Video recording, book scanning and QR code scanning — A short “guided tour” to three features of IPEVO’s Visualizer software


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For those who are familiar with IPEVO’s Visualizer software — a software that we developed to be used with our document cameras to create optimal experience — you’d know there is plenty of features available. For those who are new to it, let us help you get started by taking you on a short “guided tour” to it. Today, we’re going to walk you through three features of Visualizer, namely video recording, book scanning and QR code scanning.

1) Video recording

It’s simple and easy to record videos with IPEVO document cameras and Visualizer software. To do so, set up your document camera, open Visualizer, and go to the pop up menu to select “Record”. Before recording, you can click the “Gear” icon and make changes to the recording resolution, file format, or even direct how your videos will be saved. During recording, you can pause or mute your video by clicking the “Pause” or “Mute” button. And if you ever need to take any snapshot during recording, simply click the “Snapshot” button. This feature comes in pretty handy for capturing the “magical moment” during a science experiment. For more information on how to record videos using an IPEVO document camera and Visualizer software, check out the following video:

2) Book scanning
If you’re looking for a way to digitize books or archive documents, we have the solution. By using an IPEVO document camera together with Visualizer software, you can scan books or documents effortlessly. Start out by setting up your document camera, open Visualizer, then select a resolution for the scan. After that, click the “Scan Document” icon, adjust the area to be scanned, then press the “PDF” icon to create a PDF document and start capturing images by tapping spacebar on your computer. As easy as that! We have a video detailing the steps, feel free to take a look.

3) QR code scanning
“Scan QR Code” is another feature that you can find in Visualizer. This feature allows you to scan QR codes and will direct you to the link attached to the code. Or, if the QR code is linked to a message, Visualizer will open a box where you can copy the text. To learn more, check out the following video:


We hope you’ve enjoyed this short “guided tour” and have a better idea of what Visualizer offers. To know more about other features that are available in Visualizer, visit

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