Creating a Technology-Rich Classroom on a Budget, Part 3


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Our final entry in the back to school series features a device synonymous with IPEVO: the document camera. If you’re not familiar, IPEVO doc cams capture documents, artwork, 3D objects and devices with screens. Real-time video can then be shared and/or projected for the class. It’s an effective (and affordable) way to present teaching material.

Doc Cams under $100

Even when your budget is tight, you can still nab a great doc cam. The first option is Ziggi-HD at $94. Like all IPEVO doc cams, Ziggi-HD features a versatile swing-arm that allows you to place the camera at most any height and angle, quickly and easily. Ziggi-HD features a 5.0 Megapixel camera for amazing high-def images, and it can be positioned high enough to capture an entire sheet of paper. You get professional-level capture for a fraction of the price of conventional doc cams.

For just a taste of what Ziggi-HD can do, here’s educator Jessica Pilgreen from Wesclin High School in Trenton, Illinois:

I was so excited when my Ziggi arrived in the mail! I began using it right away. I even set up a document camera station in my classroom where I can project images from my iPad, share student work samples, demonstrate/guide students through activities, and take videos and photos. This week, I used the Ziggi to screencast lesson plans for my substitute teacher and my students absolutely loved being able to hear my voice as I went through the day’s assignments.”

A second option for you at this price range is the Point 2 View USB Doc Cam. At only $69, it’s an amazing value. This camera is 2.0 Megapixels which still delivers a nice, crisp image. It can even be taken off the stand and operated by hand for hard-to-reach places. The possibilities are endless, but here’s a fresh idea from Allison Teeter in Mooresville, North Carolina:

“I have loved my document camera! I have been using it to show my Teen Living students up close several sewing techniques and parts of the sewing machine!”

Mrs. Teeter uses the Point 2 View to capture her sewing techniques.

And here’s Jean Benassi from Roscoe, Illinois with some other cool uses:

“I love my IPEVO Point 2 View Document Camera! I have used this inside my second grade classroom displaying documents, maps, books and other paper type images. I have also used it when we started our ant farm. This enabled the whole class to watch the ants building their tunnels. No one was complaining about not being able to see! I also used my camera the day our chicks begin to hatch.”

Science projects are a great fit for the Point 2 View.

Also keep in mind that the Point 2 View has a number of accessories to add even more utility. Examples include the Magnifying Lens and the Scan Kit, an integrated scanning station.

VZ-1 – The Dual-Mode Doc Cam

Finally, the VZ-1 Dual Mode Document Camera at $139 gives you the added ability to connect to a monitor or projector to share your material. No computer is required, though you can always elect to connect to a computer via USB.

Educator Zachary C. Kindt wrote up an excellent and thorough review of the VZ-1 on Amazon, so we’ll let him do most of the talking on this one:

“The direct to LCD projector capability is absolutely necessary! If your computer goes down for the day, no worries–your document camera is not connected through your computer. If you are looking for technology that is “disaster proof” in your lesson planning, this is about as sure of a thing as there is.”

And here’s more from Zachary:

“It makes for great instruction. Anything can go under–textbooks, novels, 3-D models, artwork. When a student asks a question about solving an equation, just grab their paper and put it under the camera for the whole class to see–everyone can be engaged in the discussion instead of just the two of you. […] Teaching students how to measure an angle on a chalkboard with a big clunky protractor: difficult. Grabbing the same paper your students have, and the same protractor your students have, and showing them EXACTLY what to do in real time on the big screen: effective and efficient.”

Questions on any products we’ve discussed? Head on over to the IPEVO How-To page for tips, videos, real stories and more. And of course, friendly IPEVO folks are always ready to help. Just email

The beginning of the school year is the perfect time to try new things, and we hope we’ve inspired you to try out a little tech to make your lessons faster, easier, more interactive, and more fun. Have a great year and remember: IPEVO is here to help teachers!

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39 Interesting Ways to Use the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System in Your Class—Part 1


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What’s the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System? It’s a simple and affordable two-piece system that can turn your whiteboard (or other projector surface) into an interactive whiteboard. It does so by interfacing with your computer to control mouse movement and software apps. But explaining how IS-01 works is one thing. What can it actually do? Here are 39 real-life examples (many inspired by stories from our customers) of the IS-01 in action as it transforms learning in the classroom.

1. Control your computer remotely – use the Interactive Pen as a computer cursor

One half of IS-01, the Interactive Pen, behaves like a mouse, transforming any surface into a touchscreen. Because the Pen is compatible with so many apps, the only limit is your imagination. If you can run it on your computer, chances are you can project it and then interact with it at the board.

2. Give the students control – engage and excite your class

“Magic Wand,” “Magic Pen,” “Special Pen” – we’ve heard the IS-01’s Interactive Pen called all sorts of things. And what it does really is a sort of magic. Students can interact with material directly and see immediate results from their very own wave of the “magic wand.” The result? Excitement and engagement like never before.

