How to Project Teaching Material without a Computer


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Need a way to project text and other content in the classroom or conference room without a computer? Here are three setups you can try that don’t require a computer.

1. Using Just a VGA/USB Document Camera


Use your iPhone as a Document Camera with the Articulating Video Stand


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Whether you are teaching a class or presenting at a meeting the Articulating Video Stand when combined with your iPhone can create a stable and high quality document camera.  All you need is the Articulating Video Stand, iPhone device, VGA convertor, and projector.  Connect your iPhone device to any projector with a VGA Convertor and using the Articulating Video Stand easily position your iPhone parallel to your document.  And with IPEVO’s free Presenter App unlock the full capability of your iPhone’s HD camera, making presenting that much easier.


3 Ways to Use IPEVO’s VZ-1 HD as an Inexpensive Desktop Magnifier


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Do you know someone who needs help reading books, mail, or even digital screens like iPad or iPhone? Sometimes the text is just too small for older eyes or those with vision impairments. The conventional solution is a special document camera for the visually impaired, a device which can cost thousands of dollars. But with the IPEVO VZ-1 HD document camera, your loved one can enjoy a desktop magnifier for a small fraction of the cost.

There are three ways to use VZ-1 HD as a desktop magnifier. We’ll step you through each scenario.


IS-01 Tips and Tricks #3- Drawing a Planet with Annotator


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Draw a planet using IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System and Annotator.

IS-01 Tips and Tricks #2- 6 Ways to Improve Your Lesson with IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System and Annotator


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Take a look at some of the way IPEVO’s Is-01 Interactive Whiteboard can improve your lessons while using IPEVO’s FREE Annotator Software. IPEVO’s IS-01Interactive Whiteboard System can be a great way to provide fun and immersive lessons for any age or class.

IS-01 Tips and Tricks #1- Calibrating with Ceiling Mount


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IPEVO’s IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System can be positioned on most any flat surface or tripod. Included with IS-01 is a ceiling mount, which allows you to mount your Sensor Cam onto a ceiling or ceiling-mounted projector. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to mount your ceiling mount and calibrate your IS-01.

Ultimate 2013 iPad Lovers’ Gift Guide


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We’ve all got technophiles on our holiday shopping list. And nothing quite gets people excited like tricking out their iPad. With that in mind, what kind of gift do you feed an iPad junkie? It can’t be run-of-the-mill, but most importantly it should be something functional and useful — something they won’t just leave on the shelf. And hey, let’s be honest, it can’t cost you a fortune! With all those in mind, let’s dive right into 6 affordable iPad accessories from IPEVO that could meet and exceed their holiday expectations. These are all available straight from the IPEVO Store at Amazon.

Making Your PadPillow Holiday Gift Even More Special


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Christmas is getting close and if you’re like me, you usually get your gifts as late as possible. Nothing gets the blood going like last-minute panic, right? But wait! You still have plenty of time to buy a thoughtful gift AND add a homemade touch. It starts with the IPEVO PadPillow.


5 Reasons Why a Pillow Stand Makes a Great Holiday Gift


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The holidays are coming up again — so quick? — and that means figuring out what to get everybody on your list. We thought we’d take a little guesswork out of your gift-giving by sharing 5 reasons why a Pillow Stand can make a unique, functional, and fun holiday gift.

11 Ways to Light Your Doc Cam Subject


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Document cameras are great for inclusive, interactive learning in the classroom and for large-screen projection at the office. But in low-light situations — particularly when you’ve turned the light off to provide a better view of the projection screen — lighting your subject can be a problem. Here are 11 solutions to that problem. After all, capturing text, objects or devices is only effective when you have the proper exposure. Otherwise, you and your audience are in the dark.