s an affordable two-piece system which turns any whiteboard or projector surface into an interactive whiteboard. An Interactive Pen controls your mouse, including cursor movement and clicks. Teaching material is transformed, becoming more interactive and more engaging. It’s a simple but powerful way to teach, and the possibilities are endless.

How have you used your IS-01? Write a story between 150 and 500 words, include a couple pictures of the IS-01 in action, and give us some basic info about yourself. That’s it! Submit your material by midnight on August 6th. All eligible entries will be posted on IPEVO’s website by August 12th, and you’ll be automatically entered for cool prizes. The top 5 stories receive a free iZiggi-HD Wireless Document Camera. Plus, if you simply share your posted story on your social media, you’ll receive a free PadPillow Pillow Stand. Yes, it’s that easy to get some nice gear. All the details, including how to enter, are on the Share and Win website. And if you’re looking for real-life inspiration, consider visiting the IPEVO Wishpool site for stories straight from other educators. Remember, the last day you can submit your story is August 6th, so don’t procrastinate: Share and Win! We’re sure you have a great idea for how to use the IS-01, and we want everyone to know about it.


Wishpool — Now 500 Wish Stories Strong!


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Heard of Wishpool? It’s IPEVO’s new way of getting education technology into the hands of more teachers. And we’re extremely pleased to announce a big milestone in this initiative. Even though it’s only been going on for a month or so, we’ve already received 500 wish stories from educators! And each day, we’re trying our best to make as many of those wishes come true as we can.

To date, we have delivered 356 Point 2 View USB Document Cameras and 325 Typi Folio Cases + Wireless Keyboard to 230 schools across 4 countries (Canada, Finland, United Kingdom and United States). And reports have been trickling in about how these handy ed tech accessories have impacted learning and teaching in the classroom. It feels great to know that IPEVO tech is making a difference, and we can’t wait to see what else our enterprising teachers have in store.

We want to keep the momentum going, so if you’re an educator who thinks IPEVO technology could help maximize teaching as well as learning, we’d like to hear from you. Make a wish today for free, and you might join all of the folks who have already had their wish stories come true.

What kind of teachers are becoming Wishpoolers? Check out the Wishpool site and see for yourself, and here’s also a small sample:

Colleen Rose at Nipigon-Red Rock District High School
Red Rock, Ontario, Canada

“Our art program has started to embrace technology! The Point 2 View document camera would help me demonstrate a variety of ways to use media for studio lessons, but it would also allow students to show their methods as well.”

Chelsea Rawhoof at Pecatonica Elementary School
Pecatonica, Illinois

“My kids and I do a lot of writing. I would love to be able to model writing for them using this camera. It would allow me to edit right along with them using the same paper.”

Brian Dunagan at Mooresville Middle School
Mooresville, North Carolina

“If my wish were granted, the Point 2 View would be used mostly for demonstrations. I often use demonstrations so students can experience scientific experimentation when the materials are either too expensive or are dangerous. As the old adage says, ‘Seeing is believing.'”

To all the teachers who have submitted wishes: a sincere THANK YOU. And to all the teachers who haven’t yet, we’re accepting wish stories on an ongoing basis. It won’t take long, it’s completely free, and we just might be able to make your wish come true. Let’s keep it up!

Mrs. Fuglestad’s Art Class — The Point 2 View in Art and in Action


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Tricia Fuglestad is a visual art teacher who has done some truly innovative things in her art class with IPEVO’s Point 2 View USB Document Camera. And as it turns out, she had plenty to teach us (and potential Wishpoolers) about what’s possible with our favorite featherlight doc cam. What can you do with IPEVO ed tech in the classroom? Maybe the better question is: what can’t you do!

Working with K-5 students at Dryden Elementary School in Arlington Heights, Illinois, Tricia is the current recipient of the NAEA 2012 Illinois Art Teacher of the Year. Her art blog was an Art Ed finalist for Blog of the Year as well as a finalist in the 2011 Edublog Awards for best new blog. (Translation: it’s really good, check it out!) Tricia originally became interested in the Point 2 View after attending an education tech conference in her area. Many educators were praising the Point 2 View for its high quality and low price, and she decided to try it out.