3. Teach drawing, including hands-on practice and exposure to art concepts

Interactive whiteboards give students a chance to virtually arrange objects, digitally draw, and otherwise get “hands on” in order to visually understand the concepts taught in class. For example, read Sandra’s account of how she used IS-01 to teach the concept of one-point perspective.

4. Power through your PowerPoint presentation

Have a PowerPoint presentation or something similar? It’s easy to step through your presentation with IS-01. Plus, use the Interactive Pen as a pointer to focus your viewers on key points of interest.

Tricia Fuglestad Blog

5. Offer software tutorials – Excel, Word, Photoshop and so much more

Demonstrate software on the big screen so your students can see each step as you do it – and all without being tied to the computer.


6. Annotate real-time images from an IPEVO doc cam

How cool is this? With an IPEVO doc cam like the Ziggi-HD, you can capture real-time video of documents, textbooks, artwork, 3D objects, math equations, or anything else. Then, take it to the next level by using IS-01 to annotate the image. Add text boxes, lines, circles, highlights and more. IPEVO’s free Annotator software has it all covered.

7. Annotate and interact with videos, too

Did we mention you can also annotate live videos to enhance lessons? IPEVO’s IS-01 is compatible with YouTube and any media player. Add notes or call attention to certain parts of the screen.


8. Write and draw over posters and props

Affix real objects to your whiteboard surface and interact with and annotate them. For example, make a clock face and draw hour and minute hands to teach time to young students.


9. Improve their handwriting

Create a handwriting worksheet or template, or grab one from an online resource. Project the worksheet, then have students go to the board to complete the worksheet. They’ll be practicing their handwriting for the benefit of themselves and everyone else.

10. Go on a virtual field trip

This interactive tour of the White House is just one of many interactive tours you can take of famous and noteworthy places. For all those places you can’t physically visit, why not bring the images and the facts to the classroom in an interactive way instead?


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6 Real Stories from Real Users of IPEVO Document Cameras


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Every day, IPEVO Document Cameras like the Point 2 View or Ziggi-HD give real people a chance to collaborate, share work, and present material. Here are 6 of those stories.

1. Nathan’s Story

Nathan at EightShapes struggled with sharing sketches remotely between members of his design team. Dropbox and emailing ground the meeting to a halt, and trying to use Facetime on iPhone resulted in shifting focus and grainy video quality. That changed when he found an IPEVO Doc Cam.


“The camera works great for 2-3 designers sketching at their real desks on an ad-hoc basis. Just as well, the camera is perfect for the head of a conference room table so a  larger group of 5 to 10 people can take turns projecting their sketches onto the wall locally while also beaming the same image through a GoToMeeting or Skype session remotely.”

Nathan shares his story at:

2. Kailen’s Story

Kailen participated in the CO+HOOTS Sketch/Design workshop featuring about 30 designers, developers, students and project managers. The IPEVO Point 2 View was a key part of this unique collaboration.


“We covered the concepts of *pen before pixel*, IPEVO document camera presentations, paper prototype techniques, and rapid ideation. The session, which produced a TON of great ideas from all the participants, was all about sketching, collaborating and ideating.”

See and read more from Kailen at:

3. Hal’s Story

Hal experimented with a usability study for a mobile app. The IPEVO Ziggi-HD Doc Cam was used to share the phone and app. Hal describes a clever compromise for presenting the phone while still being able to operate it for the test:

“The phone had to be under the camera for recording and video transmission to the observers’ room. But the participants had to be able to use it as naturally as possible. Here’s the compromise: It’s sitting on an inverted clipboard, which tilts it at a reasonable angle for viewing by the participant. The clipboard is held in place by gaffer’s tape, and there’s a tape loop holding the phone in place.”


Read about Hal’s full setup at:

4. Brenden’s Story

Similar to Hal, Brenden put together a handy guide for running live user testing for phone apps. He describes how it’s important to capture not just the phone app, but how the person uses the app:

“We were testing a mobile app, so it was important to record the user actually using the app. Although you can do this by plugging the app in and watching a screencast on the computer, it’s much better to actually see them touching their phone. We purchased a $100 camera for this [the Ziggi-HD Doc Cam], and it’s well worth the investment.”

View Brenden’s full user testing guide at:

5. Michael’s Story

Michael from Konigi posted a thorough review of the Ziggi-HD Doc Cam, which he has used successfully to share sketches and more between remote members of his design and development teams. He had almost given up trying to share sketches before he stumbled upon Ziggi-HD.

“Overall, I’m really pleased to have this as one of the few tools in my design arsenal. There are few that stay, but this one is turning out to be as useful as I’d hope it to be with little fuss.”


Read Michael’s full review at:

6. Kevin’s Story

Kevin on A List Apart has a nice article about “honestly” in design — and for him, it begins with good ol’ pen sketches on paper. And the best way he found to share those sketches quickly and easily with remote clients? You guessed it: an IPEVO Doc Cam.

