So, What’s This IPEVO Notebook All About?


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We have some new swag we’ve been handing out at educational conferences — the IPEVO Notebook! But what’s this strange and mysterious Notebook all about? Read on for answers.

What’s the IPEVO Notebook?

It’s a (mostly) blank notebook you can write or draw in, and it’s designed to lay flat for easy capture with one of our document cameras.


Why’d IPEVO come up with the Notebook?

We’re replacing our printed catalog with a more practical and environmentally-friendly notebook that people will get more use out of. But don’t worry. The catalog still exists in digital form, and it’s chock full of pictures and specs for all things IPEVO.

Did you say “environmentally-friendly”?

Yep. The front and back covers are made of the same 4-ply recycled cardboard that we use in our product packaging. Even the ink printing is eco-friendly. And as for the paper pages inside? Oh, my…



You sound excited about the paper pages.

Yes indeed! The art paper inside is made by Fedrigoni, an Italian company founded in 1888 with a reputation for exceptional high-quality paper. This is serious paper! And not only is it certified environmentally-friendly; it’s suitable for use with pencils, ballpoint pens, colored pens, crayons, watercolors, and colored pencils. Just don’t use fountain pens; they tend to smudge. If you’re into adult coloring books like we are, this is the kind of paper you’ll love.


Okay, but won’t the pages refuse to lay flat?

I’m glad you asked. The IPEVO Notebook is “Smyth sewn,” a high-quality binding with a layer of (eco-friendly) glue that allows the book to lay flat for easy capture, scanning, and sharing using an IPEVO Doc Cam like the Ziggi-HD Plus or the VZ-1 HD USB/VGA Dual-Mode Doc Cam. So between the special binding, green materials, and the ability to write or draw with many different media, this is a pretty special notebook.


Sounds good. I’m sold! Tell me more.

Well, there are 4 included bookmarks, 2 sides apiece, for a total of 8 ways to mark different pages for capture. IPEVO products are printed on the bookmarks with QR codes and website links on the back; just a friendly reminder that IPEVO teaching tools are within easy reach.


Great! How do I get one?

Come visit the IPEVO booth at any number of tech and educational conferences we attend throughout the year. Here’s the full schedule. And of course, this is our complimentary gift to you. We just hope you tell other people about your IPEVO experience.


Anything else?

We’d love to see pictures of the IPEVO Notebook in action with one of our doc cams, such as using the Notebook for drawing and sharing sketches. So if you have a story to tell and a picture to share, please send it our way!

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