IPEVO’s RMA Journey Part One: Leveling the Education Playing Field for Rural Schools in Taiwan


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Have you ever wondered what happened to those RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) products that were returned to their manufacturers? More often than not they will be refurbished and resold if they are still in good working condition. Otherwise, they will be sent straight to the recycling bin. This is how we usually deal with our […]

Video recording, book scanning and QR code scanning — A short “guided tour” to three features of IPEVO’s Visualizer software


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For those who are familiar with IPEVO’s Visualizer software — a software that we developed to be used with our document cameras to create optimal experience — you’d know there is plenty of features available. For those who are new to it, let us help you get started by taking you on a short “guided tour” to it. Today, we’re going to […]

You can now use IPEVO VZ-X document camera wirelessly with your Chromebook!


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Just as we’re entering the third month of the year, IPEVO has a piece of great news to share — it is now possible to use IPEVO VZ-X wireless document camera with your Chromebook wirelessly! This is a breakthrough made possible by our development team after months and months of tireless work. So go grab your VZ-X, […]

Playing tabletop games remotely using IPEVO document cameras


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Planning to play tabletop games remotely with your friends or family members that live thousand miles away? Now you can truly engage in and enjoy the interactive aspects of tabletop games as if they were played right in front of you with the help of document cameras from IPEVO. Let’s check out how IPEVO document […]

Redesigning IPEVO VZ-X Wireless Doc Cam for Payton Hunter


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Last October we received an email from Brent Nummerdor, a Machining/Engineering teacher at the Muskegon Area Career Tech Center in Muskegon, Michigan, sharing with us a special project that he and his students were working on. The special project was dubbed “Payton Project”, and the main intent was to redesign an IPEVO VZ-X Wireless Document […]

Recording and sharing of science experiments made easy by IPEVO V4K doc cam


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Preparing to demonstrate a science experiment to your students? Try adding an IPEVO V4K document camera to your setup and stream the experiment live using Visualizer software to the whole class via large screen projection. This allows your students to view the experiment in the comfort of their desks. What’s more, you can even record […]

IPEVO Document Cameras for Artists


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When we were first speaking and recommending our document cameras to artists for streaming and/or documenting their creation process, we were met with many questions and doubts. Some of them include: Regardless, we put forth our best effort to answer them in as simple words as possible. Document camera? What’s that? I’ve never heard of […]

Lock that IPEVO VZ-R document camera down!


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Some of IPEVO VZ-R document camera’s most-liked features include portability, lightweight, and small footprint. Yet, they may also become double-edged swords that make VZ-R an easy target for theft. Leaving it unattended overnight in a classroom may not be the safest thing to do, and this is why one of our customers, Mark from the […]

IPEVO Wishpool is back and check out the gifts we’ve in store for November!


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IPEVO Wishpool is back after two months of break and we are pleased to announce that for the month of November, we’ve prepared not only one but two *gifts for each selected wish! And we’re confident that you’ll find them handy when used in conjunction with IPEVO document cameras. So let’s check out what’s in […]

Using IPEVO VZ-R or V4K document camera with a Chromebook


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Are you worried about the compatibility of your IPEVO document camera as your school moves towards replacing computers with Chromebooks? Fret not, as IPEVO’s family of document cameras are all compatible with Chromebooks while in their USB mode. So, check out the following videos to see how you can use your IPEVO document camera with […]