“None of our customers are in Scottsdale, so we use the IPEVO document camera to screen-share big, easy-to-read sketches (created in real time or in advance). IPEVO has a fixed focus mode so that when your hand enters the frame, the camera’s focus remains fixed on the paper. You can’t do this effortlessly with a webcam.”


Read Kevin’s full article at:

Finally, UIE put together a great list of 5 reasons for design teams to use an IPEVO Doc Cam:

Why You Need the IPEVO Document Camera:

  • Share your design ideas and sketches with remote teams to ensure everyone is on the same page
  • Document individual sketches during design studios to a digital file for easy access in the future
  • Project sketches to large audiences to convey your designs
  • Get everyone participating and working together saving time and increasing productivity
  • Conduct usability tests remotely while letting the team back in the office watch

Do you have your own IPEVO Doc Cam experience to share? Please let us know!

IPEVO’s Back to School Special, Part 2


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Back to School

We’re back with the second part of our Back to School Special. Here’s more that will interest educators and parents. Got iPad? We’ve Got iPad Accessories iPad continues to make inroads into education, and we have everything you need to make the most of everyone’s favorite tablet. For two examples, check out the Perch Desktop Stand (which is a great stand to hold iPad in place for stop motion video projects) and the Typi Folio Case + Wireless Keyboard. Typing is a great skill for young learners to develop, and many educators have reported success teaching typing with this versatile three-in-one case, stand and keyboard.

Perch and Typi

Back-to-School Sale: the PV-01 Save money with our sale for the PV-01 360 Degree Rotating Folio Case for iPad. With many cases, your only option is landscape orientation. But with PV-01, just give the inside case a twist to enjoy both landscape and portrait modes. Normally $26.00, PV-01 in four classy colors is now available for just $12.99! Don’t leave your valuable iPad unprotected: take a spin with the PV-01.

PV-01 360 Degree Rotating Folio Case for iPad

PV-01 360 Degree Rotating Folio Case for iPad

Exclusive Amazon PadPillow Deal, Plus $3 Coupon Attention deal hunters: we’re pleased to announce a special offer on Amazon for our extremely popular PadPillow Pillow Stand. The stand that conforms to your body (or bed, or chair, or carpet) for comfy iPad sessions is selling for just $24.95. PLUS: Check out this $3 off Amazon coupon through Facebook.

Use both and pay just $21.95. And while you’re on Facebook, Like us, please!

Amazon Special Amazon Special

Knowledge is Power for Back to School
There are several resources available on the web with handy tips and tricks so you can make the most out of IPEVO products in your classroom. Many such tips have been culled straight from educators. Check out some of these links for ideas and inspiration:
WS-01 Wireless Station
Ziggi-HD USB Document Camera
Point 2 View USB Document Camera
IPEVO Typi Folio Case + Wireless Keyboard for iPad 4, 3 and 2 PadPillow Pillow Stand for iPad
Remember: IPEVO is ready to be your back-to-school partner. Best of luck in the coming year, and let’s change education for the better a little bit at a time.

IPEVO’s Back to School Special, Part 1


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Back to School

Summer’s about over, and that means school’s ready to begin. If you’re a parent or a teacher, you probably have lots of items on your back-to-school list, and we’d like to remind you that IPEVO has a choice selection of highly useful, highly affordable tech products and accessories that will help start the year off right. Here are some of the highlights:

Save hundreds of dollars — literally
Before you buy that $600 document camera or $1000 interactive whiteboard on another website, check out our home page and see if you can accomplish most or all of the same things at just a fraction of the price. We know money can be tight this time of year, and IPEVO is all about stretching your dollar and making your school budget work harder.

New items, just in time for school!
We have three new products slated for September release that we’re excited to share. The IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System turns any screen or blank wall into an interactive whiteboard.


IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System

The VZ-1 HD VGA/USB Dual-Mode Document Camera continues the IPEVO doc cam tradition of sharing documents quickly and easily, and comes with the ability to directly connect to your VGA projector.


VZ-1 VGA/USB Dual-Mode Document Camera

And the Height Extension Stand for Ziggi-HD gives the Ziggi doc cam a height boost so you can capture larger documents easier than ever before. Please, check them out! We know you’ll find multiple uses for each of them in your classroom.

Height Extension Stand for Ziggi

Height Extension Stand for Ziggi USB Document Cam

Point 2 View is the king of back to school
One particularly hot seller continues to be our iconic Point 2 View USB Document Camera. There are literally hundreds of uses for this document camera in the classroom, and that’s not an exaggeration. Several accessories have been developed around the Point 2 View for even more versatility.

Point 2 View

Point 2 View USB Document Camera

This includes the Magnifying Lens as well as the Microscope Adapter Set, both of which are quite popular with science teachers.

P2V accessories

Part 2 of our Back to School Special is coming tomorrow, so stay tuned for even more.