There’s nothing like digging in and trying things out first-hand, and Tricia did just that with the Point 2 View. She developed 6 ways to use the Point 2 View in art class, and we even have an additional couple of updates to share. We’ll let Tricia tell you more in her own words:

  1. Animation: “The Point 2 View was a perfect tool for explaining and demonstrating the stop motion animation process to my students. Just move an object, click the snapshot button to take a still image, and move the object again.”
  2. Augmented Reality: “We printed out an Augmented Reality marker in order to view a 3-D model of the Parthenon on the projection screen during our study of Greek art. Students could hold the marker at a comfortable level to view the model from all angles.”
  3. iPads and iPods: “I connect the Point 2 View to the computer and project these devices for demos. This use is perfect for the Point 2 View.”
  4. Photo Booth: “Apple’s Photo Booth allows the Point 2 View to record video. I can aim the Point 2 View at my students who are too small to reach the desktop camera or who can’t position themselves because of a disability. We recorded students’ lips for artwork we created.” (Here’s their amazing video presentation of Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax using this method.)
  5. Sharing sketches: “The Point 2 View gives my students a way to share their sketches or writings with the class quickly. It’s perfect for playing guessing games or sharing with the class to see if artwork has communicated ideas clearly.”
  6. Fine Art Techniques: “The Point 2 View is great for demonstrating small detailed techniques. Instead of calling all the students out of their seats to stand over me as I demonstrate, I use the camera to make art along with them.” (See picture below for the setup Tricia used to demonstrate in real time how to create the illusion of a curved 3D apple.)
  7. Update #1 — Collaborative Sculpture: Students made clay mask sculptures. To supplement the activity, the iPad was loaded up with an app called 123D Sculpt. The Point 2 View was set up to capture the iPad for projection as students took turns digitally sculpting the same image. Fun!
  8. Update #2 — International Exchange: Mrs. Fuglestad’s fourth-grade students had a Skype conference with Professor Juan Carlos Castro’s students (future art educators) studying at Montreal’s Concordia University. The Point 2 View was turned up and used like a web camera to capture students presenting for their audience. As Tricia explains on her blog: “Each student presented one slide and glowed in the polite applause of their audience in Canada (that was so sweet). Then they lined up to answer questions and later ask questions. We all learned so much!”

Tricia sums up the Point 2 View this way: “The Point 2 View has amazing clarity and great weight balance, and I like that it uses USB as opposed to other document cameras that use VGA, which requires more fiddling with the projector. $69 is a very affordable price for a teaching tool that can make a world of difference for students.”

Interested in trying out some of the same techniques or a few of your own? We created Wishpool to help you. Become a Wishpooler, tell us your story, and you just might get a free Point 2 View or other IPEVO ed tech for your school. It’s free and it’s easy. Meanwhile, remember to check out Tricia’s art blog for more great artwork and teaching ideas.

To learn more about Wishpool, please visit

Teachers! Make a Wish and Make a Difference with Wishpool


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The education community has given us tremendous support, and we wanted to do something to show our appreciation. That’s why we developed the new IPEVO Wishpool. Teachers, listen up, because we might be able to make your education technology wishes come true — for free!

Wishpool is a unique program that’s all about empowering teachers with free IPEVO ed tech — like the Ziggi and Point 2 View USB Document Cameras which have both been such a hit in the classroom. Wishpool is free to sign up for and it’s very simple. You just need to be a teacher at a registered primary or secondary school (public or private) within the United States, Canada, Japan, or the European Union. Visit the Wishpool website and register with your school email address.

From there, we want to know your story! Tell us about your classroom — what you do, what your students are doing, and how IPEVO technology might help you take your teaching (and their learning) to new heights. A written story is great, and any pictures are a big help as well. We call these “wish stories” — when you think you could do even more in your classroom with an IPEVO product, let us know and we’ll try to make your wish come true.

That’s pretty much it. You’ll receive a confirmation email letting you know your wish story was approved. Your story will appear on the Wishpool website as inspiration and to generate even more ideas for teachers with the same goals. After about a week, we’ll let you know whether we were able to fulfill your wish. If so, you’ll receive one or more of our monthly ed tech giveaways featured on the Wishpool website.

Wishpool is a program for special teachers, and our goal is pretty special, too — a better, technology-rich education for more children, each and every day. And with teachers like you leading the way, we can do it.

Remember, applying for complimentary products through Wishpool is absolutely free and there’s no obligation. So if you’re a teacher with technology needs in the classroom, there’s no reason to delay. Sign up for Wishpool(, make your wish, and together we can make a difference.