TechEd 2010 – Report from the Convention Floor #1


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Hello all. A few folks from IPEVO are currently busy at the TechEd convention in Pasadena, California. This is a gathering of educators—teachers, professors, administrators, principals—interested in seeing what’s new and hot (and useful) in tech.

At the IPEVO booth, we’ve been busy demonstrating the Point 2 View USB Camera to educators hungry for an inexpensive yet powerful camera for projecting documents and close-up demonstrations of all kinds. Our participation at TechEd is a culmination of the positive feedback we’ve received from educators about the Point 2 View, which we talked about in a previous entry.

It’s been fun, and the response has been enthusiastic. Educators are responding to the camera’s razor-sharp clarity (even as close as 2 inches), its versatility, and its inexpensive price (currently only $69!). That last point has probably been the source of the most surprise (and delight) in those we’ve talked to. Literally one aisle away, another company (which shall remain nameless) is demonstrating a very large, very bulky contraption that does pretty much the same thing the Point 2 View does, for nearly $7000. $7000! The vast difference in price is kind of staggering to think about.

Anyway, we’d like to share with you some of the great ideas for the Point 2 View that educators have talked to us about at TechEd. Maybe one will strike a chord with you!

  • One gentleman purchased a camera for a family member who is legally blind. With the Point 2 View’s excellent macro mode, as well as 3x digital zoom, text can be displayed very large and clear on a projection screen for those with vision problems.
  • One teacher was excited about the Point 2 View for its portability, considering she conducts mobile teaching sessions for organizations like the Boy Scouts of America and the National Park Service in remote wilderness areas. Instead of lugging around the usual huge document reader, she can carry the featherweight Point 2 View instead.
  • On a related note, we heard from many teachers about the possibilities for the Point 2 View in e-learning and remote teaching environments. One educator purchased a camera for joint teaching sessions she conducts with a sister school in South America.
  • A professor of electrical engineering loved the Point 2 View for its potential to capture the intricacies of circuit boards, transistors, and other tiny details that are otherwise a challenge to share with students.

We’ll keep providing more ideas as TechEd continues, but as you can see there is a ton of possibility here for the Point 2 View to help teachers. Be sure to check back soon!

To learn more about how the Point 2 View can help education, click here to download the education flyer in PDF format.

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