Two Steps for Bigger and Better Text Using the VZ-1 Doc Cam


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For children with vision problems, or for the elderly with visual impairments, there’s a simple way to magnify text so it’s easier to read. All you need is the IPEVO VZ-1 HD Dual-Mode Document Camera and a monitor or TV with a VGA input. Here’s what to do:
1. Hook the VZ-1 to your monitor using the VGA connection.  Make sure the resolution selector of the VZ-1 is set to “Auto. Res.” so the camera automatically finds the best resolution.

2. Place the reading material under the VZ-1. With the camera’s multi-jointed arm, you can position the camera just right and then adjust as needed.


That’s it! Now you have a low-cost desktop magnifier. Even small text will appear nice and big on the monitor so you (or your child) can read and understand it easier.
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Looking at this for an impaired vision young man. What is the magnification? His computer is set at 350 magnification.

Hello kindeekath,

Please check out the chart “VZ-1 HD projecting on 19″ and 70″ screens” at the bottom of the VZ-1 webpage( With the assist of the IPEVO Magnifying Lens( and our Presenter software(, VZ-1 is capably of reaching magnification of 500x on the projector. However, the VGA mode may be limited to magnification of 350x or less.

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